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I find the numbers mentioned in the article WeTheMarket 01/30/23 6:08 PM
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Exxon planning largest hydrogen production facility in the world WeTheMarket 01/30/23 4:01 PM
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well Fuel cell energy do not make fuel uksausage 01/30/23 7:41 AM
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" LONG TERM". hopester 01/27/23 1:10 PM
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FuelCell Energy Inc (FCEL)

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FuelCell Energy Logo


Fuelcell Energy Inc (FCEL)

1.27 -0.24 (-15.89%) 05/14/19 [NASDAQ]

Company Overview  (Please note - FCEL is NOT involved in the automotive Fuel Cell area)

Meeting the World’s energy needs today


FuelCell Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: FCEL) is an integrated fuel cell company that designs, manufactures, installs, operates and services stationary fuel cell power plants.

As a leading global fuel cell company, we provide ultra-clean, efficient and reliable baseload distributed generation for electric utilities, commercial and industrial companies, universities, municipalities, government entities and other customers around the world.

Versatile & environmentally responsible energy

Direct FuelCell® (DFC®) power plants manufactured by FuelCell Energy can utilize a variety of fuels including renewable biogas from wastewater treatment and food processing, as well as clean natural gas, directed biogas and propane.

Our DFC power plants produce power electrochemically — without burning fuels — making them clean, quiet and environmentally responsible alternatives to combustion-based generation.

Our power plants have generated more than 1.5 billion kilowatt hours of ultra-clean electricity, equivalent to powering more than 135,000 average-size U.S. homes for one year.

Your global ultra-clean distributed generation solutions partner

FuelCell Energy’s world headquarters are located in Danbury, Connecticut, in the USA. Our global markets are served from a state-of-the-art production facility in nearby Torrington, Connecticut.

Our customers in Europe are served by German-based FuelCell Energy Solutions, GmbH, a majority owned joint venture with sales and service located in Dresden, Germany and manufacturing in Ottobrunn, Germany, which is near Munich.

Customers in Asia are served by our partner POSCO Energy  from manufacturing facilities located in Pohang, South Korea.

Comprehensive Operations, Maintenance, and Installation Services

FuelCell Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for fuel cell power plants. Specially trained technicians and engineers remotely operate and maintain virtually our entire installed base of Direct FuelCell power plants globally, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year from the state-of-the-art Global Technical Assistance Center  located at our Danbury, Connecticut headquarters. Field service technicians directly employed by FuelCell Energy service the power plants on-site.


Advanced Technologies

FuelCell Energy scientists are actively researching unique applications for our versatile DFC technology including hydrogen generation and carbon capture. In addition, we are pursuing research with solid oxide fuel cells  as well ashydrogen compression and storage.



FuelCell Energy’s international reputation for leadership in ultra-clean energy solutions has been built on a long history of innovative research and development that reflects the successes of our highly talented and creative workforce. We are the first fuel cell manufacturer to commercialize megawatt-class stationary fuel cell power plants and we believe that we are the first stationary fuel cell manufacturer to generate a quarterly gross profit.

Long history of innovation and achievement

FuelCell Energy traces its roots back to 1969 and the founding of Energy Research Corporation (ERC) by early fuel cell pioneers Bernard Baker and Martin Klein, both chemical engineers with expertise in advanced battery technologies.

In the 1970′s, with funding from the U.S. military and utility companies, the Company conducted extensive research into low-temperature fuel cells as well as silver-zinc battery cells. In the 1980′s and 1990′s the Company switched its focus to high-temperature carbonate fuel cell systems which offered greater commercial applications due to the ability to internally reform readily available fuels such as natural gas and renewable biogas within the fuel cell itself to provide the hydrogen for the power generation process.

Our first commercial power plant was installed in 2003 using a 250 kilowatt (kW) fuel cell stack. Through technology enhancements and cost reductions, we have increased the power output of the stacks by 40 percent to 350 kW and reduced product costs by more than 60 percent. Today we are installing multi-megawatt fuel cell plants and fuel cell parks globally.

The production facility in Torrington, Connecticut, USA was completed in 2001 and produced [2] megawatts (MW) of product the first year. As of the end of fiscal year 2012, the plant was producing at an annual run-rate of 56 MW. The total annual capacity of the facility is 90 MW.

FuelCell Energy began expanding globally in 2007 through its partnership with POSCO Energy , targeting markets in Southeast Asia, particularly South Korea. A European manufacturing, sales and service presence was established in 2012, with German-based FuelCell Energy Solutions, GmbH.

More than four decades of energy leadership

1969 Company founded as Energy Research Corporation (ERC)
1992 120 kilowatt fuel cell stack demonstrated
1992 Initial Public Offering (IPO)
1996 2 megawatt demonstration plant installed in Santa Clara, California
1999 Company focuses on carbonate fuel cells, is renamed FuelCell Energy, Inc. & spins off battery division, Evercel
2003 First commercial installation of a Direct FuelCell® power plant
2003 Annual production of approximately 3 megawatts
2007 POSCO Energy partnership begins – global expansion commences
2007 Annual production of approximately 11 megawatts
2009 Production of 350 kilowatt stack commences
2011 Power output milestone reached with one billion kWh of ultra clean electricity produced since 2003
2011 11 megawatt fuel cell park commences operations in South Korea
2011 Annual production of approximately 46 megawatts
2012 European presence established with FuelCell Energy Solutions, GmbH
2012 Asian manufacturing strategy implemented through license agreement with POSCO Energy

FuelCell Energy Inc.
3 Great Pasture Road
Danbury, CT 06813
Phone: 203-825-6000
Fax: 203-798-2945
Web Site:

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