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Very cool. I know what my kids are ihubber123 11/29/12 8:25 PM
that's sad. what happened? esmagnus 10/19/10 12:50 PM
hi there esmagnus Tina 10/18/10 9:11 PM
hey tina - what happened to the WU board? esmagnus 10/18/10 8:59 PM
GYMB $36-$38 today on earnings.... fastlizzy 05/20/09 3:51 PM
good mornin tina..... fastlizzy 03/07/09 11:22 AM
good morning lizzy Tina 03/06/09 8:42 AM
Good morning Tina...... fastlizzy 03/06/09 6:04 AM
Hi lizzy, Tina 03/05/09 6:35 PM
good evening Tina! fastlizzy 03/05/09 5:29 PM
good morning lizzy! Tina 03/05/09 10:19 AM
Tina, GYMB earnings were not so good this fastlizzy 03/04/09 7:33 PM
welcome crable! Tina 12/28/08 12:49 PM
Sweet board Tina! Marked it and will be crable 12/28/08 9:31 AM
do it do it..... fastlizzy 11/25/08 6:44 PM
that's a good one Tina 11/25/08 6:44 PM
Thanks TM! Where's your new name? fastlizzy 11/25/08 6:35 PM
very nice kiddy call lizzybells! Tina 11/25/08 6:33 PM
GYMB hit $26+ today Tina...... fastlizzy 11/25/08 6:27 PM
thanks lizzy Tina 11/22/08 12:50 PM
No, but I it is....... fastlizzy 11/22/08 12:11 PM
Good morning lizzy Tina 11/22/08 10:57 AM
You deserve it girl....I hope everything is going fastlizzy 11/22/08 9:16 AM
Thanks lizzy Tina 11/21/08 8:24 PM
GYMB up 20% today Tina..... fastlizzy 11/20/08 10:26 AM
It's funny how Tootsie Roll "TR" (hate those Tina 10/26/08 2:53 PM
Hi there frenchee! Tina 10/26/08 9:09 AM
Added PHO to my son's portfolio last Friday. frenchee 10/25/08 5:01 PM
KIDS up 25% Friday......check this news.... fastlizzy 08/02/08 10:11 AM
nevermind.....BABY is not for kids.... fastlizzy 07/23/08 1:31 PM
Terrific earnings out today....but not moving much.... fastlizzy 07/23/08 1:31 PM
McDonald's Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend Tina 07/17/08 6:14 PM
they should be good for long for dips! fastlizzy 06/23/08 7:09 PM
hmmmmm I normally buy them really long term Tina 06/23/08 7:08 PM
I'm thinking maybe one of the AG stocks.... fastlizzy 06/23/08 7:06 PM
thanks lizzy! Tina 06/23/08 4:19 PM
Wow Tina.....let me think about it! fastlizzy 06/23/08 4:18 PM
My oldest made straight A's on her final Tina 06/23/08 3:04 PM
Cool! It's very popular I guess! fastlizzy 05/23/08 1:20 PM
my kids did a while back ago Tina 05/23/08 1:19 PM
I think so! Good one for my IRA maybe.... fastlizzy 05/23/08 1:04 PM
nice lizzy! Tina 05/23/08 1:03 PM
TINA....BBW lookin good.... fastlizzy 05/23/08 12:54 PM
McDonald's Press Release 05/22/08 Tina 05/22/08 8:17 AM
BBI & CC Charts: Tina 04/27/08 12:01 PM
The Best Investment You'll Ever Make Tina 04/26/08 11:07 AM
PZZA Chart: Tina 04/26/08 11:03 AM
DPZ Chart: Tina 04/26/08 11:02 AM
SIX Tina 04/26/08 10:56 AM
MCD Chart: Tina 04/26/08 10:52 AM
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Ever wonder what to get a kid that has everything? How about a unique gift that teaches them about money? Ever consider stocks for kids?

Buying stocks for kids can be very educational. Introducing the concept of money at a young age can be very beneficial and teaching kids by involvement and participation is a very effective method of establishing an understanding of how money and business works.


ShareBuilder, ShareBuilder401k , Netstock , Kidstock

The ShareBuilder Young Investor Pak encourages an early start to long-term investing with a little iTunes incentive to make it fun. It comes with the ShareBuilder Young Investor Starter Kit, packaged in a great Tek Messenger bag – savvy for any young professional on the go and the perfect size for a laptop.

With financial news and advice from Young Money & Money Magazine along with education tools to help track performance online with ShareBuilder – the Young Investor Pak is a great gift for an upcoming graduate or young adult just entering the workforce.


$25 account bonus*
$10 iTunes gift certificate
ShareBuilder iTunes Bonus Program – earn up to $20 more in iTunes
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PeoplePC Internet service offer

Sharebuilder Gift Certificates are available for $25/50/100/250

First Stocks for Kids

There are lots of other great stocks in which young ones might invest. Take a trip to the supermarket, for example, and you'll run across many of their favorite foods, many made by solid companies. Lucky Charms fans might invest in General Mills (NYSE: GIS) -- which also owns the Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Green Giant, Häagen-Dazs, and Old El Paso brands, among many others.

When it comes to fashion trends, your young ones are likely much savvier than you are, and have some major edges in evaluating companies as possible investments. Help them understand the many advantages they have as young investors -- such as the power of time and insights into the youth market

Disney (NYSE: DIS)
McDonald's (NYSE: MCD)
Hershey's (NYSE: HSY)
PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP)
General Mills (NYSE: GIS)
Limited Too (NYSE: TWB)
Nike (NYSE: NKE)
Abercrombie & Fitch (NYSE: ANF)
The Gap (NYSE: GPS)
Kids for Entertainment (KDE)
Dominos (DPZ)

One of the best ways to purchase stock in small amounts is through ShareBuilder The commission is as low as $4 per trade, and there's no investment or account minimum, or inactivity fee.

In addition, ShareBuilder lets you buy fractional shares. If you invested, say, $200 for each child in a stock trading at $16 a share, each of them would own 12 1/4 shares (less the $4 commission).

Another great way to purchase stock in a company for as little as $25 is to be enrolled in a company's Dividend Reinvestment Plan, commonly called a DRIP. DRIPs are plans offered by companies for the reinvestment of cash dividends by purchasing additional shares or fractional shares, on the dividend payment date. Many DRIPs also allow the investment of additional cash from the shareholder, known as an Optional Cash Payment or Optional Cash Purchase (OCP). The DRIP is usually administered by the company without charges or with just nominal fees to the participants, and many allow additional purchases of as little as $10 to $25. For most DRIPs, you must already be a shareholder of the company to enroll. This means that you must own a minimum of one share, but some require that you own more shares.

One of the easiest ways to obtain the first share of a company's stock, so that you may participate in its DRIP, is by going directly to the company. Companies that offer their stock for sale to the investing public are sometimes referred to as No-Load Stocks. These stocks, in many cases, can be purchased without using a broker or paying brokerage commissions.

Here are some companies that make it fun for kids to have shares:

* William Wrigley Jr. Co. sends stockholders a 100-stick box of gum each December.
* Kellogg sends a packet of coupons for such goodies at Pop-Tarts and Froot Loops.
* Disney offers the Magic Kingdom Club with discounts on resorts and theme parks.
* 3M, for a small charge, offers holiday gifts boxes of tape, Post-Its and other products.
First Share
Wally's Stock Tracker (very fun tool for kids to learn about stocks)
Moneypaper's Investing for kids
Kids and money
Teen Analyst:
360 Degrees of Financial Literacy:
EZ2 investment tips:

Investment Guide for Teens:

GRADES 5 - 8
Tips for Kids is a free financial education program that places students in real-life situations where they can apply thinking and problem-solving skills. It's a fun and functional way to lead your students in learning how money impacts their world.

Program modules and instruction for students and teachers
Four modules covering key financial topics
Full semester program

GRADES 9 - 12
Tips for Life offers comprehensive financial literacy and career development to prepare high school students for life. This free online program helps students learn how to become financially sound and an asset to employers.

Program modules and instruction for students and teachers
Four modules covering economics, personal finance, technology
and business skills
Full semester program

This board is for sharing information related to making investing a fun and learning experience for children. All suggestions, tips, articles, books, and experiences related to this subject are encouraged and welcomed.

Any off topic posts will be deleted. Feel free to post off topic posts here:

Thank you =)


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