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Hop's Toxic Charts (TOXIC2)

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This board is a suppliment to the TOXIC filings board http://www.investorshub.com/boards/board.asp?board_id=4318 I will be posting toxic charts here. I will cross reference them inside the original post if possible on the TOXIC board as well as here. S-8 charts will go on the Post S-8 Companies board http://www.investorshub.com/boards/board.asp?board_id=1605 The motivation behind this board is to track dilution and get a best guess estimate of when it has been spent. I will link to pink sheets filings in each post as well as alert, if need be, to a new filing. If necessary I will update the chart again in a new post. 424B1, 2, 3 and 4 filings are final registration statements to register stock under previously filed SB-2 S-1 and S-2 filings, and they serve other purposes. EFFECT filings are notice's of effectiveness of POS AM's and some S filings ie: S-1, SB-2. The EFFECT filing comes prior to the 424B3 filing we see when the shares enter the market. SB-2 This form may be used by "small business issuers" to register securities to be sold for cash. S-1 This is the basic registration form. It can be used to register securities for which no other form is authorized or prescribed, except securities of foreign governments or political sub-divisions thereof. I am disinclined to post REGDEX charts here because it's a paper filing and so unless someone sends for it we do not have a number to go by. However, if you have that information from the SEC, let me know and I'll put the chart up. Anyone is welcome to chart here as long as it relates to toxicity, beginning or ending. All I ask is you provide the link to the filing. I have these charts available. If you need one let me know. (A few are here already, rest are on the toxic board but I want to centralize the charts here.) This list is as of 6/19/06. Do a board search first for a chart after that date if you don't see the ticker below. ADDL ATVE AMAR AMRE AVTI BANY PYDS BOBS CDNR CWPC CADV CGXP CHWN CWTD DNAG ELCO EMGC ENDO EXCS FEEC GMOS GPXM GRMU GDLN HPLF HUSA HQSM ITUI IMGM IMNR INNU IOPM ITER JKRI NTRZ OMCM OGHC OXMI PWEB PPLB PTGC PLKC PWRI QMMG RPTN RPRN RGRP SQUM SFSH SMVD SOLM STIY SYDI SYMD TRPH URRE VFIN WVWC
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#238   DKAM 5/03/07 10,933,335 424B3 Chart hopscotch 05/06/07 03:09:11 PM
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#236   UGHO 5/01/07 13,569,238 424B3 Chart hopscotch 05/02/07 08:29:33 PM
#235   NEOI 5/02/07 29,928,6550 424B3 Chart hopscotch 05/02/07 08:23:41 PM
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#230   NXTI 4/24/07 4,398,355 424B3 Chart hopscotch 04/24/07 08:22:21 PM
#229   MICG 4/24/07 59,894,299 424B3 Chart hopscotch 04/24/07 08:21:00 PM
#228   DYHP 4/18/07 2,761,335 424B3 Chart hopscotch 04/19/07 06:44:46 AM
#227   VQPH 4/17/07 47,798,626 424B3 Chart hopscotch 04/19/07 06:43:42 AM
#226   APIO combined 4/17/07 17,290,330 424B3 Chart hopscotch 04/19/07 06:42:33 AM
#225   GSCP 4/16/07 4,732,000 424B3 Chart hopscotch 04/19/07 06:41:02 AM
#224   BRVO accumulate now.Sell in june & july IMO.Check bigarow 04/16/07 10:07:56 AM