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Quote of the week: Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind. John F. Kennedy, Speech to UN General Assembly, Sept. 25, 1961 35th president of US 1961-1963 (1917 - 1963) * WELCOME TO ALL * Looking for the following types of stocks: *Growth or the potential of growth *Low P/E *Small to Microcap *Low Float *Good books, no/low debt *A momo candidate *This is a work in progress, so more info to be added later ****Please leave any egos at the door. All I want to do is continue to make money in a friendly environment. Charts are a good thing for getting in and out of a stock. However, it won't be the only reason to get into any stock...fundamentals rules this board. Just to give a wide range idea of the types of stocks I have picked over the past 6 months: KNOW ERS TGB ERHE KSWW (now KSW) FMNJ GV SZ BABB AEY VPHM (before the fall) FSRL ZENX NCNC FLTK (now FTK) Some that I'm looking at currently or going to add: ERI SMTX GZFX (pure spec play) EZM TBV IFUL $$$$ I want consistant stock plays that will bring in the money, I don't want hype or hope, I want great gems that others havn't discovered yet and I know it can be done because I have found many in the past few years. To me this is the key to success over the long term...stay focused on the overall goal. Each quarter I would like to do an update of the current percentages. A vote on the board's picks could be done every couple of weeks. $$$$ Here's Investors Business Daily free Top stocks under $10 http://www.investors.com/tr10/trsuform1.aspx [b]Wanted: Team players who wants to make money. Chartist Fundamentalists http://stockcharts.com/ http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/ http://finance.yahoo.com/ http://www.marketwatch.com/ http://host.businessweek.com/businessweek/Historical_Quotes.html? http://www.pinksheets.com/ http://www.otcbb.com http://www.kitco.com/ http://stockcharts.com/education/IndicatorAnalysis/ http://screener.finance.yahoo.com/newscreener.html A test run of the board's picks might be done next Monday (15th). If you have a pick just say "pick" on the front of your post and then maybe a little brief reason why. [u]THE BOARD'S TOP TEN CURRENT PICKS. THE BOARD'S LONG TERM PICKS. THE BOARDS MOMO PLAYS TO COME. Stocks with recent significant insider buying. BSX, IFUL, CHK, PNY, RMK, BSX, ERI, VPHM
#111   Tradeshow Marketing Company Releases Corporate Update traderdogzz 11/17/08 02:01:12 PM
#110   i like the board guys... stocksurgeon 05/06/08 07:59:42 PM
#109   BANI- 1.64 125k-vol, Take a look at the stocksurgeon 05/06/08 07:56:16 PM
#108   hi all...check out cpco...its gona goooooooooooooooooooo. odiaz28 07/13/06 08:08:29 AM
#107   Getting closer to 10,500. The bounce today DonsHub 06/15/06 07:06:48 PM
#106   Looks like the Dow is going to close DonsHub 06/07/06 04:01:26 PM
#105   hey dons...que vola barbaro....im researching some stocks..ill share odiaz28 06/06/06 08:46:02 PM
#104   I'm still around...thinking about jumping in again soon. DonsHub 06/06/06 05:50:28 PM
#103   BIRD FLU NEWS BARBARO5606 06/02/06 11:47:39 PM
#102   BKMP, ATWT, ARETE reece 05/28/06 05:34:02 AM
#101   I'm still around just waiting for the market DonsHub 05/23/06 04:50:31 PM
#100   BIRD FLU NEWS BARBARO5606 05/22/06 08:44:42 AM
#99   BIRD FLU NEWS: BARBARO5606 05/19/06 10:04:03 PM
#97   NVAX has many new products in their pipeline, BARBARO5606 05/19/06 10:39:13 AM
#96   NVAX bellwetherreport.com: BellwetherReport.com Issues Morning Alert for Novavax Inc. BARBARO5606 05/19/06 10:36:01 AM
#95   I don't have the hang of this system BARBARO5606 05/19/06 09:38:08 AM
#94   4.49 + .06 High 4.64 BARBARO5606 05/19/06 09:36:45 AM
#93   Do we have any TA experts here? BARBARO5606 05/19/06 12:18:12 AM
#92   PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, May 16, 2006 (MARKET WIRE traderdogzz 05/18/06 10:05:17 AM
#91   GOOD MORNING>>>>>>CKEI>>>IPRE>>>>>FPPL>>>>> odiaz28 05/18/06 09:13:26 AM
#90   RMDG>>>>AURC!!!!!!!!! tomorrow thru friday play. odiaz28 05/16/06 09:45:42 PM
#89   NVAX- loss gets better (.11) vs (.22) or DonsHub 05/15/06 11:21:04 PM
#88   Bush sends 6,000 troops to Mexico border, about time. DonsHub 05/15/06 11:10:26 PM
#87   Oscar, I see IPRE is still rising. DonsHub 05/15/06 12:51:35 PM
#86   I am so tired of how the mms DonsHub 05/15/06 12:26:19 PM
#85   trying to free up some cash...but im chooking today... odiaz28 05/15/06 11:17:58 AM
#84   10q is filed... it's now a profitable gold company DonsHub 05/15/06 11:16:17 AM
#83   good call, they are about to release their odiaz28 05/15/06 11:08:34 AM
#82   Oscar, take a look at GSPG, I just DonsHub 05/15/06 11:06:37 AM
#81   Good Morning gem players.....on the menu this morning odiaz28 05/15/06 08:01:03 AM
#80   Inflation data may give stocks whiplash DonsHub 05/14/06 12:50:04 PM
#79   I would like to add my Happy Mother's DonsHub 05/14/06 12:48:23 PM
#78   i shure do..look at the chart it still odiaz28 05/14/06 12:18:15 PM
#77   Oscar, how high did your portfolio go up DonsHub 05/13/06 11:59:57 PM
#76   Been out all day working... DonsHub 05/12/06 09:00:54 PM
#75   SOIGF 3.70 + 92 NEWS BARBARO5606 05/12/06 04:59:07 PM
#74   NVAX EARNINGS AND GUIDENCE MONDAY 5-15-06 BARBARO5606 05/12/06 01:12:38 PM
#73   NVAX BUYING OPPORTUNITY BARBARO5606 05/12/06 01:10:33 PM
#72   BUYING OPPORTUNITY! BARBARO5606 05/12/06 01:09:35 PM
#71   3.30 + .52 1:07 pm BARBARO5606 05/12/06 01:08:02 PM
#70   WGFL, if it goes back down for the odiaz28 05/12/06 12:46:04 PM
#69   IGII Check it out! BARBARO5606 05/12/06 10:09:45 AM
#68   GOOD MORNING....>.IDCN, IPRE, CMBV>>>> odiaz28 05/12/06 09:25:42 AM
#66   Oscar, looks interesting, I'll keep an eye on it. DonsHub 05/11/06 08:12:04 PM
#65   3.35 0.42 (14.33%)after hours DonsHub 05/11/06 07:43:01 PM
#64   IVFH is pending disney contracts, check out the odiaz28 05/11/06 07:31:34 PM
#63   IDCN,FPPL,IPRE,CMBV, looking for a good friday with these boys....imo odiaz28 05/11/06 07:22:31 PM
#62   IDCN- I'm out but it may continue on DonsHub 05/11/06 04:11:34 PM
#61   Thanks for the private reply, I'm sorry that DonsHub 05/11/06 01:33:09 PM
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