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************************************************* *************************************************** ************************************************************* OIL & GAS MAIN (v.2)*************************************************************** ********************************************** U.S. OIL, GAS, & ALT. ENERGY PLAYS ONLY ************************************************ ********************************************************* (200+ charts and growing!)************************************************************ ************* Energy plays: Presently and essentially, the only real hedge against the rising cost of EVERYTHING! ************** ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please, take the time to read the IBox...helps to know how to navigate the board to find what you want, quicker! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This board is primarily for OTC and Pinkie O&G plays, alternative fuel plays, and companies servicing the O&G Industry that are headquartered or producing in the good ol' USA. Why only USA? Companies outside of the USA can sell the American investor anything he wants to hear, and there's very little the American investor can do to honestly DD it, or find recourse, for that matter. Why mainly OTC/Pinkies? More upside potential, plain and simple. Face it, Exxon, Chevron, or Total, are not likely to make substantial short term movements. (However, any AMEX/NASD/NYSE O&G under $10 can still be fair game for great profits. Even under $20, if true potential for 10-20% short term gains are possible.) It is my belief that as the world's demand for energy grows, those that are best subsidized, will benefit the most. By investing solely in our own American O&G plays, we are supporting those that can, in turn, benefit us the most. The more countries our own O&G companies can tap, the cheaper our own overall daily energy costs will be, and the less dependant we will be, on nations who draw their own supplies, and sell to us. Plus, another reason this is a pro-U.S O&G board is because I'm American, IHUB is American, and most investors on IHUB are it just makes sense to keep our American money supporting our American companies! Again, I repeat, this is a U.S. related O&G stocks board. Posts not falling within the criteria as stated above may be deleted by moderator. Nothing personal! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As with all things, there ARE exceptions to these rules. Basically though, the companies posted should have either offices or headquarters in the U.S., and if not, then atleast least be producing oil and/or gas in the U.S. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For the majority of OTC BB/Pinkie charts, please refer to posts #1 thru #140, or click here to lead you to the first of over 200 charts. or here, for the first page of (50) charts: For ease in locating a chart and/or relevant info., enter symbol in "Search this Board". ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Alerts, comments, suggestions, and discussions are always welcome, pumping or bashing, NOT! All opinions should bear cause. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Presently in: CTUM (very considerable Long position, R&D landfill gas play..lotsa insider buying...huge potential. See CTUM board for more info.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Oil & Gas Industry Funds: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Oil and Gas Glossary: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Relevant informative links: (Oil & Gas Journal) (EDNE board, some interesting charts on crude) Other useful links: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Top 3 Most Excellent IHub Boards/Forums where knowledgable and experienced traders can be found for Q & A! *************Stock Chart School: Moderator; Stock Analyzer************* BB's Penny Haven: Moderator; i_like_bb_stock Billionaire Boys Club Member Forum: Moderator; Mick An absolute MUST, for the serious trader, who prefers to catch the best plays, before thay happen. Breaking News: Sentinel/Moderator; Cintrix Other Excellent Boards for DD, Q. & A., ideas, etc.: Cash Cow: Dave_007 CyberTradin': Da_CyberDude Early Bird Special: Merci IrishBulls Pub: IrishBull Reverse Split Repeat Offenders (RS/RO) : sublime IrishBull Rigs' Platinum Penny Picks: Rigatoni Sub to $1 (subs): Capt_Nemo, kodiak149, Stock Analyzer The Golden Lists (TGL): SSP - Jim Bishop Toxic Filings: hopscotch - IrishBull ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Light Sweet Crude: "He who gives while he lives, knows where it goes" -Famous American Philanthropist Natural Gas: "If ye have done nothing for the good of very ashamed!" -Olde English philosopher Heating Oil: Unleaded Gas: By the same measures ye mete withal, it shall be met unto you. -Holy Bible _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Market trading wisdoms: Be fearful, when others appear to be greedy, and greedy when others appear to be fearful! -Warren Buffet When pps appears strongest, that is when it's the weakest, and when it appears weakest, that is when it is the strongest! -Auth. unknown Never believe a pinkie that says they're applying for the BB...they are ALL applying for the BB, and ALL expect to be there, in a few weeks or months! LMFAO! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For posting premium charts, simply copy & paste, add [ at the very beginning, and ] at the very end, and change symbol from tirr to your symbol. chart],uu[e,a]djclyyay[dc][pb20!b50!b100!b200!f][vc60][iut!lb14!la12,26,9!ll14!lp14,3,3!lk14!lc20!lv25!lf!ld20!lg!lw25!lya7,14,28][j59021538,y]&r=1744[/chart
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