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Welcome to the home of The Bird of Prey. I'll be as brief as possible in explaining the purpose of this thread and it's name. Purpose - To provide a place for me and you to exchange ideas on just about everything, stock related especially, but open to what ever is on our mind at the time. The Name... Aviary - a home for winged creatures. Able to rise above the fray and view the situation from a different perspective, the inhabitants of this Aviary will need to be a breed apart. The Bird of Prey - My alias/handle/moniker for over twenty years now. Originally it was my love of the real birds of prey (eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, etc.) that caused me to choose this handle, but after a short time during the early days of chatrooms and BBS's it took on a different meaning. Though I dislike them immensely, I will not back down in a flame war. In a very short time during those early days I earned a bit of a reputation as having a bit of a flamethrower. After one particularly nasty exchange an observer commented that my opponent should quit while he still could. The exact comment was "That's no ordinary Bird of Prey...That's a Dragon...flamethrower built in and never needs refueling!" Since at the time I also had a serious interest in fantasy and myth (still do) I considered the comment a great compliment. It didn't hurt that a few years later Star Trek (Sci-fi is another of my interests) named a Klingon vessel class "Bird of Prey". So my handle reflects several sides of my personal interests at the same it should be. The Ticker... WEYR - From Ann McCaffrey's Pern series - the name given to the place that was home to Dragons. It is perfectly acceptable to call me by the shorthand BOP. Even the old BBS Lingo site says so. What does it all mean? Never anger a dragon, for thou art crunchy...and go well with Brie!
Beginning at the top left: Ancient Dragon Scholar, Attack of the Winged Regent, & Dragon Battle
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#173   WB - !! Den 05/09/11 05:14:27 AM
#172   YAAAAAWWWWWNNNNNN!!!! BOP returns after a long dragon nap. Bird of Prey 03/18/10 04:44:24 PM
#171   when you going to come out and play? timhyma 01/30/06 05:20:29 AM
#170   LOL- A few BTS folks also played it. timhyma 11/16/04 11:21:31 AM
#169   now if only the CMKX crowd would jump Bird of Prey 11/16/04 11:03:26 AM
#168   it's actually almost doubled since I started following Bird of Prey 11/16/04 09:07:29 AM
#167   Nice, up another 1/2% in AH timhyma 11/15/04 06:25:10 PM
#166   DHB Industries, Inc. +2.49 Bird of Prey 11/15/04 06:16:25 PM
#165   Article III I would imagine should be toast. BullNBear52 11/12/04 08:32:33 PM
#164   It's also highly unlikely that either of us BullNBear52 11/12/04 12:48:20 PM
#163   I never said being a christian was easy... Bird of Prey 11/12/04 09:23:02 AM
#162   Your last sentence shows how little you understand BullNBear52 11/11/04 03:07:05 PM
#161   Your last sentence shows how little you understand Bird of Prey 11/11/04 02:06:17 PM
#160   For me, morality is simply the personal answer BullNBear52 11/11/04 01:37:16 PM
#159   Please, let's not confuse morality and religion. Bird of Prey 11/11/04 01:14:30 PM
#158   'I Believe in an America Where the Separation BullNBear52 11/11/04 10:37:35 AM
#157   Got any preferences? Bird of Prey 11/11/04 10:19:21 AM
#156   True. But when you start legislating that morality BullNBear52 11/11/04 09:59:06 AM
#155   moi? I would never tinker with the constitution... Bird of Prey 11/11/04 09:52:11 AM
#154   You're tinkering with the Constitution when you attempt BullNBear52 11/11/04 09:33:58 AM
#153   Cant they be both??? Bird of Prey 11/11/04 09:26:21 AM
#152   The American people are smarter that the Democrats thought... BullNBear52 11/09/04 09:09:51 PM
#151   LMAO... the last line got me... Bird of Prey 11/07/04 09:37:32 AM
#150   You chasing out of the country? timhyma 11/07/04 07:35:00 AM
#149   And a good job you do. Good to timhyma 11/07/04 07:17:24 AM
#148   I just wanted to publicly compliment you on Bird of Prey 11/06/04 02:45:27 PM
#147   Wow, glad to see you are alive <g>. timhyma 11/03/04 12:13:54 PM
#146   Some post-election thoughts... Bird of Prey 11/03/04 12:03:19 PM
#145   Temporarily. Good luck with Ivan the Terrible. BullNBear52 09/10/04 10:55:03 AM
#144   thanks, sometimes ya don't really appreciate the "modern" conveniences... Bird of Prey 09/10/04 10:28:40 AM
#143   Welcome back to the weyr timhyma 09/10/04 10:13:44 AM
#142   No stinikin' hurricane... Bird of Prey 09/10/04 10:08:41 AM
#141   Very interesting... Bird of Prey 08/26/04 03:28:26 PM
#140   Here an interesting chart about the energy sector... rayrohn 08/26/04 02:16:26 PM
#139   "I have those emails going to my spam Bird of Prey 08/26/04 10:34:18 AM
#138   After careful review of dozens of emails I BullNBear52 08/26/04 10:11:25 AM
#137   I have reached a conclusion... Bird of Prey 08/26/04 09:55:31 AM
#136   "Why do you think the stock market is Bird of Prey 08/25/04 09:15:46 AM
#135   I'm not familiar with NFI. As for TASR BullNBear52 08/25/04 09:06:18 AM
#134   Very true... Bird of Prey 08/25/04 08:18:54 AM
#133   Hmm, maybe eithics- or remembering that the man timhyma 08/24/04 07:22:57 PM
#132   just a couple of examples... Bird of Prey 08/24/04 06:10:57 PM
#131   We agree on the OTCBBs lol. I don't BullNBear52 08/24/04 05:06:46 PM
#130   OK... I agree with your statements concerning the legallity Bird of Prey 08/24/04 04:15:40 PM
#129   IMO opinion lessens the value. Most of the BullNBear52 08/24/04 04:03:14 PM
#128   and the presence of that link... Bird of Prey 08/24/04 03:56:40 PM
#127   I knew somewhere in that article that this BullNBear52 08/24/04 03:14:23 PM
#126   Anatomy of a Creeping Phone Stock Scam Bird of Prey 08/23/04 09:44:14 AM
#125   Illegal Short Selling! and the SEC does "nothing" Bird of Prey 08/23/04 09:42:02 AM
#124   If you have an interest in stocks trading Bird of Prey 08/17/04 11:03:11 AM