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American Rebel
718 Thompson Lane
Suite 108-199
Nashville, TN 37204

Call us at 615-497-3111

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American Rebel Holdings’ Founder and CEO

Andy Ross successfully designed and brought a new line of law enforcement/security products to market during his tenure as CEO of Digital Ally, a company he founded in 2004. Digital Ally also successfully accessed the public market and Digital Ally continues to trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange. American Rebel Holdings directly benefits from the awareness and persona that founder Andy Ross has cultivated his entire life. His outdoorsman and adventurer status will serve the brand well as it addresses the customer through television, radio, and data-driven digital marketing initiatives. In addition, Andy has assembled a brand development team to guide the Company in its infancy. The team members are all tenured in their respective fields, and in total bring hundreds of years of experience to the brand and the Company.



Andy weaves his passions as a singer/songwriter, patriot, and self-defense advocate into the creation of America’s Patriotic Brand. Andy Ross is currently the Company’s sole officer and director in the respective capacities of CEO, CFO, and Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors. He has held these positions since June 20, 2016. He is responsible for all duties required of a corporate officer and the development of the business. From December 15, 2014 through the present, Andy served as the sole officer and director in the respective capacities of CEO, CFO, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of American Rebel, Inc. Prior to founding American Rebel, Inc. Andy Ross founded many companies including Digital Ally, Inc., which he established in 2004. In addition to his entrepreneurial accomplishments, Andy served as host for ten years of his own television show, Maximum Archery, where he bow hunted all over the world including traditional hunts and some of the world’s most dangerous game. Maximum Archery evolved into his new show, American Rebel, which features Andy’s music, patriotism, his support of the 2nd Amendment and celebrates the “American Rebel Spirit” in all of us. Andy Ross has released three CDs and the current single, “Playing In The Mud,” off his third CD, Time To Fight, has been adopted by the GNCC Racing Series as their theme song. Andy’s previous single, “Back On The Backroads,” which was a duet with Country Supergroup Little Texas, received airplay on radio stations across the United States and internationally. Previous singles released by Andy Ross include “Cold Dead Hand,” “Rebel,” and “What We Do For Fun Around Here.”

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American Rebel Holdings to Acquire Champion Safe Company subslover 07/07/2022 09:19:10 AM
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This should be impossible. Short target price for webprods 03/21/2022 08:10:50 AM
Be honest I don’t see any future good webprods 03/19/2022 08:18:02 AM
I bought because it was going to Nasdaq. splintered sunlight 03/16/2022 03:28:37 PM
Was a Twitter group pump G2G 03/16/2022 03:21:38 PM
What a colossal POS. splintered sunlight 03/16/2022 03:18:08 PM
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$4.15... splintered sunlight 03/16/2022 11:14:51 AM
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I guess I won't follow him lol. ottoman 03/10/2022 04:19:48 PM
QUOTE: Alert . AREB tomorrow 600% up splintered sunlight 03/10/2022 04:18:17 PM
LOL splintered sunlight 03/09/2022 10:20:42 PM
Alert . AREB tomorrow 600% up webprods 03/09/2022 10:02:24 PM
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Back to 52wk low INFINITI 02/18/2022 11:22:17 AM
This stock is a Piece of Garbage. splintered sunlight 02/17/2022 02:54:03 PM
Let’s break $4 cmon INFINITI 02/10/2022 10:10:28 AM
WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE weedtrader420 02/10/2022 09:38:58 AM
over $3!! weeeeeee ottoman 02/10/2022 09:36:03 AM
AREB $5 TARGET PRICE TODAY WOOHOOOOOO weedtrader420 02/10/2022 07:28:56 AM
ok, nibbling some here. Gimmie $5!! you turd! ottoman 02/09/2022 09:57:43 AM
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