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New Penny Order - N.P.O. (NPO)

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A forum for all traders alike to share their stock picks, due diligence, charts, opinions, experiences, etc.

The board is here as an outlet for you to make money in this risky market by providing solid penny stock gainers.

If you like the board, feel free to give it a board mark. Thank you.

Play nice and keep it clean. No personal attacks. No vulgarity. No spam. Be mindful of Ihub's TOS.

NPO's Gainers (alerts)

SNPY @ .034. Hit .08. (+120%)
^ Dipped to .04 after. Hit .074 (+80%)

SNET @ .035. Hit .0595 (+70%)

SNVP @ .0019. Hit .0063 so far (+ over 200%)

MDRM @ .026. Hit .082. (+ over 200%)
However, not many were sold down there. Most of our averages were around .04, some lower.

RCFEF @ .33. (Dipped to .16 after alert, rough days but held through them) Hit ____ so far (+___)

Currently in play:
RCFEF because it's going to the moon.

LONG TERM accumulate and hold for dollars:
>$INBI - Infusion Brands International, Inc<
Full DD Report that Ghost put together: click HERE

Not sure which one to buy when or do you want options on them?
If so, shoot GhostMOMENTUM your email in a PM and he will talk with you there.



Trading Tips:

~ If you are new to trading, keep a "trader's journal" of all of your trades / trading experiences that day.
At market close record your trades and include: ticker symbol, entry & exit pps, why you entered / exited the trade, etc.
Finish with, "Next time this situation occurs again, I will..." Use it to learn from. Reveiw it from time to time.
~ Learn at least the charting basics. They are useful to predict a stock's future movement.
Find the TA indicators that work best for you and stick to them.
~ Always check the share structure. If it cannot be found call the TA.
If they are ungagged that is a good sign.
~ How a stock trades is important. Pay attention to L2 and MM behavior.
~ Plan your trade and trade your plan. Discipline.
~ Protect Profits! Cut Losses!
~ Always do your own DD.
~ Dont chase.
~ Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1

A good read: Top 25 Axioms Of OTC Investing:
http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=30835203 style="font-size:16px;">

Wakingbake's (WB) Tips:
~ DD should always start with SOS's (Secretary of States), SEC filings, DTC, etc..
~ Ungagged Transfer Agents & transparency are a huge plus
~ Learn to use charts & use indicators that work best for you
~ A great entry into a stock requires discipline and patience
~ Go the extra mile with DD before investing heavy funds
~ When u find a big tanker, find out why it's tanking
~ How a stock trades is the most important factor
~ When u find a runner, find out why it's running
~ Study L2 and MM behavior carefully

Keith Stone (KS) Tips:

~ Charts actually do work in Penny land. I used to think this was false, but have learned quickly when there is a quite period (no news), the chart tells the story. that being said, NEWS TRUMPS ALL CHART READING.
~ Penny Stocks are all P-O-S's, All Penny Stock CEOs are P-O-S's, and All Penny Stocks companies DIlute in some way, as long as you know and except that, nothing will surprise.
~ All stocks have memory. That is, when a stock hits a certain price or has a volume surge, chances are it will do the same thing it did the last time the events occured.
~ If you don't know what Level 2s are, get up, go to the toilet, dump all your cash in there and  flush...your better off...dont trade if you dont have live L2s.
~ There is a good chance your stock wont go from .001 - $2..dont believe the hype, sell for profit and keep some in for a free ride.
~ If you buy a stock, then go on a board and ask if it was a good buy, it probably wasnt. Know what your buying.
~ 95% of Penny Stock CEOs know absolutely nothing about finance.
~ Go with the money flow not against...you cant save a falling pps.
~ Never hold a stock with a gagged TA overnight...eom.

HT's Trading Tips:

~ Profit realized is always more than profit imagined
~ Minimize losses and maximize gains
~ Have discipline on what to buy
~ Don't chase a penny stock
~ Don't marry a penny stock
~ Don't hold a dead stock

~ Have an exit strategy
~ Trust your gut

$b_rich$'s trading tips:

~Trust your own instinct...period
~Buy bottoms on stocks...if you like what you find, check the authorized weekly @ the sos and add to your position if satisfied
~Know the market maker axe...which one is selling
~I buy the ugly as long as the authorized remains the same
~I don't care what the float or outstanding is...wth is the authorized? That's what can and will most likely be "eventually" sold.
~Look for stocks that have potential with a good story...sometimes these can be found AFTER a momentum run
~Ride free with profit

Good luck to everyone:)
sos board:


Pinksheets....a great place to start searching for filings, corp status, etc:



Friends of the N.P.O.

**The Average Joes**

A Dawgg

Medium/Longer term Real, Growth Penny Stocks

Open Handed Traders


Promos In Penny Land

ShellKing"s Vault

Small Change

SOS Changes

Stock Legends


The Covert Empire

The Penny Stock Grow Room

The Wealthy Kingdom

Watch Lists/Alerts/In Play:

L/T - ACCE (.18 ~ .51) : LGHS (.18 ~ hit 2.26. 1200% Pulled back sub .35 to .50 ~ 1.40) : GEPT (.017) : MDMN (.05 ~ .18 so far 260%) : JBII
M/T - BUCS (.05 - Dipped to as low as .02) : SHOM (.0011 ~ .0075 so far 700%)
-Stock you need to radar:
The NPO Solid Gainer Alerts
RCFEF @ .33 (dipped to .16 before moving much, doh!)
-Finished plays:
LUSI .015 : .034 (125%)
TXHG .029 : .06 (100%)
LUSI .008 by .01 : .028 (180%)
HPCS .026 : .042 (60%)
AACS .0015 : Still red in it (red)
AAVG .001 : .0031 (210%)
SNPY .034 (.08) 120% Fell to .04 (.07) 80%
GRDO .0003 (.0012) 300%
CDFT (.09) looks to have turned sour (F man!)
SNVP .0019 : .0063

GDSM   .0009 reinstatement with lots of filings. 750M A/S
SKZW .0025 good company but very quiet...longer term hold...300M A/S
MLXO .001..pharma company that could be good as long as management gets their act together...1B A/S
EQUI..006 shell play 20M A/S
PWLK...0003 1B A/S...website under construction
more to follow:)




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Free, uncompensated, honest alerts and no spam.

***Disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are to be taken as opinions, not buy or sell advice. We are not paid to alert a stock nor are we licensed brokers. We are not and will not be held accountable for anyones trading because no one is responsible for your trades, besides you.

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