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This is a short term pick board for anyone who wants to contribute or learn how to make some money. This board will define short term as any pick that has the potential to make at least a 25 percent gain within 30 to 45 days from post date. This is not a day trade board. Its too hard for new folks to make money from day trading and I want everyone involved on this board to make a profit. Keep in mind all investing is a risk of your investment. You could lose all your investment or you could make money. With that said we are all grown ups here and please no putting down other posters. Also with every pick I would like some sort of reason why the pick is believed to make a gain within the next 30 to 45 days. Please include as much DD as you can when posting. Thanks to all who participate.  All investing questions are welcome.


1. Please post picks with some form of DD or chart so others can learn why stocks are picked. Bottom bouncers welcome.

2. No bashing others picks or posters without solid DD or your post will be removed!

3. There is no guarantee you will make money that is why it is called investing.  Please dont invest more than you could afford to lose.

4. Board welcomes post that contribute any investing knowledge others would like to share. I am a firm believer in that if you give you will receive. In other words you reap what you sow.

5. For the folks who are just starting out please dont go ALL IN on any picks posted because you never know what can happen . There is no such thing as a sure thing. The best traders out there make 3 out of 4 good picks but if you follow and you happen to hit the one bad one it may set you back a bit.  So please trade responsibly so you can keep trading.


Thanks for being a part of the board.



#1375   UNRG reversing north 40 cents getoffyourass 10/04/19 02:39:49 PM
#1374   Up 3,300% since I bought my 015s. getoffyourass 10/04/19 03:19:47 AM
#1373   Im locked in on empm for mid to HMB2010 09/16/19 12:01:45 PM
#1372   Waiting waiting waiting.... tied up waiting to get HMB2010 09/16/19 12:00:23 PM
#1371   Could make for an amazing mid long hold, getoffyourass 09/16/19 11:51:57 AM
#1370   CDIX ramping up. Appears dilution is over. getoffyourass 09/16/19 11:50:48 AM
#1369   Hdog is on it. Remember getoffyourass 09/12/19 10:43:03 PM
#1368   Ya brother. Not done yet. Should getoffyourass 09/12/19 10:42:28 PM
#1367   Man that UNRG ran like a beast. EZmoneyED 09/12/19 07:17:56 PM
#1366   Could've grabbed 03s and 04s nnnnnn shit. getoffyourass 09/05/19 03:53:11 AM
#1365   clwd has a low float but is rapidly Poor Trader 09/03/19 11:41:13 AM
#1364   UNRG making moves. Added some 06s to getoffyourass 09/03/19 11:09:42 AM
#1363   She hasn't traded a lot over the 20Day avg....... ZarGhost 09/03/19 08:59:22 AM
#1362   DDAmanda Chart: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=1 ZarGhost 09/03/19 08:58:31 AM
#1361   Chart looks good, but what's up with the getoffyourass 09/02/19 01:00:57 AM
#1360   Thanks. If you have the time, could getoffyourass 09/02/19 01:00:17 AM
#1359   #DDAmanda Chart on: $LAHO LAHO #LAHO : ZarGhost 09/01/19 08:48:38 AM
#1358   Also.... IKTO. 15billion share reduction. Supposed to getoffyourass 09/01/19 02:02:21 AM
#1357   Did you see RBNW friday? What a monster. getoffyourass 09/01/19 01:56:12 AM
#1356   UNRG. something is up... getoffyourass 08/30/19 04:01:20 AM
#1355   Considering I was able to get 0014 and getoffyourass 08/27/19 08:41:36 PM
#1354   Can't even afford a premium membership. getoffyourass 08/27/19 08:36:41 PM
#1353   Hahaaha was in last week, guess out too HMB2010 08/27/19 08:34:51 PM
#1352   Might be worth checking out CDIX. getoffyourass 08/27/19 08:32:09 PM
#1351   Ya. Brutal blood bath. Chart said to getoffyourass 08/14/19 04:15:24 PM
#1350   Just for me saying that it will probably getoffyourass 08/13/19 09:06:18 PM
#1349   I've been insanely busy. Haven't been able getoffyourass 08/13/19 09:03:24 PM
#1348   I had fomo 8/1. Lmao. Then getoffyourass 08/13/19 08:57:23 PM
#1347   Thanks for info. Good luck !$! HMB2010 08/13/19 08:57:07 PM
#1346   You ain't seen nothing yet bud. getoffyourass 08/13/19 08:55:45 PM
#1345   Well done !!!! HMB2010 08/13/19 08:28:51 PM
#1344   I should've mentioned it back in May. getoffyourass 08/08/19 03:07:30 AM
#1343   EORZ. didn't you used getoffyourass 08/08/19 02:58:50 AM
#1341   EORZ. just got in getoffyourass 08/01/19 11:34:30 AM
#1340   Hey buddy. Doing pretty good. Doing a little EZmoneyED 06/28/19 04:32:49 PM
#1339   TGRR on the move. Up 75%. News out getoffyourass 06/28/19 10:17:29 AM
#1338   Yeah man. Keep finding good DD, they are HMB2010 06/25/19 08:47:32 AM
#1337   Bro, you're still married to VYST? I getoffyourass 06/25/19 01:29:50 AM
#1336   What's up Ed? Hope all is well with getoffyourass 06/25/19 01:25:52 AM
#1335   Check it out folks MGI up over 150 EZmoneyED 06/18/19 09:15:58 PM
#1334   Ill try to look it up, thanks! HMB2010 06/03/19 07:56:35 PM
#1333   ROAN might be one to check out. Im EZmoneyED 06/03/19 07:54:26 PM
#1332   Great first 3 months for momo pennies. Seems HMB2010 06/03/19 07:48:08 PM
#1331   Thanks Ill check it out. Pretty sure penny EZmoneyED 06/03/19 07:37:05 PM
#1330   Hey Ed, Ive posted lots of incredible DD HMB2010 06/03/19 11:03:53 AM
#1329   MGI has good cash flow still on big EZmoneyED 06/02/19 06:57:37 PM
#1328   BRKK . 014. Could be going getoffyourass 02/20/19 03:02:41 PM
#1327   MCGI, me too. once all the big getoffyourass 02/15/19 11:42:39 AM
#1326   Yes seems like a good run coming$$$ Their revenues HMB2010 02/15/19 11:39:22 AM
#1325   wish I had grabbed more MCCGI 0002's when getoffyourass 02/15/19 11:36:28 AM