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5th Letter added to some symbols.
A-Class "A"     B-Class "B"   C-Continuance-or Nasdaq exception     D-New issue    E-Delinquent SEC filings  F-Foreign    G-first convertible bond  H-second convertible bond    I- third convertible bond   J-Voting share special    K-Nonvoting (common)    L-Miscellaneous    M-fourth class preferred   N-third class preferred   O-second class preferred     P- first class preferred      Q-In bankruptcy  R-Rights   S-Shares of beneficial interest   T-With warrants or rights    U-Units   
V-Pending issue and distribution   
W-Warrants    X-Mutual fund    Y-American Depositary   Z-Miscellaneous situations

4 rules needed on OTCBB, Pink, OTCQB etc.
1.) Work everything, all angles, DD, study charts, trust no-one. It's important, know everything a company's depending on, does it have anything, fall back on, are there competitors, when might an important action occur, such as news.
2.) Act quickly most of these rise and fall very quickly -- don't wait, once a stock starts falling, or once it has climbed significantly,  get out, Take your profit $$$
3.) Don't be afraid to risk. However, there's one tool, it must be mastered. Never
Love  a Stock. "NEVER", not their technology, not the CEO, no matter if they're planet savers, none of them. Never love concepts, remember these aren't safe long holds. However, the risk can be worth the payoff. 
4.) Never let anyone convince you to
buy or sale. That is your decision, your's alone, based on your DD. 

10 Simple thoughts, that round off those 4 simple rules, which by the way, could save you $1000's of $$$'s
1) Knowing When to Sell Penny Stocks. One of the biggest secrets when trading penny's knowing when to take your profit or your loss. First, don't ever love any penny stock.  If you hit a profit target or reached the maximum loss, don't hesitate close the position.  Remember, you can never go wrong in gaining profits.  Never look back.
 2) How Investors Locate Penny Stocks. Never over-think a situation. Penny's can be great opportunities.  There are lots of free websites, tutorials, which give good advice on companies. Remember, you can never do too much research.
 3) Buying Penny Stocks Effectively. Use an online account if you don't already. You will eliminate many of the high costs associated with full service trading. Don't use a full service broker!
 4) Buying Penny Stocks Online. When buying or selling penny stocks, it is important to remember you can use limits, be disciplined the same way as major money brokers.  Plus, it is more convenient and effective to trade online instead of using a full service broker.
 5) Judging How Much Money to Risk. When buying penny's, don't risk more than you can afford. Even if gains might reach triple digits quickly, you still need to consider it's a risk. Large caps typically require large investments to see large returns, small caps can return beautiful gains with investments in the hundred dollar range.
6) Patience with Penny Stocks. Although some companies can go up by large percentages in one day most of your gains are likely to be smaller dollar amounts that can add up over time - bear this in mind when trading and try to keep expectations realistic.
7) Look out for Scams. With any type of investment that involves large amount of potential profits in a short period of time there are bound to be sharks circling in the waters. You must always be on the lookout for advice that seems to good to be true. Often these types of stocks could be more risky.
8) Cutting Edge Investing. One way, invest in new sectors, companies do not have many public stocks is through penny stocks. By investing in penny stocks, fortunes have been made in such areas as solar energy, renewable energy, video on demand and denim. True Religion Jeans and Solar Companies are prime examples.
9) Locating a Broker for Trading Penny Stocks. Since penny stocks are lower priced it can be expensive paying per share versus per trade due to the high amount of share count involved.  Find a broker that charges per trade and not per share.
10) Look at All Costs Involved Before Moving Ahead with any Trading.

Security forms and definitions http://www.sec.gov/forms

Info on MMer's

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