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PFIE 1.48 i guess news wasnt that big G2G 03/17/21 8:59 AM
1.54 G2G 03/17/21 8:49 AM
Yes not touching it. Looking for a otc stock1ace1 03/16/21 10:50 PM
1.69 G2G 03/16/21 7:12 PM
Was looking for entry as well on news stock1ace1 03/16/21 6:47 PM
Was eying it all the way down lol stock1ace1 03/16/21 6:47 PM
I dont say scam, just news isnt that G2G 03/16/21 6:38 PM
I figure i might as well be honest @LiftedCapital 03/16/21 6:32 PM
BWAHAHAH hot stock tomorrow??? ANOTHER SCAM!!! @LiftedCapital 03/16/21 6:30 PM
PFIE it is oil & gas so could G2G 03/16/21 6:21 PM
Smells rotten -->> pray for me lol :) @LiftedCapital 03/16/21 6:15 PM
i could have bought 1.80 on ask after G2G 03/16/21 6:13 PM
pfie in @ 1.78... looks like a scam... @LiftedCapital 03/16/21 6:06 PM
$PFIE Oil and Gas new Partnership. MAKESOME79 03/16/21 5:59 PM
Can't hurt... slow_feet 03/16/21 5:24 PM
Mystery > Will any significant revenue be generated crudeoil24 03/16/21 5:10 PM
How much revenue does Spartan Controls generate? crudeoil24 03/16/21 5:04 PM
Spartan Controls Ltd has 640 total employees across crudeoil24 03/16/21 5:04 PM
Profire Energy shares are trading higher after the crudeoil24 03/16/21 4:59 PM
Bought Friday at 1.10. Who knows why. No reason. slow_feet 02/07/21 5:17 PM
Whether this stuck gets pumped or not, I fung_derf 04/22/20 11:01 AM G2G 04/21/20 5:31 PM
p fung_derf 01/30/20 11:50 AM
It was fun while it lasted. I thought newmedman 12/31/18 1:05 PM
It rarely does fung_derf 12/31/18 12:52 PM
I guess so. It just didn't end up newmedman 12/31/18 11:47 AM
You rode the wave fung_derf 12/31/18 11:19 AM
yikes. Guess the burner management business isn't the newmedman 12/28/18 11:26 PM
Just came across this post. Guess I was fung_derf 11/06/18 1:44 PM
Breaking the 50 MA - we need a Pharaoh-1 09/17/18 9:06 PM
I am not expecting straight upward move, but Pharaoh-1 09/17/18 8:04 AM
$PFIE, has been runnig like a bull for Pharaoh-1 09/15/18 12:52 PM
This stock sure seems to react odd to tprosuper 08/13/18 6:44 PM
Might be time to buy a bit of fung_derf 08/06/18 11:42 AM
How are they doing now aside from market sentiment? newmedman 07/30/18 12:13 PM
Don't think I will, but today looks like fung_derf 06/27/18 2:19 PM
me too..what a ride!! TrendTrade2016 05/23/18 3:13 PM
So I'm out at $5. Looks like there fung_derf 05/23/18 2:19 PM
PFIE at resistance!! Could we be in for TrendTrade2016 05/22/18 4:05 PM
Is there any chance we can get the rjanderson383 05/21/18 1:50 PM
So, anyone smart enough to sell their shares fung_derf 05/21/18 11:35 AM
PFIE close 4.27..."PFIE 4 dolla ring a ding TrendTrade2016 05/11/18 7:36 PM
cranky? fung_derf 05/11/18 10:42 AM
4 cents for the quarter. 25 million in chewybac 05/11/18 7:27 AM
$1.04 So what should this company be trading at newmedman 05/10/18 9:05 PM
Dunno. I'm a chartist. fung_derf 05/09/18 4:48 PM
So what should this company be trading at chewybac 05/09/18 4:42 PM
$4.80 looks like the place to sell fung_derf 05/09/18 2:46 PM
PFIE 4 dolla ring a ding ding!! 4.26 TrendTrade2016 05/09/18 2:04 PM
PFIE ready to break 4 bucks TrendTrade2016 05/09/18 5:49 AM
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Profire Energy, Inc. (PFIE)

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Since March of 2002, when Profire Combustion Inc. was conceived, we have had a vision of the Burner Industry and its future. We sought to provide a service as combustion experts that was unmatched by any of our counterparts. We feel we can claim great success in this endeavor.

Soon after Profire's inception, we developed a control panel for the management of burners, a system we called the Profire 1100. This attained unparalleled success, quickly becoming the leading Burner Management System on the market. Annually, our sales climbed, our service department grew, and our company expanded. With our team of highly qualified personnel, we were able to stake our position in this rapidly growing market. Soon Profire Combustion expanded to a point where the prospects of going public became a reality, and after the acquisition of a public shell corporation, Profire Energy Inc. was born. This entity became the medium for furthering corporate growth. The company continued to grow with the economic boom, then sustained even further growth in the face of a recession.

Despite turmoil in the market, we began developing the new-generation 2100 BMS. As it approached its final certification, we became more aware of the void this cutting-edge technology would fill. We feel our sober business tactics and knowledge of the market have allowed us to carefully maneuver the rocky business landscape and emerge successful. But since our success depends on much more than our past, our vision remains firmly affixed on the future. Our research and development division is plumbing new depths, our sales and marketing division is reaching out both domestically and globally, and our corporate leaders are supporting growth both internally and through the possibility of acquisition. 

Our future is bright!




Profire Energy is the leader in Burner Management Systems and has been in the forefront of research and development in the burner industry for nearly a decade. During this time, Profire has acquired a substantial market share for the use of the Profire Burner Management System. 

Widely known around the world, companies come to Profire for reliable and efficient systems and services. With a firm grasp on the Canadian oilfield market and soon to be launched campaign in the U.S. market, Profire's growth strategy includes aligning itself with multiple distributors throughout the U.S. thus insuring the proper sales, installation and servicing of its product.

This corporation was founded on the principles of value, efficiency and safety. The Profire mission is to provide a dynamic and reliable product for the oil and gas sector. Having accomplished this, we have concentrated our talents on solutions providing further service to the burner management industry. 

As part of our corporate strategy includes the acquisition and effective management of corporations, who share similar philosophies, we are always looking for further technologies and opportunities for growth and development within the broader energy sector. We are particularly interested in renewable and clean energy technology.




Brenton W. Hatch


Brenton co-founded Profire Combustion, Inc. in 2002.  Since that time he has served as the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Company.  He has been responsible for the day-to-day operations of Profire Combustion since its inception.  Prior to founding Profire Combustion, between 2001 and 2002 he was a Management Consultant and General Manager of Titan Technologies, Inc., an oilfield service and distribution company in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  In this position, he performed an in-depth analysis of the operations and management of all divisions of Titan Technologies.  Based on his analysis, company-wide operational changes were implemented to improve company performance.  From 1989 to 2000 he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Keaton International, Inc., an educational services company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He managed all executive functions of the company and particularly focused on the development and management of the company's educational services.  During his time at Keaton International, Brenton led corporate networking and marketing campaigns world-wide.  He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Alberta in 1974.  He is not, nor has he in the past five years been a nominee or director of any other SEC registrant or registered investment company.  We considered Mr. Hatch's experience as a founder and as the principal executive officer of Profire Combustion, as well as his previous management and operational oversight experience in concluding that he should serve as a director of the Company.

Harold Albert


Harold co-founded Profire Combustion, Inc. in 2002. He has served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Profire Combustion since that time. Harold is responsible for research and development of new products and services. He oversees our Canadian operations. Prior to founding Profire Combustion, he worked in the oil services industry for Titan Technologies, Inc. from 1996 to 2002. During that time he served as an Associate Manager overseeing the company's burner division.  From 1993 to 1996 he was employed with Natco Canada doing start up and commissioning of oil and gas facilities in both Canada and Russia.  Harold is not, nor has he in the past five years been, a nominee or director of any other SEC registrant or registered investment company.  We considered Mr. Albert's experience as a founder and principal operating officer, combined with his previous management and operational experience in concluding that he should serve on the Company's board of directors.

Andrew Limpert


Andrew graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance in 1994.  He earned a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from Westminster College in 1998.  He joined The Flooring Zone, Inc. in November 2007.  From 1998 to 2008, Andrew was an investment advisor with Belsen Getty, LLC, providing wealth management direction and strategic and financial advice for several investment banks.  For the past 15 years he has founded, consulted on and funded numerous businesses in the private and public arenas.  In 2007 he became the chairman of the board of directors of Nine Mile Software Inc., a rebalancing and mutual fund trading software developer.  Nine Mile Software became an SEC registrant during 2008.  He resigned as Chairman of Nine Mile in April of 2011.  During the past five years he has also served as a director of Ohr Pharmaceutical Inc., a New York based biotech incubator.  Ohr Pharmaceutical is also an SEC registrant. In April 2010 he resigned as an officer and director of Ohr Pharmaceutical.  Andrew is not, nor has he in the past five years been, a nominee or director of any registered investment company. We considered Mr. Limpert's extensive investment experience and his related finance and educational background in concluding that he should serve on the Company's board of directors.






Profire Energy is the leader in Burner Management Systems and has been in the forefront of research and development in the burner industry related technology for nearly a decade. During this time, Profire has acquired a substantial market share for the use of the Profire Burner Management System. With sales in Canada, the United States, France, Brazil, Slovenia and the world's leading oil and gas providers comes to Profire for reliable and efficient systems and services. 



Profire Energy, Inc is domiciled in the United States and is listed on the OTC BB stock market under symbol "PFIE". The U.S. corporate offices are located in Lindon, Utah. The company currently has 45,000,000 shares outstanding. Revenue for year end March 31, 2011 was $8,033,926. Historically our revenues have grown between 25% and 30% annually. Between 2010 and 2011 our revenue increased by 35.8%





March 31, 2011.

March 31, 2010.










Net Income




Earnings Per Share




Accounts Receivables




Total Assets






The Profire 2100 Burner Management System is developed to exceed the industry standard with each detail carefully designed to meet the stringent CSA and UL codes, while at the same time providing an intuitive and clear management menu for easy operation. From the industry leading stackable expansion modules to the technician designed layout and interface, every detail has been carefully scrutinized to provide the finest and most robust Burner Management System ever developed. Our team of qualified designers and engineers have spent years in the development of the 2100 and have created a BMS that will meet and exceed rigorous industry expectations. 



Brenton W. Hatch (B. Ed) - President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Limpert (B. Sc, MBA) - Chief Financial Officer
Harold Albert - Chief Operating Officer

Profire Investor Relations
(801) 796-5127
Follow us on twitter@profirenews

Forward looking disclaimer: The information contained in this release includes forward looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. Certain statements contained herein constitute forward- looking statements with the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward- looking statements involve known and unknown  risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the company to be materially different from those expressed or implied, including but not limited to, risks described in the Company's periodic reports on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

RECENT 10Ks for 2011-2012
Q1 June 2011
Q2 September 2011
Q3 January 2012 

Principal Products and Services
We manufacture, install and service oilfield combustion management systems and related burner products.   Our products aid oil and natural gas producers in the safe and efficient development and transportation of carbon-based fuels.
In the oil and natural gas industry there are numerous demands for heat generation and control.  The product in pipelines and storage tanks must be kept sufficiently warm to flow efficiently.  Equipment of all kinds, including line-heaters, dehydrators, dewaterers, separators, treaters, amine reboilers, free-water knockout systems, etc. require sources of heat to satisfy their various functions.  In addition to the need for combustion products to meet heating demands, there is also a need for skilled combustion technicians.  Profire was founded to try to meet some of these needs.
Initially, our primary focus was on providing installation and maintenance services to service the products and systems of other manufacturers.  Management soon determined, however, that it would be in our best interest to also establish ourselves as a product supplier.  Management also recognized the need to develop our own proprietary burner-management systems to monitor and control combustion.  Our principal developmental goal in building our own system was to ensure that the system would meet or exceed the highest safety and quality standards in the industry and that the system would be functional and easily controlled by oilfield operators.  With this goal in mind, we developed the Profire 1100 combustion-management system.  This system has become widely popular in Western Canada, with sales to such companies as Exxon-Mobil, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Devon Energy, Petro-Canada, Encana and many others.  This system has also been sold and installed in various parts of the world, including the United States, France, Italy, England, the Middle East, Australia, China and Brazil.
During our fourth fiscal quarter, we introduced a new product, the Profire 2100.  The 2100 is a more powerful burner management system than the 1100.  It complies with CSA and UL ratings and has expandability and remote access and data logging.  It has more custom features than the 1100 and allows the end user much more flexibility in multiple field applications.
In addition to the Profire 1100 and 2100 combustion management systems, we manufacture other systems and products for sale, including a burner management system specific to incinerator systems, called the Profire 1100i and "fuel-trains" or "valve-trains" to accompany system installations.  These fuel-trains include piping, valves, controls, etc., relating to the process of safely providing fuel to burners, as well as having safety controllers to monitor operations.  We are also developing various products that will be introduced to the market over the next few years.  These may range from valve systems to igniters.   We continually assess market needs and look for opportunities to provide quality solutions to the oil and gas producing companies we serve.
PFIE Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $45,000,000 a/o Aug 12, 2011
Shares Outstanding 45,000,000 a/o Aug 05, 2010
Float 6,000,000 a/o May 09, 2011
Authorized Shares Unlimited a/o
Par Value 0.001
Shareholders of Record 117 a/o Jul 01, 2011
Short Selling Data
Short Interest 0 (-100%)
Jun 30, 2011
Significant Failures to Deliver No


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