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Mesabi Trust Press Release (1/12/23) Enterprising Investor 01/12/23 6:58 PM and con dealerschool2006 12/28/22 6:03 PM
We knew that already! Should be less than Lowjack 02/11/22 12:33 PM
Reason for today's selloff: #msg-167852284. DewDiligence 02/11/22 10:30 AM
The October 29, 2021 royalty amount also included Saving Grace 12/07/21 6:10 AM
I suspect this will end up in Federal Lowjack 12/06/21 11:58 PM
You want the ore, you will pay for it! Lowjack 10/26/21 2:43 PM
Without providing more details, Goncalves said Northshore is Saving Grace 10/25/21 10:42 AM
Reason for today's selloff: #msg-166468979. DewDiligence 10/22/21 11:01 AM
Sell earnings!!! Lowjack 08/20/21 5:59 PM Lowjack 08/19/19 10:10 PM
Nice guess. Came in at $1.18 Silcox 01/12/18 6:54 PM
Sure. The distribution to be announced in nas101 01/07/18 7:33 PM
Anybody got a guess or estimated # on Silcox 01/03/18 10:35 PM
This has been on an absolute Run the past year! trickledownfacists 09/22/17 10:14 AM
MSB bullish 10.43 stocktrademan 07/15/16 11:03 AM
Should be under a $1!!! Lowjack 06/07/16 1:57 PM
Unownable and the Trustee is paying out monies Lowjack 04/15/16 7:42 PM
LOL what moves will change that? Timothy Smith 02/05/16 1:21 PM
It will only improve once the control of Lowjack 02/03/16 11:51 AM
Is your outlook improving from here? Timothy Smith 02/01/16 11:26 AM
Mesabi Trust (MSB) Declares Quarterly Dividend of $0.05 Saving Grace 01/21/16 8:56 AM
This is unownable at current market conditions! Lowjack 12/09/15 9:39 AM
The Trustees of Mesabi Trust (NYSE: MSB) are Timothy Smith 11/19/15 4:32 PM
I have to redo my homework now! Lowjack 11/19/15 2:37 PM
Worse than feared! Lowjack 11/17/15 4:20 PM
Thank you for he update and information. Timothy Smith 10/30/15 10:43 AM
Still, the revenue hit Cliffs Natural has endured Lowjack 10/30/15 8:13 AM
Mesabi Trust (NYSE:MSB) -4.9% premarket after announcing that no Timothy Smith 10/20/15 10:46 AM
Is it $8 or less yet? Lowjack 09/01/15 12:45 PM
<<< $MSB Links! >>> ~ MAC's Quick DD Penny Roger$ 04/19/12 2:47 AM
~ Wednesday! $MSB ~ Q1 Earnings posted, pending Penny Roger$ 04/19/12 2:47 AM
look this is a great stock everyone should fsugetitdone 01/17/12 12:24 PM
MSB - Chart... The_Free_Nebula 01/14/12 8:39 AM
it may be even better... ligh7 12/16/11 8:01 PM
Interesting The_Free_Nebula 12/16/11 2:52 PM
Iron Ore Shortage... ligh7 12/16/11 2:24 PM
Gotta love msb The_Free_Nebula 10/24/11 11:33 AM
Great move off the floor The_Free_Nebula 08/15/11 10:30 PM
MSB - nice run off the bottom... The_Free_Nebula 07/07/11 7:56 PM
Low price now The_Free_Nebula 05/11/11 10:32 PM
Beat down hard The_Free_Nebula 05/05/11 1:54 AM
Can't tell you a number to get in...but The_Free_Nebula 04/08/11 6:51 PM
in order to buy this whats a good Bakinskiy 04/08/11 6:05 PM
MSB - a beautiful thing...52 week high here The_Free_Nebula 03/29/11 7:07 PM
Back over 40 The_Free_Nebula 03/28/11 8:28 PM
Heading back to 40 The_Free_Nebula 03/26/11 4:40 PM
Not doing so bad considering The_Free_Nebula 03/16/11 7:07 PM
MSB - basing The_Free_Nebula 03/12/11 9:10 AM
Looks to me that the trend is up The_Free_Nebula 03/08/11 7:34 AM
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Mesabi Trust (MSB)

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MSB Company OverviewCompany Contact

Headquarters: c/o Deutsche Bank Trust Co.
Trust & Securities Services
60 Wall Street 27th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Web Address:

Mesabi Trust (Trust) was established to conserve and protect the Trust Estate and to collect and distribute the income and proceeds there from to the Trust's certificate holders after. The Agreement of Trust prohibits the Trust from engaging in any business. The lessee/operator of Mesabi Trust's mineral interests is Northshore Mining Corporation (NMC), a subsidiary of Cleveland-Cliffs Inc (CCI). The Trust owns two different interests in certain properties in the Mesabi Iron Range: Mesabi Trust's interest as assignor in the Amended Assignment of Peters Lease and the Amended Assignment of Cloquet Lease, which together cover properties aggregating approximately 9,750 largely contiguous acres in St. Louis County, Minnesota, and Mesabi Trust's ownership of the entire beneficial interest in the Mesabi Land Trust, which has a 20% interest as fee owner in the Peters Lease Lands and a 100% fee ownership in certain non-mineral-bearing lands adjacent to the Peters and Cloquet Lease Lands.


Mesabi Trust (“Mesabi Trust” or the “Trust”), formed pursuant to an Agreement of Trust dated July 18, 1961 (the “Agreement of Trust”), is a trust organized under the laws of the State of New York.  Mesabi Trust holds all of the interests formerly owned by Mesabi Iron Company (“MIC”), including all right, title and interest in the Amendment of Assignment, Assumption and Further Assignment of Peters Lease (the “Amended Assignment of Peters Lease”), the Amendment of Assignment, Assumption and Further Assignment of Cloquet Lease (the “Amended Assignment of Cloquet Lease” and together with the Amended Assignment of Peters Lease, the “Amended Assignment Agreements”), the beneficial interest in the Mesabi Land Trust (as such term is defined below) and all other assets and property identified in the Agreement of Trust. The Amended Assignment of Peters Lease relates to an Indenture made as of April 30, 1915 among East Mesaba Iron Company (“East Mesaba”), Dunka River Iron Company (“Dunka River”) and Claude W. Peters (the “Peters Lease”) and the Amended Assignment of Cloquet Lease relates to an Indenture made May 1, 1916 between Cloquet Lumber Company and Claude W. Peters (the “Cloquet Lease”).


The Agreement of Trust specifically prohibits the Trustees from entering into or engaging in any business.  This prohibition applies even to business activities the Trustees may deem necessary or proper for the preservation and protection of the Trust Estate.  Accordingly, the Trustees’ activities in connection with the administration of Trust assets are limited to collecting income, paying expenses and liabilities, distributing net income to the holders of Certificates of Beneficial Interest in Mesabi Trust (“Unitholders”) after the payment of, or provision for, such expenses and liabilities, and protecting and conserving the assets held.


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