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"As global demand for energy skyrockets throughout 2012 and prices/demand/governmental requirements force ever greater pressure for alternatives, SEFE, from its strategic overlook surveying a vast new energy landscape, stands poised to change the entire game."





SEFE, Inc. Headquarters
4700 Sterling Dr.
Boulder, CO 80301
t: (480) 294-6407
f: (480) 718-8302
Investor Relations Contact:
Justin Ackerman
(714) 495-1927

Recent News
10K (March 30, 2011)
Investor Kit
nvestor Presentation
orporate Video



A city appears-out of thin air. And the power to run that growing city? It's out of thin air, too. Magic? No, more like a revolution, one created by a vision and a simple, yet profound, premise…


SEFE is that vision…and a wholly unique way to power the world. The entire world, regardless of geography, politics or infrastructure.


It isn't alternative energy, because alternative energy-like wind farms, solar arrays and the like-actually need to create electricity from some other means. Instead, SEFE taps the source, capturing and converting naturally occurring static electricity in the atmosphere into a constant, abundant and decidedly GREEN SOURCE of renewable energy.


We call it True Energy. Because it's not an alternative to anything. It's the source-unadulterated, carbon-free, always-on and without all the inherent issues-and often dangers-of nuclear, coal-fired, hydro-electric or other types of power.


True Energy is pure. It's everywhere. And it's the future of power.


SEFE is the harness. Your business is the conduit. And the world is waiting.






o   SEFE has developed a proprietary technology to harvest the constant and powerful static electricity that is continually formed in the earth's atmosphere. Through a series of patent-pending devices, SEFE can draw the static electricity in direct current form from the atmosphere, converting it to alternating current for immediate power consumption. And, the system can reconvert the alternating current back into direct current form for longer-term storage in banks of batteries. The system employs an airborne carrier, which can be a high-altitude weather balloon or blimp, to send a conductive cable into the atmosphere, where it is suspended and tethered in constant contact with a ground unit. Attached to the conducive cable is a floating "black box" which converts the naturally occurring electricity into usable form. The electricity is sent down the conductive cable to a power generator, which, in turn, can send the power to an existing electric company's infrastructure and grid for commercial and residential consumption. This platform generator also can convert the electricity for longer-term storage.

o   In instances where a robust infrastructure or power grid system isn't already in place, SEFE works with much smaller power lines, making it superior to solar or wind power generation, since those antiquated systems rely exclusively on existing infrastructures




o   Face it. Fossil fuels are, well, energy dinosaurs. There's a limited supply. By contrast, SEFE's method of electricity extraction benefits from a limitless supply of static electricity in the atmosphere. We estimate that one SEFE unit could power 140 homes day and night. Forever. That's right: forever.

o   Other forms of energy collection, like solar, wind generation and hydro-electric, are dependent on expansive terrain or specific geography. But SEFE's system takes advantage of the always-on around-the-world nature of atmospheric static electricity. There are no "good-better-best" locations around the globe-just "good-better-best" altitudes in every single given spot. So the SEFE system sniffs out the best altitude for unit suspension, in order to collect the optimal amount of energy. The units find the sweet spot. Everywhere. And, since the platform has an incredibly small footprint, units can be set up almost anywhere, on any terrain. The only restriction is based on FAA airspace clearances.

o   And speaking of footprint, unlike other forms of energy collection, SEFE has virtually no carbon footprint. So, it's greener than green alternatives.




o   SEFE has 22 items in various stages of the patent approval process and has been granted patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for four aspects of its system, making it a first mover and industry leader, right out of the gate. They are:



Issued: #7,855,476 B2     Title:  Atmospheric Electrical Generator
A mechanism to tap an electrical source which uses a lighter-than-air balloon tethered by a conductive line.
Issued: #8,102,078        Title: Dynamic Electrical Converter System
Receives a variable voltage input which is converted to a proper electrical configuration for a load.
Issued: #8,102,082     Title: Atmospheric Electricity Collector
An antenna for the collection of atmospheric static electricity in which an electrically conductive hub is suspended from a balloon or blimp via a tether.
Issued #8,102,083  Title: Atmospheric Electrical Generator with Change of State
A mechanism that gathers atmospheric static electricity for use through a conductive line isolated from the ground.


Key Statistics<<<< open link


Company Website:

Home Page


SEFE Security Details



Share Structure:

Market Value -- $63,780,378 (as of April 09, 2012)
Shares Outstanding -- 52,278,998 (as of March 29, 2012)


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