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Time for HDII to move, clean LOW FLOAT MU_Redskin1 01/25/23 4:40 PM
Yep it's about time. I smell some HDII Fai 2 01/25/23 3:12 PM
Happy New Year! All these new HDII shareholders MU_Redskin1 01/25/23 1:51 PM
HDII was such a great investment! Stock_Barber 01/20/23 11:06 AM
Some action yesterday, it would be nice to MU_Redskin1 12/21/22 8:18 AM
nah this pos in the abyss nicoausto 11/01/22 1:26 PM
China should be opening back up in October MU_Redskin1 09/27/22 3:57 PM
I think the enablers of his pump and Stock_Barber 09/27/22 1:20 PM
Xu in jail yet? PencilNeckGeek 09/27/22 12:31 PM
Stakeholders or bagholders? Stock_Barber 09/13/22 7:06 PM
CONFIDENCE IS GOLD! LET’S GO BO! MU_Redskin1 09/13/22 6:59 PM
C'mon... worms have feelings too! Stock_Barber 09/13/22 11:37 AM
told you this trash would go nowhere. xu nicoausto 09/13/22 11:23 AM
XUFUCIUS just got his other shell SBE$ sold MU_Redskin1 09/02/22 10:35 AM
Don't insult trash... Stock_Barber 08/30/22 4:25 PM
xu is a worthless piece of trash nicoausto 08/30/22 4:05 PM
Signs of life finally! Let’s go Bo! MU_Redskin1 08/27/22 7:44 AM
looking for entry ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 08/18/22 6:27 PM
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soon will move ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 08/18/22 6:26 PM
lookiing good ALERTS100%to10000%GAIN 08/18/22 6:26 PM
This baby is about to fly! GO MU_Redskin1 08/18/22 5:40 PM
Exactly! Stock_Barber 08/18/22 3:20 PM
Lol biggest load of horseshit ever. Employees PencilNeckGeek 08/18/22 2:25 PM
It makes me wonder..why keep pumping. ?? buccaneer1961 08/07/22 11:44 AM
He's been pumping for 2 years. This has Jakilla11 08/07/22 3:00 AM
why? buccaneer1961 08/05/22 8:35 PM
Friends, family and employees sucking up cheap shares! MU_Redskin1 07/25/22 7:01 PM
running down yep way down nicoausto 07/25/22 12:14 PM
Yup! Stock_Barber 07/22/22 11:16 AM
worst stock otc hates xu like everyone else nicoausto 07/22/22 10:28 AM
Both KingdomCitizen 07/21/22 11:12 AM
HDII getting ready to run!? ;-) MU_Redskin1 06/30/22 6:14 PM
looks like something brewing here finally lfggg nicoausto 06/29/22 3:02 PM
Take the loss and sell. That's my advice. Jakilla11 06/27/22 1:21 PM
nice sell off PATHETIC nicoausto 06/23/22 3:49 PM
moving backwards in an up market wow xu nicoausto 06/23/22 1:50 PM
new lows for this pos incompetent scum xu garbage nicoausto 06/23/22 1:32 PM
Is trips far off? Stock_Barber 06/14/22 2:49 PM
xu let this go what a pos nicoausto 05/31/22 1:43 PM
trash!! nicoausto 05/31/22 10:23 AM
welcome to new lows smh absolute trash wow nicoausto 05/31/22 10:19 AM
massive selloff for this . game over. this nicoausto 05/27/22 12:10 PM
whats the point of filings and adding shares nicoausto 05/26/22 3:00 PM
yeah well if he can put a stamp nicoausto 05/24/22 9:03 PM
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if this was above a penny then sure nicoausto 05/21/22 5:39 PM
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Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. (HDII)

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Hypertension Diagnostics Inc.

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HYPERTENSION DIAGNOSTICS Inc., (HDII) Meeting with Shanghai CinTel Intelligent Ltd.

Thursday, February 20, 2020 9:50 AM

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2020 / Mr. Peng Liangjian, CEO of Hypertension Diagnostics Inc. (OTC PINK:HDII), had a meeting with Mr. Zheng Ding, the chairman of Shanghai CinTel Intelligent Ltd. (CinTel) on February 14, 2020. Mr. Peng introduced Hypertension Diagnostics Inc (HDII) and US Stock Markets to Cintel. Mr. Ding is interested in North American capital markets, and the two discussed the possibilities of bringing the China based company to the U.S. stock markets.

About Shanghai CinTel Intelligent Ltd.

Shanghai CinTel Intelligent Ltd. was established in July 1998, focusing on the deep integration of big data, AI and IoT application technologies. It is a provider of intelligent communication services, big data applications and IoT application solutions. Based on the combination of independent research and development core technology and open source technology, CinTel has created a smart convergence business support platform and a one-stop big data analysis platform.

About Hypertension Diagnostics Inc.

Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. is a public company currently trading on the OTC Markets (OTC: HDII). HDII was originally corporate in Minnesota .

*Safe Harbor Statement Information in this press release may contain 'forward-looking statements.' Statements describing objectives or goals or the Company's future plans are also forward-looking statements and are subject to risks and uncertainties, including the financial performance of the Company and market valuations of its stock, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. Forward-looking statements in this news release are made pursuant to the 'Safe Harbor' provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Investors are cautioned that such forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, risks relating to the ability to close transactions being contemplated, risks related to sales, acceptance of Hypertension Diagnostics Inc.'s products, increased levels of competition, changes, dependence on intellectual property rights and other risks detailed from time to time in Hypertension Diagnostic Inc. periodic reports filed with the regulatory authorities.

Jeff Peng

SOURCE: Hypertension Diagnostics Inc.

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 About Shanghai CinTel Intelligent Ltd

Shanghai Xinfang Intelligent System Co., Ltd. is an enterprise located in China, with the main office in Shanghai. The enterprise operates in the Software Publishers industry. It was incorporated on July 13, 1998. It currently has a total number of 146 (2018) employees. In its most recent financial highlights, the company reported a net sales revenue increase of 7.57% in 2018. Its’ total assets recorded a negative growth of 4.63%. Shanghai Xinfang Intelligent System Co., Ltd.’s net profit margin increased by 1.92% in 2018.
Shanghai Xinfang Intelligent System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Xinfang") was established in July 1998 with a registered capital of 59 million. It was jointly established by Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Academician Chen Junliang of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications is Shanghai Xin Fang's first chairman was Professor Yang Fangchun, vice president of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Shanghai Xinfang focuses on the deep integration of big data, artificial intelligence and IoT application technologies. It is a provider of intelligent communication, big data applications and IoT application solutions. Based on the combination of independent research and development core technology and open source technology, Shanghai Xinfang has created a large and medium-sized intelligent business integration support platform, a one-stop big data analysis platform, a NFV-based communication cloud platform, enterprise secure communications, and IoT / industrial Internet platforms Taiwan's business capabilities, which can flexibly cut into multiple business areas in response to the needs of various industry application scenarios, provide communications operators, industries and government departments with comprehensive professional solutions including intelligent communications, network security, financial security, Internet of Things, and operational support. Program.

Under the technical leadership of Academician Chen Junliang and Professor Yang Fangchun, Shanghai Xinfang has always followed the trend of social and technological development and change, and has always adhered to the path of independent innovation. So far, it has obtained nearly 100 independent intellectual property rights including invention patents. 2018 It was identified as the “Shanghai Patent Work Pilot Enterprise” by the Shanghai Intellectual Property Office; the “Fusion Business Support Environment Technology and Application” independently developed by Shanghai Xinfang won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress; in the field of anti-telecommunications network fraud, Shanghai Xinfang's "Key Technologies for Cognitive Learning of Communication Fraud and Application of Anti-fraud System" won the 8th Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Technology Progress Award and was awarded "Telecommunications Network Fraud Governance Support and Service Unit" by the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology For technological innovation, Shanghai Xinfang won the 9th Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Technology Progress Award. At the same time, Shanghai Xinfang was also awarded the "National Training Base for Information Technology Talents" and the "Internet of Things Innovation Application Center" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Education. Shanghai Xinfang is a “Shanghai High-tech Enterprise” and a “Shanghai Software Enterprise”. It has passed the ISO9001, ISO27001, and TL9000 quality system certifications, and has obtained Level 3 information system integration and service qualification, software development CMMI3 qualification certification, and information system security. Level protection (secondary) certification.

The headquarters of Shanghai Xinfang is established in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, with a branch in Beijing, and offices and localized service teams in most parts of the country. At present, Shanghai Xinfang has a total of more than 200 employees, of which nearly 70% are in technology research and development positions. It has many doctoral, master, and high / intermediate technical titles as its main technical backbone. Adhering to the open and enterprising corporate culture of “dedication, innovation, execution, cooperation, efficiency, and learning”, Shanghai Xinfang always encourages employees to keep pace with the times and bold innovation, always attaches importance to the introduction and cultivation of talents, and always provides market-oriented product solutions. .

In the future, Shanghai Xinfang will continue to innovate and forge ahead, adhering to the development philosophy of "responding to the country, serving the society, and win-win situation", committed to the integration of various intelligent networks, and committed to building a green and secure network environment and the future Intelligent life scene, committed to the shared development of employees and shareholders!


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Liangjian Peng :
Ph.D., University of Strathclyde, UK, President of BM Fund Management Ltd., co-founder of Canadian International Television CCCTV, founder of Toronto Online, a number of listed companies and investors in technology projects, received in 2006 in Canada Chinese TV's first "Imperial Immigrant Ambassador" title, in 2008 won the first new immigrant "New Maple" entrepreneurship award of Canada's New Era TV, and served as vice chairman of the Canadian Bethune Medical Foundation, a famous overseas philanthropist, collector, cultural activist and angel Investors. He has made many achievements in the theoretical research and practice of power system automation, artificial intelligence, computer and power system security. Academic articles have been published in IEEE, IEE and "Electricity" professional magazines.


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