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AmStem Corporation (fka AMST)

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AmStem Corporation (AMST)

formerly Stem Cell Therapy International, Inc. (SCII)



iBox may have incorrect data due to major changes in company status. 

Will update ASAP.


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AmStem Corporation

Formerly known as Stem Cell Therapy International, Inc.   

The company appears to be a shell that is now 60% owned by Histostem  http://www.histostem.co.kr/english/english_1.htm

The hope for shareholders is that Histostem brings product to the US market via this shell.








CIK:  0001360479


  • The development of other products by Histostem's accomplished team of scientists, and/or acquisition of similar, supporting lines of products from other companies is a major objective.

Proven Stem Cell Facial Cream





High-Tech Cord Blood Banking

  • AmStem will make inroads to link up Histostem's vast repository of genetically desirable Cord Blood Units (CBUs) with other international networks that provide HLA-typed cord blood samples directly to physicians for the off-label treatment of their patients. A new European Patent was recently awarded to support this.
  • These high-quality CBUs, monitored and quality-controlled by a state-of-the-art cryopreservation system, will also be made available to researchers at major hospitals and universities around the world. Two recent hospitals have recently opened the gateway to the vast Chinese medical market by awarding a contract to Histostem.
  • Histostem was recently granted a new US Patent for their proprietary method on deriving the maximum number of viable stem cells from a frozen cord blood specimen. This gives AmStem a strategic advantage in controlling one of the most efficient and non-controversial supply chain, storage, and delivery systems for stem cells in the world.

Histostem Cord Blood Storage


Exciting New Treatments

  • AmStem will be generating and monitoring new, improved Clinical Trials to validate and build upon the early successes of Histostem, which has an established pipeline of promising treatments that have already been tested on real patients, including many that are patented in Korea.
  • AmStem will focus on developing a novel Hair Restoration clinical trial, using a method that has already been applied for, and is imminently pending a major U.S. Patent.
  • Histostem is the only company in the world to have full KFDA approval to use its cord blood derived stem cells directly for the treatment of disease. Clinical trials have been in progress for over 2 years to treat intractable conditions such as Buerger's Disease, Alzheimer's and Liver Cirrhosis, as well as Diabetes Mellitus, Hair Restoration and ALS.

Clinical Trials:  Stem Cell Treatments for Incurable Disease

Histostem Ltd. of South Korea, has enjoyed a unique position in the world of stem cell research for a number of years. In February 2007, they received approval from the Korean FDA to use stem cells as a "surgical technique" to treat virtually any emergency condition.

Buoyed by this unprecedented regulatory support, Dr. Hoon Han of Histostem has partnered with leading researchers at the finest hospitals and universities in Korea, to study the treatment of intractable disease using non-controversial stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood. While using his patented techniques to prepare and treat patients, Dr. Han and his research team have compiled a significant body of research data that is unique in the world.

The initial data shows some exciting successes, and AmStem will be validating these early results with controlled clinical trials designed to the highest international (ICH) standards.


Management Team:   http://www.amsteminc.com/about-amstem/management-team


Dr. Han Hoon, M.D., PhD

President of Histostem Korea.

Internationally recognized scientist in stem cell and regenerative treatment

Histostem Lab


Patents Registered & Pending by Histostem http://amsteminc.com/technology/patents  


Press Releases: 





Histostem Press Releases:

07/07/05 South Korean medical firm offers stem cell treatment to foreigners

03/22/05 AFP 'Seoul blood bank freezes assets for breakthrough cell therapy'

11/26/04 The Korea Times 'Korean Scientists Succeeded in Stem Cell Therapy'





Fiscal year ends March 31


Transfer Agent:

Standard Transter & Trust Co., Inc.
2980 S Rainbow Blvd.
Suite 120

Las Vegas, NV89146
Office (702) 987-1328 
Fax (866) 801-4192 




Share Structure:



Investor Relations:


Hawk Associates

Tom Fox

(305) 451-1888





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