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Last earnings was 75.12 yoy sales at the StockLogistics 11/07/22 7:54 PM
“8:40a ET 10/13/2022 - Benzinga StockLogistics 11/04/22 7:26 AM
“2:31p ET 10/11/2022 - Benzinga StockLogistics 11/04/22 7:25 AM
“8:30a ET 10/6/2022 - Globe Newswire StockLogistics 11/04/22 7:24 AM
About to breakout before earnings slider33316 08/04/22 1:44 PM
Going way lower, at least to 1.33 StockLogistics 07/25/22 7:22 AM
A week after this Thursday is next chart StockLogistics 06/11/22 11:08 PM
maybe that bigt azz gap can fill now..haven't loniee 07/20/10 4:42 PM
buying back CEO's stock when they can't come Hedge Starz 07/20/10 4:39 PM
Ha Ha...a 4/20 fins...Must be loniee 04/13/10 4:22 PM
LaBranche & Co Inc. Announces Final Results of loniee 03/05/10 8:41 PM
wow...back over 5.00 loniee 03/04/10 10:51 AM
I thought we already knew this was coming.I novicetrader 01/29/10 8:48 PM
what a loniee 01/29/10 9:19 AM
talk about mgmt doing a 180!!! selling massive Hedge Starz 01/29/10 9:19 AM
Now they give something good...yep...we did.didn't see this comeing loniee 01/29/10 8:39 AM
maybe a bit,but I didn't see anything in loniee 01/21/10 12:13 PM
Guess we both got out too soon,LAB seems unstoppable! novicetrader 01/20/10 9:47 PM
Well,you know what they say about it loniee 01/18/10 12:21 PM
Nope,I got out too(@4.00).But definitely watching still,it seems novicetrader 01/17/10 9:08 PM
Are you still in? loniee 01/15/10 10:09 AM
I am out at 4.05 for now...going to loniee 01/14/10 11:52 AM
works for me..watching to see where to exit loniee 01/14/10 11:00 AM
more than happy to be of help fourkids_9pets 01/14/10 10:56 AM
well I logged off last night at close loniee 01/14/10 10:54 AM
yeah .. shucks ... huh .. ;-) fourkids_9pets 01/14/10 10:51 AM
Hmmm,think they got caught...trying to work it to loniee 01/14/10 10:48 AM
Very nice news loniee!Congrats;) THUMBS 01/14/10 9:46 AM
Hey...Nice to see you grabbed some...your post has loniee 01/14/10 9:15 AM
Ya,I am still here...I am very happy to loniee 01/14/10 9:08 AM
You still in?I'm so glad my limit sell novicetrader 01/13/10 7:00 PM
this day just keeps getting better and better =D fourkids_9pets 01/13/10 4:38 PM
looking better here... loniee 01/07/10 1:32 PM
got a starter this morning...adx ppo starting to pinch... loniee 10/27/09 11:28 AM
Here is a chart to watch loniee 10/23/09 4:28 PM
Play the MACD...that is fairly reliable here loniee 10/23/09 4:25 PM
LAB.....hates putting out news or updates Hedge Starz 10/23/09 2:50 PM
lol.. loniee 10/22/09 11:51 AM
ya but......... 2.53 :-) Hedge Starz 10/22/09 11:46 AM
I know ;) goforthebet 10/21/09 11:56 AM
you know me...I love oversold loniee 10/21/09 11:02 AM
gm loniee, I don't like that the stock goforthebet 10/21/09 7:36 AM
yea yea..I picked some up in the low loniee 10/20/09 3:39 PM
look at STSA's chart now Hedge Starz 10/20/09 3:31 PM
not yet but watching real close loniee 10/20/09 3:30 PM
haha yep......i know this was the fair value Hedge Starz 10/20/09 3:29 PM
Did you yabut loniee 10/20/09 3:28 PM
ya....but do you think it may settle and Hedge Starz 10/20/09 3:25 PM
I am thinking about it here... loniee 10/20/09 3:22 PM
I have not even watched LAB.. let me look goforthebet 10/20/09 1:06 PM
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11/07/22 7:54 PM
11/04/22 7:26 AM
11/04/22 7:25 AM
11/04/22 7:24 AM
08/04/22 1:44 PM
07/25/22 7:22 AM
06/11/22 11:08 PM
Hedge Starz
07/20/10 4:39 PM
03/04/10 10:51 AM
01/29/10 8:48 PM
01/29/10 9:19 AM
Hedge Starz
01/29/10 9:19 AM
01/21/10 12:13 PM
01/15/10 10:09 AM
01/14/10 11:52 AM
01/14/10 10:56 AM
01/14/10 10:54 AM
01/14/10 10:51 AM
01/14/10 9:46 AM
01/14/10 9:08 AM
01/13/10 7:00 PM
01/13/10 4:38 PM
01/07/10 1:32 PM
10/23/09 4:28 PM
Hedge Starz
10/23/09 2:50 PM
10/22/09 11:51 AM
Hedge Starz
10/22/09 11:46 AM
10/21/09 11:56 AM
10/21/09 11:02 AM
10/21/09 7:36 AM
10/20/09 3:39 PM
Hedge Starz
10/20/09 3:31 PM
10/20/09 3:30 PM
Hedge Starz
10/20/09 3:29 PM
10/20/09 3:28 PM
Hedge Starz
10/20/09 3:25 PM
10/20/09 3:22 PM
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Ticker Symbol: LAB - NYSE

LaBranche & Co. Inc.

33 Whitehall Street

New York, NY 10004

United States - Map

Phone: 212-425-1144

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LaBranche & Co, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates as a registered broker-dealer that operates as a specialist in equity securities and rights listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company provides securities execution and brokerage services, and direct-access floor brokerage services to retail and institutional clients and correspondents. It also operates as a broker-dealer that operates as a specialist and market-maker in options, futures, and exchange-traded funds (ETF) on various exchanges. In addition, the company engages in hedging transactions in Asia. It serves financial services, media, oil and gas, retail, technology, and telecommunications industries. The company was founded in 1924 and is based in New York, New York.

Pursuant to the SEC Emergency Orders (Release Nos. 34-58592 and 58611), LaBranche & Co. LLC, LaBranche Structured Products LLC and LaBranche Financial Services, LLC – when acting as a specialist or market-maker – may not effect a short sale as part of bona fide market making and hedging activity related directly to bona fide market making in a derivative security based on a Covered Security, if it knows the customer's or counterparty's transaction will result in such customer or counterparty establishing or increasing an economic net short position (i.e., through actual positions, derivatives, or otherwise) in the issued share capital of a firm covered by the SEC Orders.

LaBranche & Co. Inc. SEC Filings:




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