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We are a California corporation originally founded in 1972 as Account-A-Call Corporation.

In 1999 the company sold Account-A-Call and formed Centergistic Solutions to concentrate all its efforts and technology on serving the growing needs of the contact center industry. Today, we have offices in the U.S., Mexico and the United Kingdom. 

Centergistic Solutions, Inc. provides Goal Achieving Metrics™ for today's dynamic contact center environment. The robust, patented software technology that delivers Goal Achieving Metrics, AgentView Enterprise®, has enabled it to transcend the contact center environment and provide performance metrics for virtually any business configuration. We believe that driving the right information, to the right person, at the right time and place will result in individuals taking the right actions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of everyone throughout the organization. Our flagship products, AgentView® Enterprise and AgentView® Enterprise Performance Management are award-winning integrated real time and historical analytics systems currently installed in over 3,000 contact centers worldwide.

The AgentView products are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese with provisions for additional translations as more international distribution is achieved. Our clients include:
·    British Telecom
·    NatWest Bank
·    Cable & Wireless
·    Barclays Bank
·    ABN-AMRO Bank
·    Esso/Imperial Oil
·    American Express
·    Citicorp
·    Anheuser Busch
·    MicroSoft
Our products are targeted at the growing number and increasing complexity of customer contact centers, addressing management's need to integrate performance data generated by operations, reporting and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. Our software, using sophisticated algorithms, allows call/contact centers to improve performance and thereby customer satisfaction by providing the best possible service, while maintaining the most economical use of resources and overhead. The value behind what we term "The Centergistic Solution" is the real time availability of performance metrics derived by selecting sub-sets of data from critical sources throughout the contact center. These sub-sets are then combined to form a new superset of "smart" performance metrics. Alert thresholds and user-defined filters are applied to create a unique information set, profiled to each viewer. The resulting benefit of this information is faster and more accurate anticipation of clients' needs, more rapid response to service and/or revenue goals and across-the-board performance improvement through integrated real time and historical reports and analytics.
Our first goal is to make working with us easy. We are a small company and pride ourselves on being agile and responsive. That is one of the reasons that we serve many of the world's largest contact centers as well as small growing ones. Before you put your trust and revenue into Centergistic Solutions, we will make sure that you have an understanding of the philosophy, process and milestones behind each installation of AgentView.

With over 30 years of expertise in designing and delivering solutions Centergistic has pioneered some of the best practices in high-uptime software.

Centergistic Solutions Offices:

Corporate Headquarters:

2112 Business Center Drive
Suite 190
Irvine, CA 92612
949 222-4500
Centergistic Latina America:
Blvd. Manuel Avila
Camacho no. 6-A,
Piso 8 Despacho 801
El Parque Naucalpan de Juarez

Centergistic Solutions U.K. Limited
Suite 193 St. Loyes House
MK40 1ZL
+44 (0)8444 121990
As of August 31, 2007 the Registrant had 11,024,312 shares of common stock (no par value) outstanding.  80,000,000 shares authorized.
confirmed S/S w/ T/A: 
O/S 11,024,312 spoke to marilyn 
securities transfer 
O/S: 11,024,312 as of Jan. 30, 2013 spoke to marilyn
securities transfer
Entity Number: C0655444
Date Filed: 03/13/1972
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 2112 BUSINESS CENTER DR
Entity City, State, Zip: IRVINE CA 92612
Agent for Service of Process: DAVID M CUNNINGHAM
Agent Address: 2112 BUSINESS CENTER DR
Agent City, State, Zip: IRVINE CA 92612

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