ADVFN Market Data Tools

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The ADVFN Streamer should be your home environment that links through to all the other areas of ADVFN.

    The Streamer includes all of the following benefits:
  • Real-time streaming data (only $9.99 for NASDAQ, DOW, NYSE and AMEX)
  • One page for all your investments
  • Customizable views
  • Over 80 world exchanges available
  • Quick links to charts, news, quote and Level 2 data

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The ADVFN Streaming Interactive Charts allow a user to track stock prices in a graphical format in real-time on a daily, weekly, monthly and intraday basis. You can also compare other symbols against your chosen stocks and view many indictors and oscillators on the stocks data. You can draw lines and trend lines on the graphs or scroll forwards and backwards through the stock's history.

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Often cited as a "must-have" tool for intraday trading, Level 2 illustrates the tug-of-war between the bulls and the bears, with a streaming view of the best bid and offer from each market maker with a public order.

Level 2 is a window into the liquidity of stocks traded on the various exchanges It provides market insight into pending orders behind the Level I quote, which is shown at the top of the viewer ( the real-time Level I quote comprises of the last price, change, volume, bid, ask and size plus the session's open, high and low prices.)

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Portfolio allows you to record your trading activity. It gives you a realistic interpretation of your trading performance including adjustments for trading costs against 15min delayed prices.

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Trades displays the last 100 trades for any stock in real-time (if you're a subscriber, otherwise, delayed). It's a useful tool that gives you additional, deeper information on a per-trade level.

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