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Scandle34  waiting for the other foot to fall

Posts by Scandle34BoardDate/Time
140.99 pre market peak. 2-3 days too Skyworks Solutions Inc. (SWKS) 07/21/2020 08:32:13 AM
overbought and oversold indicators are useless unless the NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 07/07/2020 09:58:00 PM
at or above zero, right? NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 07/07/2020 02:47:39 PM
my only interest was the arbitrage between the NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 07/07/2020 02:47:06 PM
They do not change the market cap, but NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 07/07/2020 07:54:54 AM
Yeah, if this is what happens before the NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 07/06/2020 04:06:10 PM
Its a DISCUSSION board, not a cheerleading convention. NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 07/02/2020 03:45:37 PM
It is highly irregular to force redemption of NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 07/01/2020 11:04:40 PM
considering... unsure why I never thought to look Resonant, Inc (RESN) 06/30/2020 07:46:53 AM
"The investor doesn’t have the option of choosing NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/29/2020 09:33:44 AM
That would make no financial sense. Anyone NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/29/2020 08:30:21 AM
for a $28.50 warrant consider two cases where NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/29/2020 08:25:37 AM
to be clear at least one sales opportunity NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/27/2020 01:05:43 PM
I am looking for $50+ on the warrants NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/27/2020 12:46:25 AM
As the CEO siad, they have $700MM so NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/27/2020 12:36:56 AM
point is, like options, you do not need NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/26/2020 01:01:29 PM
All I do know are these facts: NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/26/2020 10:02:20 AM
The holdup is uncertainty. No one knows NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/26/2020 08:25:32 AM
market makers make money off volume and almost NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/26/2020 08:02:17 AM
Hard to say. We know the shorst NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/26/2020 07:55:25 AM
still running a $23+/- arbitrage potential between the NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/25/2020 03:35:06 PM
Those shares were registered Monday. Potentially they NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/25/2020 03:33:26 PM
missed some form 4's and SC13d's... SemiLeds Corporation (LEDS) 06/23/2020 12:50:43 PM
It is starting to be accepted that the NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/23/2020 12:33:51 PM
I would not think the PIPE investors care NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/22/2020 03:55:23 PM
I guess that could affect Monday's NKLA trading, NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/19/2020 02:58:49 PM
that makes sense for July 4th weekend. NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/19/2020 02:24:43 PM
OK, so it is impossible to use the NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/19/2020 01:54:59 PM
I don't short stocks. Potential losses are limitless. Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. (SRNE) 06/19/2020 01:46:52 PM
you hope you don't or there will be Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. (SRNE) 06/19/2020 11:15:46 AM
great now we have two stable geniuses running NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/17/2020 04:54:06 PM
https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-17/nikola-s-founder-exaggerated- NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/17/2020 03:50:03 PM
generally you issue options at the start as Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. (SRNE) 06/17/2020 11:50:45 AM
and what if they are? If the NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/17/2020 07:53:28 AM
As of June 3, 2020, there were approximately NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/16/2020 05:29:55 PM
I have not tried to short with the NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/16/2020 05:24:08 PM
wierdly, the stock is down and warrants are NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/16/2020 05:12:13 PM
if there were shares to short I would NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/16/2020 05:10:56 PM
they can buy warrants. NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/16/2020 05:08:52 PM
No. The shares exist. They are NIKOLA MOTORS (Nkla) 06/16/2020 05:08:12 PM