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Posts by dealerschool2006BoardDate/Time
yes, so far I haven't seen any $NSAV NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/03/2021 04:36:21 PM
GM D!!! GM FUNNSTERS!!! I Amfil Technologies Inc. (FUNN) 03/03/2021 01:19:00 PM
That's a start...So you have worked with Tilton NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/03/2021 12:45:21 PM
I'm not struggling with anything, i just got NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/03/2021 12:34:40 PM
How do I debunk this??? $NSAV https://cannabislaw.report/james-tilton-nacv-if-i NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/03/2021 12:27:51 PM
James A. Tilton is a businessperson who has NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/03/2021 11:12:03 AM
James A. Tilton is a businessperson who has Tianrong Med Group, Inc. (TNMD) 03/03/2021 11:10:47 AM
$CHIF is down as well...how many sister companies NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/03/2021 11:02:29 AM
gaps are created by the previous closing pps, Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 03/03/2021 10:35:10 AM
stockcharts better represents the gaps for $WDLF, multiple Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 03/03/2021 10:12:01 AM
SEC will find you through subpoenas and charge Atlas Technologies Group (ATYG) 03/02/2021 11:33:19 PM
Under its other wholly owned subsidiaries, Healthy Choice Healthier Choices Mgmt. Corp. (HCMC) 03/02/2021 08:06:38 PM
I'm in $NSAV and I don't need to China Food and Beverage, Inc (CHIF) 03/02/2021 08:01:06 PM
Tilton needs to update otcmarkets.com/stock/CHIF/profile namely the website...ch China Food and Beverage, Inc (CHIF) 03/02/2021 07:26:39 PM
show me where ATYG is working on being Atlas Technologies Group (ATYG) 03/02/2021 07:00:37 PM
Tilton is running both $CHIF AND $NSAV!!! NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/02/2021 03:25:50 PM
Looks like $NSAV investors might have bailed to NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/02/2021 03:21:06 PM
any pinky that isn't current is pure speculation...ATYG Atlas Technologies Group (ATYG) 03/02/2021 03:02:25 PM
what difference do gaps make now??? WDLF Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 03/02/2021 02:59:07 PM
the companies that are listed on OTC that Eyes on the Go, Inc. (AXCG) 03/02/2021 01:52:15 PM
At least some peeps were able to make Icoa, Inc. (ICOA) 03/02/2021 12:41:18 PM
Like I said before, 8Ks are NOT necessary NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/02/2021 12:03:50 PM
so why is ICOA so GREAT??? because Icoa, Inc. (ICOA) 03/02/2021 11:59:48 AM
$CHIF and $NSAV kissing in a tree??? https://twitter.com/chif_tech NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/02/2021 11:54:20 AM
$NSAV News out on otc as well...https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/nsav/news/NSAV- NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/02/2021 11:43:47 AM
OTRK panic sale over loss of crucial customer Ontrak, Inc. (OTRK) 03/01/2021 04:22:52 PM
is that what Sykes does, he's a P&D Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 03/01/2021 03:29:31 PM
TY for the link...looks like https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/nsav/disclosure is NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/01/2021 03:26:18 PM
problem is that SEC is suspending delinquent pinkies...how Icoa, Inc. (ICOA) 03/01/2021 02:43:45 PM
See, there were issues with the 8Ks as NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/01/2021 02:09:26 PM
NSAV down 15% and he might be the NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/01/2021 01:43:54 PM
Mr. Noch currently owns shares of NSAV... https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/pr NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/01/2021 01:33:42 PM
I got caught in 3 because they were Atlas Technologies Group (ATYG) 02/26/2021 07:30:08 PM
this is why we BUY THE $WDLF DIPS!!! Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 02/26/2021 04:27:15 PM
It sux, cause i didn't want to sell Eyes on the Go, Inc. (AXCG) 02/26/2021 03:28:21 PM
the tickers that are more risky are the Social Life Network Inc. (WDLF) 02/26/2021 03:27:35 PM
I feel bad myself pumping pennies that were Eyes on the Go, Inc. (AXCG) 02/26/2021 12:54:24 PM
I wonder when $ICOA will get suspended...it's a Icoa, Inc. (ICOA) 02/26/2021 12:28:32 PM
I feel bad myself pumping pennies that were Amazing Energy Oil and Gas Co. (AMAZ) 02/26/2021 12:27:21 PM
its not crazy times, its inevitable that non Eyes on the Go, Inc. (AXCG) 02/26/2021 11:59:10 AM

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