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makesumgravy  Our Conure at 26 mos., "whats up", okay, thank you! :)

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Any one of the present and former republican Politics and Money 02/02/2012 11:38:05 AM
What kind of man was Hoover prior to Simply Politics (GOV) 02/01/2012 11:15:29 AM
What kind of man was Hoover prior to Politics and Money 02/01/2012 11:14:42 AM
These photos are pretty graphic, its hard to Politics and Money 12/31/2011 12:03:24 PM
These are the people who are running government!. Politics and Money 12/31/2011 11:51:01 AM
Horses. I guess our dogs should be on Simply Politics (GOV) 12/30/2011 02:36:33 PM
This is sickening, and taxpayers will play a Politics and Money 12/30/2011 02:35:05 PM
Miss Teen USA 2007 "Political science major" Politics and Money 12/26/2011 05:37:56 PM
Why have Americans have found themselves on the Politics and Money 12/18/2011 12:49:44 PM
http://www.usdebtclock.org/ Politics and Money 12/17/2011 02:43:31 PM
Here's some interesting tid bits...........I haven't read thru Politics and Money 12/17/2011 02:42:55 PM
Increasing, decreasing, whatever the pursuit first and foremost Politics and Money 12/17/2011 02:41:19 PM
I heard something today that should ring thru Politics and Money 12/17/2011 02:22:08 AM
We shouldn't have interfered with the Russians in Politics and Money 12/15/2011 02:12:35 AM
Out of curiosity who would you replace him Politics and Money 12/15/2011 12:15:21 AM
You are right on!!! Politics and Money 12/15/2011 12:06:55 AM
http://www.nationaljournal.com/nationalsecurity/now-called-academi-blackwater-wa Politics and Money 12/14/2011 11:59:26 PM
They're all guilty. I wouldn't trust Clinton as Politics and Money 12/14/2011 11:58:54 PM
Its really something isn't it?. Conflict of Interest Politics and Money 12/14/2011 06:18:11 PM
:) thats about the size of it. Politics and Money 12/14/2011 12:34:04 PM
Yes!!.........but not just now, its called Washington!, or Politics and Money 12/10/2011 08:46:47 PM
There's more!. No wonder why our country is Politics and Money 12/10/2011 08:28:22 PM
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Greenspan Politics and Money 12/10/2011 10:36:26 AM
Financial Armageddon: FDIC to back $75 Trillion Derivatives Politics and Money 12/10/2011 10:09:53 AM
With Christmas bearing down on all you Santa's, Simply Politics (GOV) 12/08/2011 01:21:44 PM
Thanks.......first time seeing them, quite a light show. :) Simply Politics (GOV) 12/08/2011 01:20:34 PM
With Christmas bearing down on all you Santa's, Politics and Money 12/08/2011 01:14:08 PM
This band rocks!! :) Enjoy! Politics and Money 12/06/2011 12:44:45 PM
This band rocks!! :) Enjoy! Simply Politics (GOV) 12/06/2011 12:43:48 PM
One of things thats always gotten under my Simply Politics (GOV) 11/30/2011 10:54:21 AM
It didn't take this to validate the reasons Simply Politics (GOV) 11/21/2011 01:23:29 AM
:) your right. I guess its because I Simply Politics (GOV) 11/21/2011 01:17:41 AM
Washington is so tied to Wall Street each Politics and Money 11/17/2011 08:50:14 PM
Insider trading, the practice of selling stocks based Politics and Money 11/17/2011 08:34:22 PM
He has an interesting first name doesn't he?. Simply Politics (GOV) 11/17/2011 08:33:13 PM
Insider trading, the practice of selling stocks based Simply Politics (GOV) 11/17/2011 08:26:24 PM
We've all had one in the family. :) Simply Politics (GOV) 10/30/2011 12:09:17 PM
Let the selling begin! Diversified Energy Holdings, Inc. (DIEN) 10/30/2011 12:08:00 PM
I thought I would stop by to check Diversified Energy Holdings, Inc. (DIEN) 10/30/2011 11:06:06 AM
George! :), Simply Politics (GOV) 10/30/2011 10:22:33 AM