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Posts by bihoreanuBoardDate/Time
have not see a r/s done by a Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 08/07/2007 08:55:39 PM
if it breakes that 0.0007 support then run Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 08/06/2007 07:39:10 PM
well, I've been in this for almost 2years MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 08/06/2007 07:37:54 PM
bouncing off 0.0007 again. could have found the Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 08/05/2007 03:13:59 PM
becoming interesting afterall. a nice candle formation in MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 08/05/2007 03:13:06 PM
insignificant ... MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/31/2007 07:41:18 PM
most likely the worst investment in 2006 and MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/30/2007 09:55:50 PM
lower and lower ... ouch. Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 07/30/2007 09:54:21 PM
at least there is no much to go Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 07/26/2007 10:48:26 PM
hope you're right. i've been very optimist about MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/26/2007 10:45:56 PM
ha Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 07/25/2007 07:30:13 PM
open season at MBAH ? may get to MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/25/2007 07:29:38 PM
this seems to be heading to 0.0001 MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/24/2007 07:47:50 PM
a couple of weeks untill earnings ? PDG Environmental Inc. (fka PDGE) 07/23/2007 08:39:16 PM
are we doomed here ? MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/23/2007 08:38:43 PM
hm, quite a bit of an increase in Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 07/23/2007 08:38:21 PM
like watching the stars glowing ... averaged down Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 07/18/2007 09:25:06 PM
we realy need a storm to move this. Windswept Environmental Systems, Inc. (fka WEGI) 07/17/2007 08:56:42 PM
1.19 and counting. new 52W high with the 1.20 PDG Environmental Inc. (fka PDGE) 07/17/2007 08:55:13 PM
nice to see sme activity here ... just Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 07/17/2007 08:54:26 PM
stuck here for a while. I've stopped buying MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/17/2007 08:53:45 PM
all. I'm out on this small spike. by, Medical Staffing Solutions. Inc. (MSSI) 07/12/2007 10:18:06 PM
whats the o/s and float ? anyone knows Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 07/12/2007 10:17:28 PM
this is it. that's a good news there. MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/12/2007 10:12:58 PM
last two days candle formation may indicate we Windswept Environmental Systems, Inc. (fka WEGI) 07/11/2007 08:18:07 PM
some evening last year I watched Mad Money Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 07/10/2007 07:32:41 PM
anybody else called Gaylen ? MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/10/2007 07:30:21 PM
what else can we do ? MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/08/2007 07:30:24 PM
not sure what's going on the the other MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/08/2007 04:16:52 PM
ha. so that's why all the rummours around Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 07/05/2007 07:49:55 PM
well, all I can say is that I've MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/05/2007 07:48:34 PM
sure enought. this is the time to load BPI Energy Holdings, Inc. (BPIGF) 07/04/2007 09:36:38 AM
July 5th is the day. that's when they MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 07/04/2007 09:30:41 AM
september ? what am I missing here. can Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 07/04/2007 09:27:37 AM
possibly to hit the 0.15 support. RSI shwoing Windswept Environmental Systems, Inc. (fka WEGI) 06/30/2007 01:12:09 PM
nice and constant growth prior to H season PDG Environmental Inc. (fka PDGE) 06/26/2007 07:24:26 PM
not real ... Metro One Development, Inc (MTRO) 06/26/2007 07:23:40 PM
looks like somebody's shorting this thing ... there Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) 06/26/2007 07:17:25 PM
sure enought. MBA Holdings (fka MBAH) 06/26/2007 07:16:02 PM
hm. I'm holding to my shares ... can't give Medical Staffing Solutions. Inc. (MSSI) 06/24/2007 10:16:32 PM

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