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Why are insiders selling now? Owens & Minor, Inc. (OMI) 03/31/2020 06:18:03 AM
Does anyone know if there are lawsuits yet? Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 03/08/2020 10:12:53 PM
Is there a reverse split coming..What's up here MedMen Enterprises (MMNFF) 03/04/2020 05:53:31 PM
Does anyone know what the RS is 500-1 West Coast Ventures Group Corp. (WCVC) 01/31/2020 02:43:17 PM
I don't see any support on level to Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 10/17/2019 06:04:06 PM
Looks like the sec rejected the name charge Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 10/16/2019 12:23:45 AM
No..It looks abandoned. I had over 15 million Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 10/14/2019 03:25:14 PM
Hard to not want to buy at this Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 10/09/2019 09:28:58 PM
Who is the Transfer agent? Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 10/03/2019 01:20:33 PM
Until PJET starts moving, this ones toast. They West Coast Ventures Group Corp. (WCVC) 09/10/2019 01:22:37 AM
Bar chart shows strong buy..Interesting at these levels. Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 09/03/2019 04:25:48 PM
Man, the bottom fell out..Probably gonna bounce between Puration Inc. (PURA) 08/15/2019 07:33:51 PM
Yeah #Metoo..The PR's were good until they started Puration Inc. (PURA) 08/11/2019 08:53:26 PM
Hope everyone gets out before 4's drop! Kali Inc. (KALY) 08/07/2019 05:24:58 PM
These lazy multi company prs are killing all Puration Inc. (PURA) 08/07/2019 05:23:24 PM
Watch the bounce..I'm still loaded, looking for 35. Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 08/06/2019 08:40:01 PM
Scadoosh..These guys need to make the pjet shareholders Kali Inc. (KALY) 08/05/2019 07:59:05 PM
PURA won't recover until they Puration Inc. (PURA) 08/05/2019 07:57:10 PM
Even if the company is BS, these prices Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 08/05/2019 07:55:24 PM
Time to Buy!!! Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 08/01/2019 10:48:25 AM
No news is Bad News! Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 07/29/2019 08:43:58 AM
Should be able to scoop up some .02's Puration Inc. (PURA) 07/26/2019 05:35:32 PM
If they're raising money, the share price will BRK Inc. (BRKK) 07/25/2019 10:23:44 PM
Wow...Nobody buying in the 3's..This stock is toast. West Coast Ventures Group Corp. (WCVC) 07/25/2019 05:09:42 PM
These guys are printing shares..A scam worthy of recognition! North American Cannabis Holdings Inc. (USMJ) 07/25/2019 05:08:29 PM
Stayed in the 5's..Horrible, lost support. This pump Puration Inc. (PURA) 07/25/2019 05:07:11 PM
I truly hope you guys sold..5's hit today, Kali Inc. (KALY) 07/25/2019 05:05:41 PM
Ridiculous PR..A scam to promote KALY, another crappy Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 07/25/2019 05:04:17 PM
Holy crap...5's..This is back to tripps! Kali Inc. (KALY) 07/25/2019 10:15:30 AM
Management Lied & manipulated the share price so Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 07/23/2019 06:55:03 PM
This stock is dead. Management has pumped and Puration Inc. (PURA) 07/23/2019 05:24:44 PM
Kaly has been pumped from .0004 to pennies. Kali Inc. (KALY) 07/22/2019 01:08:58 PM
Pura management told shareholders to invest in pjet Puration Inc. (PURA) 07/22/2019 01:07:24 PM
Call the garbage man, this stock is trash! Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 07/21/2019 12:03:51 AM
Heading back to trips..Insiders dumping! Kali Inc. (KALY) 07/21/2019 12:03:01 AM
This should hit .03 this week..Eyes open for Puration Inc. (PURA) 07/21/2019 12:00:41 AM
If you haven't sold after reading the above Kali Inc. (KALY) 07/17/2019 04:21:12 PM
PURA is a SCAM..These guys pretend to have Puration Inc. (PURA) 07/17/2019 04:18:47 PM
There will be lawsuits on top of Lawsuits Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 07/17/2019 04:17:08 PM
WCVC-BEHIND ON RENT...DEFUNCT! West Coast Ventures Group Corp. (WCVC) 07/16/2019 11:28:51 AM