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Somebody is on the coc...... Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 03/08/2021 08:40:25 PM
We are in the TOP 4 of one 1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF) 03/04/2021 02:35:08 PM
Vasconow that is. Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 03/03/2021 03:10:15 PM
Now one needs to determine if vasvonow is Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 03/03/2021 03:09:15 PM
Now one needs to determine if vasvonow is Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 03/03/2021 03:06:35 PM
It is a lotto. 6m shares and no Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 03/01/2021 04:30:07 PM
2m shares. Who??? Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 02/26/2021 06:57:03 PM
Yeah know how you feel. I am in Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 02/23/2021 05:47:00 PM
I forgot to mention that stock appeared to Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 02/22/2021 06:51:56 PM
That is a lot. I just can't find Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 02/22/2021 06:50:19 PM
You are sure quiet now. Did you buy Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 02/18/2021 02:01:30 PM
Without news ... we wait until April 1 1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF) 02/18/2021 12:08:41 PM
Phone numbers for this scam are phony. I Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 02/18/2021 11:40:28 AM
...So some person or persons buys millions of Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 02/15/2021 08:08:39 PM
This can't be. I am in denial Degama Software Solutions (DGMA) 02/14/2021 04:53:12 PM
I have been pushing for TGIFF at the 1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF) 02/05/2021 08:15:34 PM
I have used Canna HempX also and it 1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF) 01/22/2021 12:11:52 PM
Paul Rosen to present at Benzinga Conference tomorrow 1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF) 10/15/2020 01:28:18 PM
This is a second interview continuation with Paul 1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF) 10/15/2020 01:04:59 PM
This is a YouTube post regarding 1933 from 1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF) 10/15/2020 01:02:46 PM
Homepage had some news today regarding Florida conference. 1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF) 08/20/2020 10:32:10 AM
Diskman. You are quite the cheerleader. Are you 1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF) 08/20/2020 10:29:14 AM
That PR picture is really uninspiring. But perhaps 1933 Industries Inc. (TGIFF) 10/30/2019 12:25:20 PM
This product is not in a single drug DarioHealth Corp (DRIO) 04/02/2019 03:48:28 PM
Interesting that DarioHealth Corp (DRIO) 03/31/2019 02:26:18 PM
No one on this message page. Guess Hecla Mining Co (HL) 03/05/2018 07:40:34 PM
Could get interesting. The 8k came out Hecla Mining Co (HL) 03/05/2018 07:30:34 PM
It is there. Reminder today that ballots may Hecla Mining Co (HL) 03/02/2018 10:00:40 PM
The BTC falling price is a bit disturbing Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) 01/21/2018 12:18:07 PM
Sorry, that was unclear of me. I Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) 01/20/2018 10:12:37 PM
Nothing wrong with cautious. Where do you see Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) 01/20/2018 06:45:50 PM
Sorry should be 'but' - sure not calling Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) 01/20/2018 01:20:46 PM
Wish I understood more about their etherium and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) 01/20/2018 01:18:33 PM
You all sound quite positive but right now Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) 01/19/2018 06:53:03 PM
Huh? The issue of a reverse split would Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 09/22/2017 03:29:48 PM
November 7 actually. Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 09/22/2017 01:36:38 AM
November 8 according to Google finance. Long wait. Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 09/22/2017 01:30:09 AM
Nu leaf 50% Nevada partnership needs to happen Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 09/21/2017 08:47:07 AM
Give it a rest Murph. Silly Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 09/20/2017 10:54:09 AM
This person has some real negativity. Seems Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC) 09/18/2017 12:42:06 PM

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