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Posts by jmmatthews67BoardDate/Time
Momo heating up bigtime Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 03/23/2018 12:37:03 AM
Love how data443 is always one of the Landstar, Inc. (LDSR) 03/23/2018 12:24:12 AM
This stock is crazy. Enjoy the ride The Go Eco Group (LIBE) 03/22/2018 11:56:11 PM
Every day feels stronger here Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 03/22/2018 04:03:17 PM
Awesome day again Landstar, Inc. (LDSR) 03/22/2018 04:00:24 PM
That's insane! Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 03/22/2018 03:50:45 PM
She's a thing of beauty Landstar, Inc. (LDSR) 03/22/2018 03:48:44 PM
Simple load and hold and lock em up Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 03/22/2018 03:21:12 PM
More green coming weeeeeeeee The Go Eco Group (LIBE) 03/22/2018 03:06:47 PM
Looking really good here. Exciting times coming Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 03/22/2018 03:03:16 PM
Who sold after hours yesterday or at the Landstar, Inc. (LDSR) 03/22/2018 02:56:12 PM
That's my kind of bet too. Think we Landstar, Inc. (LDSR) 03/22/2018 02:47:19 PM
It'll happen. Got my tickets Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 03/22/2018 02:25:58 PM
Hold watch repeat lol The Go Eco Group (LIBE) 03/22/2018 02:06:31 PM
Squeeze em good The Go Eco Group (LIBE) 03/22/2018 01:52:52 PM
Lock up your shares and buckle up. Crazy The Go Eco Group (LIBE) 03/22/2018 01:49:00 PM
Good support following this climb. Trending higher Landstar, Inc. (LDSR) 03/22/2018 01:46:31 PM
BOOM BABY Landstar, Inc. (LDSR) 03/22/2018 01:42:03 PM
Crazy stock lol The Go Eco Group (LIBE) 03/22/2018 01:28:57 PM
Probably right The Go Eco Group (LIBE) 03/22/2018 01:15:39 PM
Baby steps...fingers crossed The Go Eco Group (LIBE) 03/22/2018 01:11:16 PM
Steady is perfect Landstar, Inc. (LDSR) 03/22/2018 01:09:41 PM
Sounds even better! Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 03/22/2018 12:09:50 PM Pulse Beverage Corp. (PLSB) 03/22/2018 12:00:18 PM
lol Landstar, Inc. (LDSR) 03/22/2018 11:13:34 AM
Added 3s Pulse Beverage Corp. (PLSB) 03/22/2018 11:10:55 AM
Things that make you go hmmm. Fake walls Alumifuel Power Corp. (AFPW) 03/22/2018 10:55:26 AM
Lol another day of drama in LIBEland. Dilution The Go Eco Group (LIBE) 03/22/2018 10:45:43 AM
Weeeeee! Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 03/22/2018 10:39:26 AM
Load and lock em up. jmho this is Landstar, Inc. (LDSR) 03/22/2018 10:36:46 AM
The biggest merger in the Indian telecommunications history Metrospaces Inc. (MSPC) 03/22/2018 10:34:34 AM
Right again sir. Looking good Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 03/22/2018 10:32:05 AM
Interesting volume so far lol NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 03/22/2018 10:28:36 AM
It's going up! Fun run begins Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 03/22/2018 10:22:20 AM
Sweet. I grabbed shares about a month ago Pulse Beverage Corp. (PLSB) 03/22/2018 10:09:55 AM
Would be a foolish move imho Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 03/22/2018 10:06:58 AM
You're right. This was multiple pennies just a Pulse Beverage Corp. (PLSB) 03/22/2018 10:03:57 AM
Hope you do, jmho some RNVA can pay Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 03/22/2018 10:00:39 AM
Cmon BurningMan have a little fun lol. You Rennova Health Inc. (RNVA) 03/22/2018 09:56:30 AM
Coming out of the woodwork to get in lol Pulse Beverage Corp. (PLSB) 03/22/2018 09:55:16 AM