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Posts by LagunaRadBoardDate/Time
https://seekingalpha.com/filing/4662758 Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings Inc. (fka TMPS) 10/11/2019 09:34:57 AM
This board still relatively quiet considering what has Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings Inc. (fka TMPS) 08/21/2019 09:56:50 PM
Perhaps just more dotting of the I's and Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings Inc. (fka TMPS) 08/13/2019 03:30:08 PM
8-K out TriStar Air, LLC has received a Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings Inc. (fka TMPS) 08/13/2019 03:02:36 PM
What's to say another HUGE travel mfg who Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 07/17/2019 09:56:06 PM
Looking great today $JKSM Jacksam Corporation (JKSM) 07/05/2019 12:49:36 PM
Maybe Omega peeps know bad news is coming Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings Inc. (fka TMPS) 07/01/2019 06:09:35 PM
Load the boat. This new financing can't help Jacksam Corporation (JKSM) 06/30/2019 10:40:45 PM
Dennis, you called it exactly how it's unfolding. Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 06/26/2019 12:21:34 PM
Bitter? So am I. Lost a small fortune Iconic Brands Inc. (ICNB) 06/19/2019 12:40:30 AM
https://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/OTCBB/darkstar-ventures-inc-DAVC/stock-news/80 Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 06/14/2019 06:12:49 PM
10Q out Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 06/14/2019 04:53:48 PM
Like it. Looks like a SOLID agreement. Adams Jacksam Corporation (JKSM) 06/12/2019 11:49:46 PM
The buyer of 500k @ 58 which caused Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 06/12/2019 03:28:29 PM
Haven't seen any fighting here for days. No Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 06/11/2019 03:49:22 PM
Looks like fives coming tomorrow. I'm a buyer Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 06/07/2019 12:11:24 AM
Because the ticker needs to pay extra for Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 06/04/2019 04:21:21 PM
Ticker whales don't follow this board. Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 06/01/2019 12:25:57 AM
OUCHY! That smarts ;-) Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/31/2019 11:38:35 AM
...its board of directors has decided to increase Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/31/2019 11:36:44 AM
Stay Long: https://www.americanbulls.com/m/SignalPage.aspx?lang=en&Ticker=TMPS Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings Inc. (fka TMPS) 05/30/2019 12:43:43 AM
I suspect a former disgruntled, fired employee. Why Jacksam Corporation (JKSM) 05/29/2019 02:05:21 PM
Filling machines have nothing to do with cartridges Jacksam Corporation (JKSM) 05/27/2019 08:37:20 PM
Not to mention a Chairman can wreck havoc Jacksam Corporation (JKSM) 05/26/2019 06:30:47 PM
A Chairman is remove by the BOD, not Jacksam Corporation (JKSM) 05/26/2019 06:26:00 PM
The "canning" of the loser founder Danny Davis Jacksam Corporation (JKSM) 05/26/2019 02:15:44 AM
Why would their website still be selling cartridges, Jacksam Corporation (JKSM) 05/25/2019 08:34:32 PM
$84 traded in the first twenty minutes is Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/24/2019 09:48:32 AM
Your analysis means nothing. Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings Inc. (fka TMPS) 05/24/2019 12:51:41 AM
ZERO bid support Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/23/2019 11:40:14 AM
Enjoy your two ten-thousandths of a penny gain. Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/23/2019 11:08:29 AM
Strange PR. It's what they don't mention that Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/23/2019 10:43:25 AM
82s then 81s then oblivion Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/22/2019 11:20:32 AM
BLOODBATH Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/22/2019 10:37:58 AM
I thought all the birds were still in Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings Inc. (fka TMPS) 05/16/2019 01:05:29 PM
100 share bid whack of $23. Too funny. Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings Inc. (fka TMPS) 05/15/2019 01:28:32 PM
Reverse split right there for all to see. Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/14/2019 06:48:53 PM
ZERO BID SUPPORT. Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/14/2019 03:45:22 PM
Customers are NOT happy :-( Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/14/2019 12:28:38 PM
Not positive volume tomorrow. Just bag holders attempting Samsara Luggage Inc. (SAML) 05/14/2019 01:32:05 AM

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