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ab304m  WAZZZUP

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I don't know about soon, but this could Dragon Capital (DRGV) 02/15/2020 05:19:09 AM
Things are starting to brew here Dragon Capital (DRGV) 02/04/2020 02:43:48 PM
At least somebody here is an optimist! Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/27/2020 10:29:49 AM
buy up those .0001s while you can, yaaahooooo Dragon Capital (DRGV) 06/11/2019 02:04:39 PM
Something's up, we're up to .0002 already and Dragon Capital (DRGV) 06/11/2019 10:09:10 AM
DRGV still the sleeping dragon Dragon Capital (DRGV) 02/20/2019 04:25:33 PM
Hope so, haha first "news" in 3 years! Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/16/2019 03:22:29 PM
https://www.bitcoinpriceupdate.review/2019/01/09/do-you-have-this-stock-in-portf Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/15/2019 04:50:10 PM
Call me a dreamer but I see major Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/15/2019 12:16:36 PM
I can understand your negativity if you were Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/15/2019 12:14:57 PM
imagine the volume that would come in if Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/14/2019 02:55:41 PM
Not to mention the price showed $1 in Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/14/2019 02:54:17 PM
Not to mention lack of information for the Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/14/2019 02:52:36 PM
but DRGV suffers from the stigma of being Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/14/2019 02:51:08 PM
Balance sheet from several years back was solid Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/14/2019 02:50:30 PM
Who is really to say, but at .0001 Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/14/2019 02:49:18 PM
Different Dragon Capital Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/11/2019 05:19:22 PM
Super thin, needs volume and then KABLAMO Dragon Capital (DRGV) 01/03/2019 10:20:18 AM
Patience here will pay off, and why not, Dragon Capital (DRGV) 11/20/2018 05:27:28 PM
I dont think so, just a mad scramble Dragon Capital (DRGV) 11/13/2018 06:01:00 AM
A lot of people watching this one after Dragon Capital (DRGV) 11/12/2018 04:36:27 PM
Someone has awoken the DRAGON Dragon Capital (DRGV) 11/12/2018 04:35:35 PM
Could be the next SUPERNOVA Dragon Capital (DRGV) 11/12/2018 02:31:57 PM
Yeah I know this is a crazy stock Dragon Capital (DRGV) 11/12/2018 02:28:45 PM
Hasn't been traded since July 13, bit of Dragon Capital (DRGV) 08/09/2018 02:19:55 PM
You would be surprised with this POS Kibush Capital Corp. (DLCR) 07/24/2018 11:50:16 AM
Have you been in contact with Peisha, or Dragon Capital (DRGV) 05/02/2018 12:41:40 PM
I checked on Wetpaint/ Rant a couple of Function(x) Inc. (fka FNCX) 03/08/2018 10:38:32 AM
$1 stock, I kid you not Dragon Capital (DRGV) 03/01/2018 04:15:50 PM
Back in at .045, this stock is going Function(x) Inc. (fka FNCX) 01/20/2018 07:02:41 AM
Get out while this is still above .02 Delcath Systems Inc. (DCTH) 12/08/2017 05:21:32 PM
Convertibles can be deadly... be careful here subpennies coming... Delcath Systems Inc. (DCTH) 12/07/2017 10:50:16 AM
That's right! And Q4 2018, should be even Future FinTech Group Inc., (FTFT) 10/19/2017 11:47:15 AM
I smell a turnaround this week! Future FinTech Group Inc., (FTFT) 10/16/2017 09:45:34 AM
Price to .00001, last traded 10/11/17 Dragon Capital (DRGV) 10/16/2017 09:44:01 AM
Got an email from Warren today LOL Kibush Capital Corp. (DLCR) 10/09/2017 05:51:41 PM
Volume has been especially low lately, even for Dragon Capital (DRGV) 10/09/2017 05:21:24 PM
Volume and price heading in the right direction $$$ Future FinTech Group Inc., (FTFT) 10/09/2017 02:33:33 PM
See you folks on Monday ;) Kibush Capital Corp. (DLCR) 10/07/2017 05:55:59 PM
Just saw the filing on the R/S, my Kibush Capital Corp. (DLCR) 10/07/2017 05:55:33 PM