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Posts by Zack2000BoardDate/Time
Is delisting no longer an issue? PhaseRx Inc. (PZRXQ) 12/28/2017 12:25:46 PM
Whats the float on this one? Good entry LongFin Corp (LFIN) 12/19/2017 04:41:29 PM
is rlog going to be delisted or have Rand Logistics Inc. (fka RLOGQ) 11/15/2017 02:37:49 PM
http://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/aethlon-medical-announces-compliance-with-na Aethlon Medical, Inc. (AEMD) 11/09/2017 08:58:42 PM
Who are the holders? HEAT BIOLOGICS INC (HTBX) 07/21/2017 11:53:39 AM
the RS? HEAT BIOLOGICS INC (HTBX) 07/21/2017 11:50:03 AM
what is the current outstanding shares and float? AEterna Zentaris Inc. (AEZS) 07/19/2017 11:08:26 PM
Did they do an equity offering? Dextera Surgical Inc. (fka DXTRQ) 06/22/2017 10:01:34 PM
Stock looks very interesting. Coherent Incorporated (COHR) 05/16/2017 07:24:00 PM
Pushing higher? Retest maybe... Zosano Pharma Corp (ZSAN) 03/30/2017 05:56:07 PM
Whats going on? HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc (HTGM) 03/24/2017 10:28:02 AM
https://www.smarteranalyst.com/2017/03/15/h-c-wainwright-pounds-table-ocera-ther Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/15/2017 08:20:14 PM
who is wainwright? I didnt follow what you Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/15/2017 07:13:04 PM
Winwright? Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/15/2017 06:57:31 PM
Okat results were already out march 10 Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/15/2017 05:33:14 PM
I cant find news. Did they release results? Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/15/2017 05:29:32 PM
After hours looking good. Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/15/2017 04:31:01 PM
Why did auph run? Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/13/2017 06:18:15 PM
Maybe one last test to 1.4 but much Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/10/2017 10:29:41 AM
Good then we pop tomorrow. Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/08/2017 03:31:42 PM
But it is tomorrow Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/08/2017 03:28:49 PM
I also read that they were suppose to Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/08/2017 03:21:41 PM
Ocera Therapeutics, Inc. is estimated to report earnings Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/08/2017 03:15:54 PM
Also the float has traded 2 times. This Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/08/2017 03:08:04 PM
The data sounds very good. And a market Ocera Therapeutics (OCRX) 03/08/2017 03:01:02 PM
Hey guys havent folowed this one in a Alimera Sciences (ALIM) 02/22/2017 09:00:28 PM
but im really looking at another one to MoSys Inc. (MOSY) 02/21/2017 10:00:55 PM
That is really good news. Todays pull back MoSys Inc. (MOSY) 02/21/2017 10:00:29 PM
Definitely a pump and dump for now. The MoSys Inc. (MOSY) 02/20/2017 08:16:36 PM
Okay that is good news that the delisting MoSys Inc. (MOSY) 02/17/2017 02:24:38 PM
Anythoughts this thing spikes huge monday? MoSys Inc. (MOSY) 02/17/2017 02:18:57 PM
Saw this in the morning and thought to MoSys Inc. (MOSY) 02/17/2017 02:17:40 PM
http://ir.myosrens.com/press-releases/detail/744/myos-rens-technology-inc-announ MYOS Corporation (MYOS) 02/07/2017 02:17:41 PM
http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSASB0AYI7 MYOS Corporation (MYOS) 02/07/2017 02:15:31 PM
Transgenomic Inc. Announces Collaboration With LifeLabs, Shares Skyrocket Precipio Inc. (PRPO) 01/13/2017 10:12:16 PM
woops. Google finance had this in the feed. Dextera Surgical Inc. (fka DXTRQ) 01/13/2017 09:58:49 PM
http://finance.yahoo.com/news/dexcom-looking-forward-strong-revenues-140402343.h Dextera Surgical Inc. (fka DXTRQ) 01/12/2017 11:37:28 PM
So what this is saying 1.5 Million shares MYOS Corporation (MYOS) 01/12/2017 11:33:28 PM
You could just hold for the long and Opgen (OPGN) 01/12/2017 10:58:56 PM
What was the original reason for that pop Opgen (OPGN) 01/11/2017 06:35:55 PM