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I'M OUT for now, Good luck everyone, InCapta Inc. (INCT) 04/01/2021 03:51:36 PM
Danm they won’t let it breath, these guys InCapta Inc. (INCT) 04/01/2021 03:02:49 PM
Looks like a massive dilution, over 2 Billion InCapta Inc. (INCT) 04/01/2021 01:03:21 PM
Added some today, looks good for a lotto Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 03/16/2021 10:40:46 PM
Theres a very aggressive seller, once that POS UA Multimedia, Inc. (UAMM) 03/16/2021 10:44:05 AM
Loading here...should move back up later on, nice volume.. UA Multimedia, Inc. (UAMM) 03/16/2021 10:06:00 AM
it doesn't look tradable yet, hopefully they got Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 03/12/2021 09:43:30 AM
Loaded here again... Dragon Capital (DRGV) 03/04/2021 01:13:06 PM
Nah bashing bro, its ok to stay positive Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) 03/01/2021 02:08:19 PM
Stick a fork on this one, insider will Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) 03/01/2021 11:10:50 AM
If the SOS filling out last Thursday was Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 02/28/2021 03:34:18 PM
Looks like management dumping it before it gets suspended Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) 02/26/2021 11:37:50 AM
Looks like it Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 02/26/2021 09:41:33 AM
Did WOFA just got suspended? Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 02/26/2021 09:36:32 AM
We can see multi pennies real fast here...Looks Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 02/25/2021 03:01:14 PM
Same here, some good volume day and will Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 02/25/2021 02:45:41 PM
Bidding 0.0022 for those idiots left and want Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 02/25/2021 01:40:38 PM
we got an idiot seller and killing the Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 02/25/2021 01:30:34 PM
Yup, WOFA has 900M AS but OTC trader Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 02/25/2021 12:17:40 PM
Yup, once the old bag holders are out Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 02/25/2021 12:02:25 PM
WOFA once of the best SS in OTC Wisdom Homes of America Inc. (WOFA) 02/25/2021 11:28:33 AM
Same here Added 28's/29's I got out at Dragon Capital (DRGV) 02/24/2021 04:11:41 PM
Not a bad day here, slowly moving back Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 02/24/2021 04:08:10 PM
higher low today, looking better for continuation..I think Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) 02/24/2021 03:31:18 PM
we all do..lol Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) 02/24/2021 01:26:17 PM
Danm, I wish they stop printing shares for Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) 02/24/2021 01:17:15 PM
We finally moving up, need to break 0.0043 Dragon Capital (DRGV) 02/24/2021 10:25:49 AM
Looks like this is ready to moving back up Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 02/24/2021 10:24:31 AM
Trading like it will take off soon, very XSport Global Inc. (XSPT) 02/22/2021 03:06:53 PM
Shares had traded hands multiple times over 0.002, Dragon Capital (DRGV) 02/22/2021 03:05:07 PM
Nah, the company has been diluting for weeks Dragon Capital (DRGV) 02/22/2021 02:27:47 PM
What happened to the Mod ANDI2021 LMAO Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 02/19/2021 03:20:06 PM
Look at the none stopping dump trend taking Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) 02/19/2021 03:11:46 PM
I’ll be just watching for now, they will Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) 02/19/2021 01:35:12 PM
This won't move till they stop using as Dragon Capital (DRGV) 02/19/2021 11:41:49 AM
well, look like this is toast again, Pump Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 02/19/2021 11:37:30 AM
Danm will they ever be done dumping and Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) 02/19/2021 10:44:48 AM
It looks like it can take off from Andiamo Corp. (ANDI) 02/17/2021 09:16:20 PM
And some POS painted at close..LOL looks like Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) 02/17/2021 07:15:24 PM
Why don't they just flush it down and Monster Arts, Inc. (APPZ) 02/17/2021 01:39:40 PM

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