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Lol you must read harder lol Make sure Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/12/2020 08:04:19 PM
Yea but with penny stock and hype. It’s Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/09/2020 05:00:01 PM
I wouldn’t worry. Next few days is going Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/09/2020 04:45:51 PM
3 million Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/09/2020 04:43:22 PM
Yes came across the level 2 very quick Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/09/2020 04:41:36 PM
Yea split second lol Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/09/2020 04:24:02 PM
Monday let the game begin and see you Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/08/2020 02:05:45 PM
Absolutely right buy all you can Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/08/2020 02:05:13 PM
You got that right weeee Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 11/08/2020 02:04:55 PM
Next wave is going to start very soon Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/27/2020 03:18:43 PM
Yep and it’s going to happen very very Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/27/2020 03:17:49 PM
Yep it’s going to happen Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/19/2020 08:10:08 AM
You again lol Hertz Global Holdings Inc (HTZGQ) 10/16/2020 07:56:09 PM
Lol Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/13/2020 07:34:08 PM
Patience my young grasshopper. It’ll pass with ease. Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/12/2020 12:40:27 PM
Sure it will. Hold your horse lol Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/12/2020 12:39:27 PM
Of course lol plus more weeee Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/05/2020 07:58:40 PM
Lol sell these nutz hahahha Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/05/2020 07:58:06 PM
Where lol hahahah Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/05/2020 07:57:47 PM
Can’t go wrong under 7. Plenty to make Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/05/2020 11:07:26 AM
Get to the chopper weeee Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/05/2020 11:04:40 AM
PLM garbage outstanding way high haha good luck Westwater Resources (WWR) 10/05/2020 11:04:10 AM
You got that right weeeee Cocrystal Pharma Inc. (COCP) 09/03/2020 06:37:06 PM
You got that right No pain no gain weeee Apple Inc. (AAPL) 09/03/2020 06:33:13 PM
Me too I’m adding no way I’m selling weeeee Apple Inc. (AAPL) 09/03/2020 06:32:23 PM
Thank you for the cheap shares It’s called Apple Inc. (AAPL) 09/03/2020 06:31:58 PM
Yep pop all day weeee Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 08/19/2020 07:17:05 PM
Lol love it come to papa Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL) 08/19/2020 07:16:47 PM
Yep easily Cocrystal Pharma Inc. (COCP) 08/10/2020 11:47:42 PM
Meaning this will pop hard weeeeee Cocrystal Pharma Inc. (COCP) 08/10/2020 11:59:14 AM
Lol come to papa Cocrystal Pharma Inc. (COCP) 08/06/2020 09:55:01 AM
Today we move up weeeeeee Cocrystal Pharma Inc. (COCP) 08/06/2020 09:12:54 AM
Get to the chopper Weeeee Cocrystal Pharma Inc. (COCP) 07/22/2020 09:53:55 AM
Lol Centennial Resource Development, Inc. (CDEV) 07/06/2020 11:47:18 PM
Lol always weeeee Zomedica (ZOM) 07/02/2020 03:20:10 PM
Nice Centennial Resource Development, Inc. (CDEV) 07/02/2020 03:16:36 PM
Also lol you better do your DD before Centennial Resource Development, Inc. (CDEV) 06/30/2020 05:53:27 PM
It will be back up Centennial Resource Development, Inc. (CDEV) 06/30/2020 05:10:06 PM
Buy all you can weeee Centennial Resource Development, Inc. (CDEV) 06/30/2020 02:05:53 PM
lol hahahha Kitov Pharmaceuticals Hldgs L Sponsored ADR (KTOV) 06/29/2020 05:59:17 AM

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