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Alex Chory 

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ok Im shootin a message off...... GSC Investment (GNV) 08/01/2008 05:06:50 PM
ok, Im here, this is me, Alex Chory, GSC Investment (GNV) 08/01/2008 04:54:00 PM
HUN closes the week in the RED GSC Investment (GNV) 08/01/2008 04:04:42 PM
MACH, are you buying any HUN?????? GSC Investment (GNV) 08/01/2008 12:39:57 PM
GNV earnings out, not real good and NAV decreased GSC Investment (GNV) 05/22/2008 04:39:11 PM
Gartner Group, possible play GSC Investment (GNV) 05/22/2008 01:33:03 PM
I was lucky to get in THRX under GSC Investment (GNV) 05/22/2008 01:26:50 PM
I put this one up a few days GSC Investment (GNV) 05/22/2008 11:36:07 AM
YESTERDAY SELLOFF IN KCI WAS A MMs dream, GSC Investment (GNV) 05/22/2008 11:01:32 AM
NICE CUP AND HANDLE FORMATION ON THRX GSC Investment (GNV) 05/22/2008 10:59:17 AM
Cramer talking about ENS now on mad money GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 06:07:57 PM
OK here's the scoop on the HBIO big GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 05:58:04 PM
INDU right on the 50 day ma again GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 04:30:55 PM
Friday I'm rebalancing my whole poorfolio... GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 04:29:33 PM
waited too long profit totally wiped out dammit GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 02:53:22 PM
waited too long profit totally wiped out dammit GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 02:53:14 PM
this fukking oil market is killing the good GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 02:13:42 PM
VIVO a slight recovery GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 01:08:45 PM
I done with GNV after earnings, divvy or not GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 12:48:31 PM
I just hate it GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 11:35:58 AM
nope, fully invested to the hilt, like I GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 11:31:51 AM
A BLAST FROM THE PAST!!!!! GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 10:54:39 AM
TRONOX Tronox Inc. (TROX) 05/21/2008 10:45:59 AM
no matter how hard I try, just always GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 10:43:07 AM
well earnings tomorrow for GNV, so wait till GSC Investment (GNV) 05/21/2008 06:39:11 AM
MACH TRX moving nice now GSC Investment (GNV) 05/20/2008 07:08:53 PM
TRONOX really starting to move, even today in Tronox Inc. (TROX) 05/20/2008 07:07:27 PM
KCI strong GSC Investment (GNV) 05/20/2008 01:09:12 PM
GIVN GSC Investment (GNV) 05/20/2008 12:13:14 PM
THRX looks tempting to enter GSC Investment (GNV) 05/20/2008 11:23:32 AM
tic toc, the mousey went up the clock GSC Investment (GNV) 05/20/2008 10:32:19 AM
and I know I mentioned this one, GSC Investment (GNV) 05/19/2008 10:55:34 PM
and why am I in HBIO when I GSC Investment (GNV) 05/19/2008 10:26:58 PM
***ROCA MINES*** GSC Investment (GNV) 05/19/2008 07:04:10 PM
Im not even breakeven on GNV yet, geezus, GSC Investment (GNV) 05/19/2008 07:03:36 PM
how do they do it? GSC Investment (GNV) 05/19/2008 05:02:37 PM
well, looks like Im a bagholder for awhile GSC Investment (GNV) 05/19/2008 04:22:35 PM
I dont know, if I were yuu, Id GSC Investment (GNV) 05/19/2008 03:06:10 PM
KCI, still no confirm on the 12/26 crossover GSC Investment (GNV) 05/19/2008 01:19:54 PM
OOOOOOWeeeeeeee look at this tanker list GSC Investment (GNV) 05/19/2008 12:51:08 PM