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Posts by justastockBoardDate/Time
I have known him for years from these JNS Holding Corp (JNSH) 05/21/2009 11:37:38 PM
Libel, thanks for this, I would have been JNS Holding Corp (JNSH) 05/21/2009 10:29:50 PM
I just found out, Butch was a good JNS Holding Corp (JNSH) 05/21/2009 10:03:45 PM
Looks like there are some bird flue stocks StemCells Inc (STEM) 04/28/2009 09:20:49 AM
KABOOOOM! It. LOL hows the stress level in GREENZ 04/13/2009 11:52:18 AM
Here we go bud! Kaboom 03/20/2009 07:28:13 PM
GBBM, Volume larger then normal to close out Friday! BB's Stock Haven 03/20/2009 07:26:02 PM
GGBM Unusually high volume! GREENZ 03/20/2009 07:23:57 PM
Nice volume today! Gigabeam Corporation (fka GGBMQ) 03/20/2009 07:21:07 PM
Nice move here! Gold Miners ETF (GDX) 03/20/2009 07:19:16 PM
GGBM, had some good volume to close the Kaboom 03/07/2009 05:28:07 AM
GGBM, Kabooooooom! Soon, IMHO, some nice volume to GREENZ 03/07/2009 05:26:30 AM
GGBM, great volume yesterday, should see news soon. IMHO $Stock*Shop*Charts*News*Option$ 03/07/2009 05:25:09 AM
Got some volume today and some buying! If Gigabeam Corporation (fka GGBMQ) 03/07/2009 04:51:44 AM
GGBM Nice uptick today with some decent volume, BB's Stock Haven 03/07/2009 04:50:27 AM
DF WOW, nice day yesterday!! S & P GREENZ 03/03/2009 09:40:59 AM
GGBM unusually high on volume last week, lets $treet Trader Lion's Den 03/02/2009 08:25:01 AM
Heres one, IMHO, GGBM! The Hunt for the Next 10 Bagger 03/02/2009 08:24:11 AM
Morning DF and the gang! GGBM this week GREENZ 03/02/2009 08:22:10 AM
GGBM set 52 week high on volume, lets BB's Stock Haven 03/02/2009 08:20:35 AM
Ready for more volume today, lets see 50k! Gigabeam Corporation (fka GGBMQ) 03/02/2009 08:19:18 AM
Very unusually high volume on Friday! Gigabeam Corporation (fka GGBMQ) 02/28/2009 07:19:07 PM
Same Mick, more in the future on GGBM, Kaboom! Kaboom 02/28/2009 07:18:25 PM
thanks mick, somethings up, above average volume. IMHO. Kaboom 02/27/2009 03:59:48 PM
GGBM getting ready for the big KABOOOOOOM!, Low $treet Trader Lion's Den 02/27/2009 11:28:32 AM
Mick, check this one out, GGBM, Low floater, Kaboom 02/27/2009 11:27:12 AM
Low floater, 7mil, GGBM, 13g filing as of OTCBB ALERTS 02/27/2009 11:23:50 AM
GGBM, Low floater, 7mil, filing as of late, GREENZ 02/27/2009 11:23:05 AM
Some selling but a buy right after this, Gigabeam Corporation (fka GGBMQ) 02/27/2009 11:21:54 AM
Lets see more volume at the bid. Low Gigabeam Corporation (fka GGBMQ) 02/27/2009 02:58:07 AM
Nice close today! Gigabeam Corporation (fka GGBMQ) 02/26/2009 04:11:15 PM
Moving down fast, almost $95, I think 89-92 Kaboom 02/24/2009 12:03:18 PM
GLD, major pull back!! HMMM. time to buy? Kaboom 02/24/2009 11:43:01 AM
OUCH!!! Major pull back, good, let see 89 SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) 02/24/2009 11:32:52 AM
DF, thanks for the PM, gotcha! Pull back GREENZ 02/24/2009 11:30:33 AM
Mick, whats shak'n? Kaboom 02/23/2009 10:47:01 AM
GLD, GDX, are some fav's and make good Kaboom 02/23/2009 10:42:38 AM
Thanks, is Thumbs ok? :) He seems alittle GREENZ 02/23/2009 10:33:58 AM
Sounds good, sent email, check it ok! Looking GREENZ 02/23/2009 10:11:21 AM
Ok, no problem its all good, missunderstanding, didn't GREENZ 02/23/2009 10:03:57 AM