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Posts by zidmizarBoardDate/Time
Loaded some CNXT here: Winners Circle 08/31/2007 05:45:56 PM
Really nice action this week. Winners Circle 08/31/2007 05:37:31 PM
AMRN: I have been loading more, averaging down. Winners Circle 08/14/2007 06:49:42 AM
Since it failed to break 2,5 resistance, it Winners Circle 07/26/2007 10:50:59 AM
looks really weak. :( Winners Circle 07/26/2007 10:48:45 AM
Loading AMRN. Winners Circle 07/24/2007 09:45:47 AM
Cmgi is trying to break 2,50 resistance. If Winners Circle 05/10/2007 01:49:08 PM
Picking PPHM here. Winners Circle 04/05/2007 10:52:14 AM
Still holding all my CMGI. Winners Circle 03/12/2007 02:47:24 PM
Really nice call sir, you called the bottom Winners Circle 12/18/2006 12:43:33 PM
Nice pick, they seem to have a good pipeline. Winners Circle 11/24/2006 09:57:39 AM
CMGI chart is looking better and better IMHO. Winners Circle 10/27/2006 02:31:04 AM
CMGI finally has been nice Winners Circle 10/13/2006 05:39:33 PM
Playing VSGN too. Chart looks nice.Any thoughts? tia Winners Circle 09/26/2006 05:38:46 AM
Playing CMGI too. Expecting earnings within next 2 Winners Circle 09/26/2006 05:37:43 AM
Then you another good call. I´m looking for Winners Circle 02/17/2006 12:58:08 PM
Anyone following CMGI? I have been watching it Winners Circle 02/17/2006 10:07:09 AM
A bit later than I thought, but patience Winners Circle 02/03/2006 12:31:03 PM
Thanks for your comments. Expecting that move too. Winners Circle 01/24/2006 11:58:10 AM
Anyone is following LOUD? Any thoughts? I guess Winners Circle 01/24/2006 08:36:47 AM
I have been following VSGN since September, after grocery list 01/20/2006 12:08:09 PM
What do you think about LOUD in short Winners Circle 12/20/2005 12:38:33 PM
Really nice play with HOFF, congrats. Are you Monk's Den 12/30/2004 09:35:06 AM
Nice charts.eom CASH COW 09/13/2004 12:08:13 PM
Nice "timing" in your call on BSQR. Friday CASH COW 08/22/2004 05:23:41 PM
I will try to add at these levels too: CASH COW 08/08/2004 02:21:35 PM
Still holding ECGI. I guess it will do CASH COW 07/30/2004 04:25:14 PM
Really a nice call, man. eom CASH COW 07/27/2004 03:57:01 PM
IPIX flying AH. Nice news: CASH COW 07/26/2004 04:18:31 PM
Charts from Nasdaq Composite and Dow for 6 months: CASH COW 07/26/2004 04:02:48 PM
What´s your thought on short/mid term for this CASH COW 07/26/2004 02:54:10 PM
Loaded CYTL.OB at 0.0004. I will hold it CASH COW 07/26/2004 02:47:41 PM
Loaded ECGI for earnings play. eom CASH COW 07/26/2004 02:22:06 PM
The day you noticed that news for me, CASH COW 07/26/2004 02:21:23 PM
Yup. For next week I´m watching 5 stocks CASH COW 07/22/2004 03:55:25 PM
What are you expecting? Any target? eom CASH COW 07/22/2004 03:40:00 PM
. I´m looking around here too, but only CASH COW 07/22/2004 02:57:04 PM
Yup, I asked him once, and he replied CASH COW 07/18/2004 04:20:24 PM
Nice digital camera you bought. I have safe CASH COW 07/18/2004 04:18:00 PM
That chart looks nice. I will watching it CASH COW 07/18/2004 03:43:50 PM

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