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tootuc  Soaking in the soothing mineral waters

Posts by tootucBoardDate/Time
Christmas Present Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 12/03/2019 04:19:51 PM
It is what it is until we get Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 11/27/2019 11:32:31 AM
PfMS will flip around until we get filing Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 10/08/2019 03:55:34 PM
Great day, some profit taking to be expected....will Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/26/2019 03:52:08 PM
I did for a while , this was Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/25/2019 12:30:46 PM
That is my feeling...Clean slate and rv all Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/24/2019 08:18:53 PM
Hitting $1 a long shot, but with the Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/24/2019 10:03:02 AM
MM's attempting to get some cheap shares before Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/23/2019 03:40:01 PM
Looks to me the MMs do not want Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/23/2019 03:36:08 PM
Walked away had some things to do..Looks like Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/23/2019 03:22:15 PM
At this rate into the pennies next week...and Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/23/2019 10:03:22 AM
Volume on the move.. Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/23/2019 09:58:45 AM
Another great day.. good gain. broke .006, shares Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/22/2019 04:04:10 PM
MM s shaking shares loose in the .0045 range Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/22/2019 10:25:46 AM
looks like MM's having a hard time shaking Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/22/2019 10:18:13 AM
Looks like the .004 world today Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/22/2019 10:05:11 AM
Another great day..Running up, consolidated filling the gap.. Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/21/2019 04:02:00 PM
Great day... Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/20/2019 03:57:57 PM
Looks to me that the MM are attempting Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/20/2019 02:45:42 PM
this is moving along at a great pace.. Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/20/2019 01:44:42 PM
https://pocketsense.com/reverse-merger-mean-stocks-4720.html Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/20/2019 12:52:56 PM
nice consolidation new buyers buying .0001 sellers Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/20/2019 12:15:08 PM
I foresee .03 min. could go much higher Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/20/2019 10:57:14 AM
This looks like the day flipping range and Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/15/2019 01:13:01 PM
This looks like the day flipping range and Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/15/2019 01:12:46 PM
PFMS is a good shell. What is the Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/14/2019 03:50:32 PM
looking good...Flushed out a few..Waiting for the run... Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/12/2019 07:18:04 PM
https://investorshub.advfn.com/David-Lazar-$hell-Play-35757/ Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 08/10/2019 12:47:39 PM
transfer online is giving cmkm holders the boot..Looks CMKM Diamonds Inc. (fka CMKX) 12/11/2018 03:49:15 PM
hopefully a shell buy out Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 10/24/2018 02:44:04 PM
CMKM Diamonds New Horizons Holdings (NHHI) 09/21/2018 09:27:40 AM
This is 2018 isn't it...CMKX never dies... CMKM Diamonds Inc. (fka CMKX) 05/03/2018 06:29:50 PM
Is this a clean shell Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 04/25/2018 09:48:28 AM
Only around 50 grand..This was back when I Brewbilt Mfg. Inc. (BBRW) 03/29/2018 07:21:02 PM
Best shell play for me many years back Brewbilt Mfg. Inc. (BBRW) 03/27/2018 04:06:56 PM
Can anyone explain this mornings press.. KELSEYVILLE, Brewbilt Mfg. Inc. (BBRW) 03/20/2018 06:10:01 PM
Pretty good close today Brewbilt Mfg. Inc. (BBRW) 03/20/2018 04:21:11 PM
Is VTNL selling their products in pot shops...If Brewbilt Mfg. Inc. (BBRW) 03/16/2018 08:26:04 PM
Sunny days are here again Brewbilt Mfg. Inc. (BBRW) 03/07/2018 12:57:27 PM
Been sitting on shares for a long time..not Paper Free Medical (PFMS) 03/05/2018 11:12:40 AM