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Posts by willpellelBoardDate/Time
Oh no. Please dont!!!!!! ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/15/2019 11:43:34 PM
Instead of watching, they should just release PR's GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/15/2019 11:57:19 AM
Where are the PR's???? GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/15/2019 10:19:36 AM
Oh noooooo. Not Cleveland AGAIN!!!!! ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/15/2019 09:52:38 AM
Yup. Who gives a crap!!!!! I mean, its GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/14/2019 11:48:13 AM
Red herring. Where are the promosed filings???? GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/14/2019 10:20:53 AM
Man, you have had plenty of time. GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/14/2019 09:34:40 AM
He's a big apender. ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/13/2019 09:33:35 AM
We know they have missed many times before. My GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/12/2019 11:58:17 PM
These are all red herrings. PR's please!!!!!!!! (as promised GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/12/2019 11:27:59 AM
I say we get none. More broken promises. GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/11/2019 11:24:31 PM
What happened to Biocann? GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/11/2019 11:24:06 PM
Your DD has missed the target 1000 times. GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/11/2019 01:48:54 PM
You can't get more pathetic. It's kinda like being ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/10/2019 11:59:30 AM
EV himself. It was convoluted at best. ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/10/2019 10:51:02 AM
Start the ticker AGAIN!!!!!! GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/10/2019 08:22:56 AM
It would be AWESOME SAUCE if we just GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/10/2019 08:19:07 AM
No, au contraire. Rick has world wide ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/10/2019 07:52:15 AM
Management just established a new out from their GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/09/2019 10:27:55 PM
Reset the ticker clock. Man, the reset GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/09/2019 10:23:37 PM
The most important part is that Rick has ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/09/2019 10:20:31 PM
Again, how are they linked? GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/09/2019 10:32:47 AM
Where do they say they are linked to GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/09/2019 10:24:23 AM
Is there anybody out there??? Digital Utilities Ventures Inc (DUTV) 10/09/2019 09:46:59 AM
Giddee up and go. Lets see you flex!!! ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/09/2019 09:35:25 AM
More opportunites for you!!!! GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/08/2019 01:18:31 PM
How long can u use the excuse "weak GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/08/2019 11:52:18 AM
Big spender!!! ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/08/2019 11:18:44 AM
Everyone, the ticker is out again. They GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/07/2019 11:17:53 PM
Can someone please help me keep track of GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/07/2019 03:00:51 PM
Everyone is a very broad term. How many ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/07/2019 01:37:09 PM
NO BID Just goes to show what the market GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/03/2019 10:14:14 AM
"The Company expects to announce a new President/ GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/02/2019 08:24:28 PM
I guess we dodged a bullet today. ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/02/2019 03:20:28 PM
Something must be up........TFF is quuet today. GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/02/2019 01:19:07 PM
God forbid these baffoons would once........JUST ONCE.......surprise us GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/02/2019 09:49:11 AM
RN, What have you got up your sleeve today?? ProTek Capital, Inc. (PRPM) 10/02/2019 08:59:47 AM
Would you kindly post the meaning/definition of PERFECT also? Thanks GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/01/2019 09:07:29 PM
Or, POSSIBLY NEXT WEEK!!!!!! GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) 10/01/2019 09:05:52 PM
Because we don't have lives!!! Lans Holdings Inc. (fka LAHO) 10/01/2019 02:44:05 PM