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Posts by vhgierBoardDate/Time
dumped a load today need the tex losses. CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 09/18/2020 10:02:54 AM
Lightened up a bit here sorry folks i Veritas Farms Inc. (VFRM) 09/18/2020 10:01:46 AM
Listen I hear and feel your pain. ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 09/17/2020 01:56:18 PM
And you are ignorant for even making that Veritas Farms Inc. (VFRM) 09/17/2020 01:45:41 PM
added today. Patient Access Solutions Inc. (PASHealth) (PASO) 09/14/2020 02:56:19 PM
sad CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 09/14/2020 02:55:23 PM
i thinks this thursday or did i miss it...LOL Veritas Farms Inc. (VFRM) 09/14/2020 02:54:58 PM
Hey management a 2pm call right in the Veritas Farms Inc. (VFRM) 09/10/2020 08:14:07 AM
yep CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 09/10/2020 08:12:20 AM
what da deuce? Indo Global Exchange(s) Pte., Ltd. (IGEX) 09/02/2020 10:32:28 AM
well I wouldn't obviously mind that CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 09/02/2020 10:31:30 AM
Tax selling could come sooner than later. CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 09/02/2020 09:14:25 AM
i'm gonna blow outa here company isn't run AMERICAN CRYOSTEM CORP (CRYO) 09/02/2020 08:59:10 AM
it is interesting now.... ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 09/02/2020 08:57:44 AM
I like management usually good management leads to Cytta Corp (CYCA) 09/02/2020 08:57:03 AM
We will go higher once we leave .10 Cytta Corp (CYCA) 08/31/2020 01:40:50 PM
Update is so crucial..... ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/31/2020 01:39:25 PM
I know right? They just gotta get LevelBlox Inc. (LVBX) 08/31/2020 01:38:56 PM
I am impressed... ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/28/2020 03:06:38 PM
seriously!! LevelBlox Inc. (LVBX) 08/28/2020 03:05:55 PM
I think it's time to plow back in. LevelBlox Inc. (LVBX) 08/28/2020 10:19:16 AM
yes agreed....pennies will rule in '21 ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/28/2020 10:17:44 AM
we need a close over .001 ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/26/2020 03:09:39 PM
added......don't care if goes down, no way the ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/26/2020 01:17:19 PM
I think announcement is eminent and I never ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/26/2020 01:01:14 PM
You gotta know something is coming a shit ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/26/2020 12:41:53 PM
mid 20's now! AMERICAN CRYOSTEM CORP (CRYO) 08/26/2020 11:40:35 AM
Hey management get your shit together already. Veritas Farms Inc. (VFRM) 08/25/2020 09:20:28 AM
$PGUS jamming!! MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 08/19/2020 02:52:03 PM
YEP ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/19/2020 02:51:25 PM
hopefully hear about funding soon ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/19/2020 10:08:36 AM
$AREB revs up over 350% nice Q! MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 08/17/2020 08:35:26 AM
$AREB nice jump in revenues....https://www.otcmarkets.com/filing/html?id=1433630 ORIONS Money Stocks 08/14/2020 04:24:24 PM
$AREB revenues up sharply....https://www.otcmarkets.com/filing/html?id=14336307& MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 08/14/2020 04:23:30 PM
https://www.otcmarkets.com/filing/html?id=14336307&guid=j3_6UqT8myrA03h Revenue Rebel Holdings Inc. (AREB) 08/14/2020 04:22:34 PM
CGC nothing more too say....and I don't own CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI) 08/10/2020 09:37:15 AM
I suppose next week or so possibly ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/10/2020 09:36:08 AM
Yep awesome post and I have spoken to ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/08/2020 10:38:52 PM
My guess, things are ramping up again. ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/07/2020 11:04:04 PM
All you guys need to know is, Jan ProGreen US Inc. (PGUS) 08/07/2020 02:43:11 PM

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