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Posts by 3SaintsBoardDate/Time
Sox...I would love to see a link for Tornado Alley (PROG) 11/14/2016 05:05:50 PM
Ohhh...the horror....just think how the rest of the Tornado Alley (PROG) 11/14/2016 12:52:25 PM
LMAO...for a moment I though Bill had jumped Tornado Alley (PROG) 08/17/2016 01:13:47 PM
The Future??? Depends on whether you trust ~SUSTAINABLE LIVING FOR CHALLENGING TIMES 06/27/2016 10:03:58 AM
Just the one in her womb......but then all Tornado Alley (PROG) 06/13/2016 03:09:10 PM
Sox...he didn't answer the Chicago question...why exactly are Tornado Alley (PROG) 06/13/2016 02:54:47 PM
Wife claims he was bipolar and beat her...yet Tornado Alley (PROG) 06/13/2016 10:20:48 AM
The guy was a complete fuckup...but a protected Tornado Alley (PROG) 06/13/2016 10:16:04 AM
Hey...what party was the terrorist registered with? Tornado Alley (PROG) 06/13/2016 10:10:29 AM
Trump on immigration...that racist Hitler clone....oh no...that's Bill Tornado Alley (PROG) 06/08/2016 08:42:37 AM
Just what % of the super delegates are Tornado Alley (PROG) 06/06/2016 04:17:08 PM
PA health rates going way up....again Tornado Alley (PROG) 05/26/2016 11:43:49 AM
Glenn Beck already doing the fasting thing....how about Tornado Alley (PROG) 05/05/2016 03:15:54 PM
Hopefully Onbama will move south and mentor these Tornado Alley (PROG) 05/02/2016 04:12:35 PM
Trump 41%, Clinton 39% >> Getting interesting Tornado Alley (PROG) 05/02/2016 03:09:19 PM
Bush did it..... Tornado Alley (PROG) 05/02/2016 02:47:47 PM
BFD...it is not illegal. And.....Hillary makes twice Tornado Alley (PROG) 05/02/2016 11:45:02 AM
Goodie Goodie....we all get to work longer....ship them Tornado Alley (PROG) 05/02/2016 11:40:59 AM
Hillary = extension of the Obama years....America knows Tornado Alley (PROG) 05/02/2016 11:38:28 AM
I was thinking the same....the Clintons snuff Little Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/28/2016 05:27:11 PM
Tens of millions of dollars that have been Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/28/2016 05:25:11 PM
Hillary to get beaten like a baby seal...lmao Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/28/2016 04:14:48 PM
Nothing to see...State Department protecting Hillary... Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/26/2016 02:48:53 PM
Within a decade you...the libs...will be beating your Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/26/2016 02:46:51 PM
Don't go there anymore....lmao.....it doesn't fit the hard Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/25/2016 03:47:53 PM
Fitting siggy....pussy chasing his tail. Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/25/2016 03:45:53 PM
Just proof that there are more Libtards in Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/21/2016 11:02:16 AM
Threw up all over my screen......... Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/21/2016 10:58:30 AM
He is a predator......and Hillary helped cover it Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/19/2016 02:01:06 PM
It's going so well that UnitedHealthcare just said Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/19/2016 01:59:27 PM
Statistics lie. Largest insurer in the state...Highmark....pulled Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/19/2016 01:49:55 PM
Bill Clinton...the real deal...Uncle Pervy Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/19/2016 01:37:39 PM
Premiums in Pennsylvania doubled in just three short years...SUCCESS Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/19/2016 01:21:10 PM
I heard she needs to put it on Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/18/2016 04:09:18 PM
Hillary telling it like it is Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/14/2016 03:15:48 PM
Hillary objects to being called a Corporate Whore Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/14/2016 03:07:16 PM
Hillary...lmao...here are her accomplishments. Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/13/2016 03:26:37 PM
Hook...Bernie will fix that too....elect him and you Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/13/2016 03:24:47 PM
He knows Hillary is owned by Wall Street Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/13/2016 10:58:09 AM
She's simply evolving.... Tornado Alley (PROG) 04/12/2016 03:31:12 PM

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