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Posts by rivervalleyBoardDate/Time
its been a good trader with thw wild Lithium Corporation (LTUM) 08/06/2020 11:21:08 AM
back in last wk at .14 on the Lithium Corporation (LTUM) 07/06/2020 12:29:25 PM
the big vol yest is the only thing Fannie Mae (FNMA) 05/22/2020 11:16:09 AM
Sorry but I'm not a dem just calling Fannie Mae (FNMA) 05/21/2020 11:46:15 AM
I thought someone would like that post :) Fannie Mae (FNMA) 05/21/2020 11:40:54 AM
I've made 7 buys on the way down Zosano Pharma Corp (ZSAN) 02/08/2020 05:57:24 PM
not that I saw so I kept adding. Zosano Pharma Corp (ZSAN) 02/08/2020 03:10:35 PM
added on the way down last buy in Zosano Pharma Corp (ZSAN) 02/08/2020 03:09:28 PM
Been buying this again... lowest buys at 1.15 Zosano Pharma Corp (ZSAN) 02/04/2020 03:10:20 PM
Back in for another trade. Lithium Corporation (LTUM) 02/04/2020 03:08:52 PM
Looking great LTUM, or tums as we used Lithium Corporation (LTUM) 01/21/2020 09:56:00 AM
Taking a shot here after yrs away. Have Lithium Corporation (LTUM) 01/09/2020 10:37:39 AM
Great day yesterday and still hoping for another NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NBY) 11/05/2019 10:23:08 AM
traded this one yrs ago and am putting Lithium Corporation (LTUM) 10/28/2019 02:18:47 PM
Haven't posted here in a while but I Idera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IDRA) 10/26/2019 02:03:32 PM
Haven't posted here in quite some time, have NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NBY) 10/26/2019 01:59:47 PM
Been playing this one the last few sessions Avalon Holdings Corporation (AWX) 08/06/2018 09:47:57 AM
Last wk was a good one for PRAN Prana Biotechnology (PRAN) 07/07/2018 05:36:17 PM
Bought back in this recently just over $2 Prana Biotechnology (PRAN) 05/23/2018 05:45:23 PM
added some 1.52's fri. Cyclacel Pharmaceutical, Inc. (CYCC) 02/26/2018 10:49:29 AM
HTGM has been a good trading stock the HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc (HTGM) 01/13/2018 03:18:58 PM
We'll see how it goes. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 01/08/2018 11:19:05 AM
I could care less if anyone else buys Fannie Mae (FNMA) 01/08/2018 11:14:05 AM
Its doing fine. Let's see how the rest Fannie Mae (FNMA) 01/08/2018 10:54:36 AM
would like to get mid 2's for the Fannie Mae (FNMA) 01/08/2018 10:46:33 AM
haven't played this in a very long time Fannie Mae (FNMA) 01/08/2018 10:21:56 AM
made my 1st buys in this one, 2.21 Pareteum Corporation (TEUM) 12/28/2017 08:18:21 PM
As long as everything stays on track and Celsion Corporation (CLSN) 12/28/2017 02:44:41 PM
decent day for CLSN. Still have some shares Celsion Corporation (CLSN) 12/27/2017 10:44:52 PM
its been a good stock to trade for HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc (HTGM) 12/27/2017 10:43:30 PM
flipped some yest in ah for a nice HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc (HTGM) 12/27/2017 10:03:13 AM
added 1.77's recently and waiting for $3/$4 or HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc (HTGM) 12/25/2017 09:30:08 PM
played this yesterday from 1.92-2.17 then bought back Seneca Biopharma, Inc. (SNCA) 12/14/2017 07:19:51 AM
picked up some recently in the low .70's. Sesen Bio (SESN) 11/25/2017 07:43:57 AM
Been playing this one for the last couple Celsion Corporation (CLSN) 11/25/2017 07:40:03 AM
only 1 poster here tonight ah? lol HTG Molecular Diagnostics Inc (HTGM) 11/07/2017 06:13:49 PM
Started trading this again after a while away Idera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IDRA) 06/26/2017 03:50:40 PM
Vol increase, time to get this thing in gear. Catabasis Pharmaceuticals (CATB) 06/08/2017 11:03:46 AM
Put this on watch. My bio stocks haven't ExeLED Holdings Inc. (ELED) 05/04/2017 11:50:14 AM
that's the kind of return I was hoping Icoa, Inc. (ICOA) 05/01/2017 04:14:41 PM

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