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Nice looking chart. Will break recent high of Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 10/17/2019 11:12:13 PM
BONZ very thin. I think one of these Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 10/16/2019 01:58:08 PM
BONZ getting accumulated for the monster move soon imho Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 10/11/2019 01:24:31 PM
BONZ Verified profile 10/2019. SS updated. All Current BB's Stock Haven 10/10/2019 12:06:15 PM
BONZ Verified profile 10/2019. SS updated. All Current MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 10/10/2019 12:05:52 PM
BONZ Verified profile 10/2019. SS updated. All Current Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 10/10/2019 12:03:56 PM
Yes Agree. Just a patience play and will Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 10/07/2019 02:55:37 PM
Easy 5-10 bagger from the current levels BONZ Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 10/04/2019 03:20:50 PM
BONZ pink current, no notes pending, no rs Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 10/04/2019 03:10:39 PM
SWHI Active TX SOS. OS: 422m, Filings/news coming MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 10/01/2019 03:19:00 PM
SWHI Active TX SOS. OS: 422m, Filings/news coming BB's Stock Haven 10/01/2019 03:18:20 PM
BONZ Pink current, No notes pending, No Reverse Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 10/01/2019 02:45:20 PM
SWHI Company email response Filings/News coming soon FLEX NATION 09/27/2019 03:20:34 PM
SWHI Company email response Filings/News coming soon MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 09/27/2019 03:20:01 PM
SWHI Company email response Filings/News coming soon JW Value Stocks 09/27/2019 03:18:45 PM
TINO thin on ask and huge bids. Nice Tamino Minerals, Inc. (TINO) 09/05/2019 11:05:48 AM
Massive ask? What do you mean. I don’t Tamino Minerals, Inc. (TINO) 09/05/2019 10:52:04 AM
I think we need couple of 10-15 million Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 09/05/2019 10:44:30 AM
LMAO. Do you have level 2? Please post Tamino Minerals, Inc. (TINO) 09/05/2019 10:38:59 AM
Nothing from the company. From the latest report Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 09/05/2019 10:17:15 AM
BONZ 0.0038’s gone. Multi penny runner here imho Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 09/05/2019 10:02:41 AM
Yes Agree. Few nervous sellers trying to sell. Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 09/04/2019 03:11:21 PM
BONZ ask thin all the way to 10 cents Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/30/2019 12:58:49 PM
Yes Agree. Just nice accumulation considering the volume. Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/29/2019 03:05:46 PM
BONZ huge accumulation today. Expecting news soon as Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/29/2019 02:22:46 PM
Does your dd tells BONZ not pink current, Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/24/2019 06:50:02 AM
LMAO better dd proves lot of good stuff Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/24/2019 06:48:36 AM
Yes huge. Do your proper dd and you Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/24/2019 06:48:03 AM
I am here to give some realistic valuation Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/24/2019 12:59:41 AM
$10 million is very conservative. Valuation easily much Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/24/2019 12:27:29 AM
Lol. OS is what counts and the company Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/23/2019 09:04:04 PM
Totally False. BONZ pink current, no notes, no Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/23/2019 04:08:40 PM
Real company announces news when it happens. BONZ Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/23/2019 04:05:30 PM
BONZ multiple mergers in the works as per Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/23/2019 03:31:01 PM
BONZ huge assets, no liabilities rare penny opportunity Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/23/2019 03:27:27 PM
BONZ pink current, no notes, no reverse split Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/23/2019 03:26:05 PM
Yes Agree. One of these days, news followed Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/23/2019 02:54:54 PM
Gold price going up crazy now. BONZ to Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/23/2019 11:49:08 AM
Yes Agree. BONZ real company with real operations. Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/15/2019 03:06:17 PM
Yes Agree. Cheap shares getting accumulated before the run. Bonanza Goldfields (BONZ) 08/15/2019 02:48:18 PM