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Posts by MIKEY501BoardDate/Time
Needs more buyers...these 1M ask smacks are not IJJ Corp. (IJJP) 02/21/2018 03:42:38 PM
Are they about to wipe the .0004 bid American Leisure Holdings Inc (AMLH) 02/21/2018 03:33:09 PM
AMLH .0004s printing now.... American Leisure Holdings Inc (AMLH) 02/21/2018 03:15:48 PM
SS Updated 01-02-2018 OTC MARKETS! Baron Capital Enterprise, Inc. (BCAP) 02/21/2018 02:43:02 PM
Only 3m left at .0001 Baron Capital Enterprise, Inc. (BCAP) 02/21/2018 02:42:56 PM
I think you mean the bids are swelllllllllling! Lans Holdings Inc. (LAHO) 02/21/2018 02:18:47 PM
Jsut wait for the dump on .0003 they Compass Biotechnologies Inc. (COBI) 02/21/2018 02:18:17 PM
What wall there is 50M at .0005...small for IJJ Corp. (IJJP) 02/21/2018 02:11:15 PM
BOOOM they finally left and printed their ttrade. Lans Holdings Inc. (LAHO) 02/21/2018 02:05:24 PM
It is hard to deny there is some Minerco Inc. (MINE) 02/21/2018 01:19:50 PM
sweet! Awesome thanks for sharing! Minerco Inc. (MINE) 02/21/2018 01:10:59 PM
Need some work on those .0002s Telco Cuba, Inc. (QBAN) 02/21/2018 01:05:55 PM
Lets get those .0003 flowing here hand them Dig-It Underground, Inc. (DIGX) 02/21/2018 12:56:40 PM
MINE bids swellllllin. Minerco Inc. (MINE) 02/21/2018 12:50:15 PM
I think were about to see those .0005s American Leisure Holdings Inc (AMLH) 02/21/2018 12:42:58 PM
NYXO getting ready for another move? Nyxio Technologies Corporation (NYXO) 02/21/2018 12:39:28 PM
Moved my bids back to .0003 and .0004....seems American Leisure Holdings Inc (AMLH) 02/21/2018 12:38:14 PM
I suspect we are going to see them Minerco Inc. (MINE) 02/21/2018 12:37:31 PM
Loving all this volume pouring into PZOO! This Pazoo Inc. (PZOO) 02/21/2018 12:23:09 PM
Mikey guessing were about to see those .0004s Minerco Inc. (MINE) 02/21/2018 12:21:31 PM
Boooom another 20M block ask smack on those Minerco Inc. (MINE) 02/21/2018 12:15:11 PM
Mikey going to load a starter here today. IJJ Corp. (IJJP) 02/21/2018 12:03:59 PM
Let’s go SPOM! Market is hot SPO Global Inc. (SPOM) 02/21/2018 11:57:21 AM
FPFI another 10M ask smack. Shes ready when Fresh Promise Foods, Inc. (FPFI) 02/21/2018 11:25:39 AM
Lets see those .0004 get worked on now....looks Minerco Inc. (MINE) 02/21/2018 11:21:27 AM
BOOOM nice ask smack on those .0003s! A SKY440 INC (SKYF) 02/21/2018 11:00:49 AM
Morning FTPM $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 420 Property Mgmt. Inc. (FTPM) 02/21/2018 10:42:38 AM
LAHO coiled so tight when she breaks out Lans Holdings Inc. (LAHO) 02/21/2018 10:25:15 AM
PZOO .0003s starting up! Pazoo Inc. (PZOO) 02/21/2018 10:24:08 AM
AKYF ask thinning out nicely. SKY440 INC (SKYF) 02/21/2018 10:04:24 AM
Yes agreed...ready to see those .0003 and .0004s Pazoo Inc. (PZOO) 02/21/2018 09:58:30 AM
LAHO ask getting hit hard here in the Lans Holdings Inc. (LAHO) 02/21/2018 09:53:30 AM
Gooooood morning FPFI $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Fresh Promise Foods, Inc. (FPFI) 02/21/2018 09:52:50 AM
NSAV ask just got smoked out! NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 02/21/2018 09:52:25 AM
NYXO nice ask smack to open the day! Nyxio Technologies Corporation (NYXO) 02/21/2018 09:45:18 AM
Time to bring on the buyback news! That NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 02/21/2018 09:42:51 AM
NSAV ask smacks already starting in at the NSAV Holding, Inc. (NSAV) 02/21/2018 09:42:26 AM
BCAP ask getting smoked this morning. Baron Capital Enterprise, Inc. (BCAP) 02/21/2018 09:40:03 AM
Morning LAHO! Lets get the action started before Lans Holdings Inc. (LAHO) 02/21/2018 09:33:37 AM
PJET 2-2018 A/S unchanged at only 1B. Priority Aviation Inc. (PJET) 02/21/2018 09:17:35 AM