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Agree KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 07/07/2019 08:45:15 PM
Anyone know what happened to the Jeep thing? KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 07/06/2019 02:27:45 PM
Getting rid of the Super Voting Preferred stock KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 06/21/2019 03:41:53 PM
Giant Volume: 18,325,208 up to .0003 KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 06/19/2019 03:29:24 PM
Actions\Amendments KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 06/19/2019 01:06:40 PM
Actions\Amendments ------------------------------------------------------- Act KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 06/18/2019 03:57:37 PM
Looks like only ask slapping today KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 06/14/2019 02:26:18 PM
Steely, Agree 1000% Tic toc KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 06/11/2019 08:04:57 PM
I'm waiting for that Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 06/06/2019 01:26:27 PM
Anyone want out? Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 06/06/2019 01:08:45 PM
Okay fill me....... Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 06/06/2019 12:48:18 PM
I want some .ooo1's Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 06/06/2019 12:27:16 PM
I took a starter pack Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 06/06/2019 12:23:38 PM
Good morning Independent Film Development Corp. (IFLM) 06/06/2019 12:22:08 PM
Looks like RemSleep Holdings Inc. (RMSL) The old KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 05/16/2019 07:18:14 PM
KATX in high watch for RM candidate with KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 05/16/2019 07:04:01 PM
Welcome to KATX 2019 KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 05/16/2019 06:58:06 PM
Me too.... KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 05/14/2019 11:52:11 PM
Looks like the space race is back on. KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 03/04/2019 06:24:50 PM
Space Force KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 02/24/2019 03:19:27 PM
https://aip.scitation.org/doi/10.1063/1.43237 Molybdenum and tungsten single KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 02/24/2019 03:14:22 PM
https://westernmininghistory.com/mine_detail/10087869/ KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 02/24/2019 03:04:03 PM
I saw this today https://www.zoominfo.com/c/canadian-exploration-inc/385794449 KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 01/29/2019 07:12:52 PM
How is the Weather in Vancouver today KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 01/29/2019 03:51:55 PM
Looks like lots of DD for a ticker KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 01/29/2019 03:49:52 PM
Looks like you got your boat loaded today !!! KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 01/29/2019 03:45:28 PM
Mostly Buying week...Good Volume and Strong Support KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 01/12/2019 02:18:41 PM
Everything Right, Tell me more Elev8 Brands Inc. (VATE) 11/27/2018 07:44:44 PM
Next stop $50 pps!!! United States Steel Corporation (X) 06/11/2018 11:55:04 PM
https://www.stltoday.com/business/local/u-s-steel-to-restart-second-furnace-in-g United States Steel Corporation (X) 06/11/2018 03:21:38 PM
Agree... But this thing "KATX" still trades KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 06/05/2018 02:21:51 PM
A year ago you said .......... KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 06/04/2018 04:04:31 PM
I'm not arguing any point about the status KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 06/04/2018 01:59:32 PM
Updated news ... KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 06/03/2018 07:04:41 PM
Looks like the MM's need to cover United States Steel Corporation (X) 05/31/2018 02:28:05 PM
Whats next Ken, are you going to mine KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 05/18/2018 02:41:18 PM
Great Post !!!! United States Steel Corporation (X) 03/05/2018 02:33:39 PM
Added .0001 today TheDirectory.com, Inc. (SEEK) 03/01/2018 04:09:51 PM
http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/steel-manufacturers-to-trump-we-heard-the-prom United States Steel Corporation (X) 02/27/2018 12:20:29 PM
. KAT Exploration Inc. (KATX) 01/23/2018 03:33:41 PM