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Posts by $BABABoardDate/Time
2021 and beyond is going to be so Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 11/27/2020 07:18:49 PM
enough of the BS - time for Loop Loop Media Inc. (LPTV) 11/27/2020 07:18:15 PM
Let's get it going Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 11/12/2020 11:34:33 AM
SSFT getting ready to break out Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 11/12/2020 10:51:53 AM
yes sir! Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 09/16/2020 01:03:34 PM
https://twitter.com/DeItaOne/status/1305903065246113801?s=20 Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 09/15/2020 12:18:53 PM
nice little buying.... waiting patiently with this one Loop Media Inc. (LPTV) 09/11/2020 12:36:14 PM
nice small bid for a nice consolidation zone Loop Media Inc. (LPTV) 09/09/2020 11:37:37 AM
bids continue to stack and looking healthy Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 09/08/2020 11:39:57 AM
tick tock to the shorts lol Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 09/04/2020 01:20:05 PM
tick tock shorties Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 09/03/2020 02:26:56 PM
Time to shine Loop Loop Media Inc. (LPTV) 09/03/2020 02:26:39 PM
moving up on - literally at any given moment Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 09/02/2020 01:01:48 PM
this is getting ready to rip at any Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/31/2020 03:15:06 PM
2.20 x 2.40 now Loop Media Inc. (LPTV) 08/31/2020 11:51:57 AM
getting ready for this week and the weeks Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/30/2020 11:47:52 AM
have a good weekend - let's see what Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/28/2020 02:39:26 PM
let's get the ask hits going and get Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/28/2020 01:23:20 PM
2.33 and climbing Loop Media Inc. (LPTV) 08/28/2020 10:10:27 AM
Nice hit...... Tickity to the tockity Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/27/2020 03:47:33 PM
seller has to be gone now Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/27/2020 01:47:22 PM
Tickity to the Tockity Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/27/2020 12:07:05 PM
Never understood why people bid sit.... I see Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/27/2020 11:10:23 AM
GM all - let's get this seller out Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/27/2020 10:00:56 AM
getting closer - have a good night Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/26/2020 03:52:02 PM
Get your pop corn ready, cause this is Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/26/2020 02:04:47 PM
My goodness, this is absolutely coiled Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/26/2020 01:53:43 PM
Let's see if it starts to wake up Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/26/2020 01:50:46 PM
seller should be done here Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/26/2020 11:49:43 AM
Nice soaking of shares down at these levels Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/26/2020 10:31:42 AM
Most are missing the big picture with this Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/25/2020 02:09:58 PM
Great post D, and really think it's about Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/25/2020 09:48:26 AM
moos zibi Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/24/2020 04:00:55 PM
looks like a nice bottom Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/24/2020 03:56:56 PM
Perfectly said D Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/24/2020 03:48:50 PM
Big time games homie Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/24/2020 01:45:52 PM
giddy up Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/24/2020 01:15:23 PM
a lot higher Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/24/2020 12:06:34 PM
Epic run coming Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 08/24/2020 11:55:12 AM
Yes sir! Loop Media Inc. (LPTV) 08/21/2020 04:06:30 PM

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