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SFET $12.80 SMART MONEY GROUP 11/27/2019 07:14:12 AM
SFET $11.50 huge revenue increase!!! SMART MONEY GROUP 11/27/2019 07:10:11 AM
$10.50 SMART MONEY GROUP 11/27/2019 07:06:12 AM
SFET $9 SMART MONEY GROUP 11/27/2019 06:55:10 AM
Any news ? Was it passed? Aquagold International Inc. (AQUI) 11/20/2019 05:01:37 PM
AIHS back to 1.14 SMART MONEY GROUP 11/15/2019 08:26:05 AM
AIHS back to 80’s SMART MONEY GROUP 11/15/2019 07:39:43 AM
AIHD back to 80’s SMART MONEY GROUP 11/15/2019 07:39:30 AM
Going way past that buddy. I would agree Novagant Corp. (NVGT) 11/14/2019 07:44:14 AM
Gm. Folks will soon realize the Disanti power. Novagant Corp. (NVGT) 11/14/2019 07:39:56 AM
HDOG, Correction: $2-$3bil in transactions per last years Disanti Novagant Corp. (NVGT) 11/14/2019 07:26:05 AM
Lucky $&&(@. You caught the low of the SMART MONEY GROUP 11/13/2019 07:10:41 PM
NVGT- tomorrow is the last day for cheap SMART MONEY GROUP 11/13/2019 06:46:41 PM
NVGT- tomorrow is the last day for cheap SMART MONEY GROUP 11/13/2019 06:45:58 PM
Last day for cheapies tomorrow IMO. .20 + Novagant Corp. (NVGT) 11/13/2019 06:32:55 PM
No doubt berk. Could go higher this time Naerodynamics Inc (NDYN) 11/08/2019 10:50:45 AM
IRNC .0005 on high alert OVERSOLD PENNY STOCKS 10/30/2019 11:40:53 PM
What happened to U$$G? Novagant Corp. (NVGT) 10/30/2019 05:55:36 PM
:) Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/30/2019 02:18:26 PM
Ace, I’m smelling a 100 bagger here easy. Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/30/2019 02:11:52 PM
Sounds like shorties will get quite a squeeze Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/30/2019 02:06:18 PM
Hopefully this is bottom and we hear something Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/29/2019 05:35:04 PM
I would love to think so. Have $20k Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/29/2019 05:20:32 PM
Care to elaborate? Why next month? Do you Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/29/2019 04:51:29 PM
Peeterman, What’s your take here. Do you think we Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/29/2019 04:50:40 PM
FTFT added bigly here .65-.70 SMART MONEY GROUP 10/29/2019 12:52:59 PM
https://www.ccn.com/top-german-bank-predicts-bitcoin-to-hit-90000-after-halving/ Bitcoin (BTCUSD) 10/26/2019 11:18:00 AM
Same question for you! See you Monday! Hiru Corporation (HIRU) 10/25/2019 04:57:12 PM
9mil t-trade. Around 20mil left and then we Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/25/2019 04:55:19 PM
Link to filing please. Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/25/2019 10:50:59 AM
Looks like $30k left to convert if my Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/24/2019 09:57:23 PM
8k out https://fintel.io/doc/sec/1157814/000168316819003308/americandiversifie ****EVENT DRIVEN TRADERS'' BOARD**** 10/21/2019 08:40:56 AM
8k! https://fintel.io/doc/sec/1157814/000168316819003308/americandiversified_8k American Diversified Holdings, Inc. (ADHC) 10/21/2019 08:25:13 AM
What’s the next one is the question :) Southwestern Medical (SWNM) 10/18/2019 11:19:49 PM
Thanks , appreciate it. Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/18/2019 10:42:35 PM
For those interested in the real company funding: https://www.bizjournals.com/h Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/18/2019 10:40:17 PM
45 mil from what I recall. 15% Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/18/2019 10:17:34 PM
True, as we have seen with quite a Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/18/2019 10:04:27 PM
Werbe, I appreciate your input here, but after searching, Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/18/2019 09:41:51 PM
Is this it? Note 6 – Related Party Ironclad Encryption Corp. (IRNC) 10/18/2019 08:35:08 PM