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Like anyone needs more proof of his stupidity. AHayesC 08/09/21 7:22 AM
The next supercollider janga 04/06/21 12:08 PM
Now if leadership doesn’t have part in this janga 04/04/21 10:29 AM
Scientists At CERN Successfully Laser-Cool Antimatter For The janga 04/04/21 12:04 AM
Dude, stop. You're being desperate. Zecotek is a AHayesC 02/27/21 8:36 PM
Zecotek Photonics Inc. Announces Restructuring of Its Business janga 02/24/21 11:04 PM
Biden inks exec order tied to semiconductor shortage janga 02/24/21 6:32 PM
Maybe National Security but something Major is going janga 02/24/21 10:29 AM
This is indeed the hidden gems in plain sight!!! janga 02/24/21 12:07 AM
Is quietness due to some mass buyout or janga 02/23/21 6:18 PM
With such Brilliant People here are we altogether janga 02/23/21 2:30 PM
Forgot to say I believe Crystal is the janga 02/22/21 11:09 AM
First it was SCR then LED now Photos janga 02/22/21 10:38 AM
Market will make all here Rich: Read! janga 02/22/21 10:10 AM
Lol Meanwhile I'm up almost 200,000$ trying for starkd748 02/04/21 9:39 PM
Agreed. A.F. Zerrouk and his equally shit company AHayesC 02/04/21 9:25 PM
Piece of shit company now subpennies.... starkd748 01/25/21 11:56 PM
Ok there we go printed a $0.0001 bogus maestro_of_Ihub 09/30/20 8:12 AM
Lol. You still here?! Well I did say AHayesC 09/30/20 7:55 AM
Doesn’t change the fact that the CEO can maestro_of_Ihub 09/29/20 8:10 AM
Epic fail pos starkd748 09/27/20 10:16 PM
Is this company actually manipulating the stock to maestro_of_Ihub 09/18/20 1:28 PM
Shhhhh maestro_of_Ihub 06/09/20 6:53 AM
wow lot of anger for a guy who Jitz 01/10/20 4:16 PM
You overpayed this junk is subpennies now lol... starkd748 01/10/20 2:40 PM
Epic fail Subpennies starkd748 01/10/20 2:39 PM
Complete utter epic fail...This piece of shit is starkd748 01/10/20 2:38 PM
So we become a software company now. Yay. AHayesC 12/23/19 8:53 PM
https://finance.yahoo.com/news/zecotek-photonics-inc-announces-restructuring-200900741.html not s Jitz 12/23/19 5:23 PM
Tell him we know his plan is to AHayesC 11/03/19 7:05 PM
LMFAO. Still loving your investment? Worst trade ever. AHayesC 11/03/19 7:01 PM
Hello, wanted to put a quick note on Jitz 11/01/19 11:05 AM
Too right it is. But you and I AHayesC 08/28/19 10:42 PM
Ugliest chart ive ever seen...Total pos lol starkd748 08/28/19 10:35 PM
No we are buyin, hemp. Cryptos, and new starkd748 07/02/19 4:32 AM
From my query to IR: maestro_of_Ihub 06/28/19 7:04 PM
Under accumulation! News pending! Bottomeed out maestro_of_Ihub 06/06/19 8:06 AM
Whats the scoop on this POS? runningsloth 06/05/19 8:54 PM
Yesin 12 to 18 minutes months this will maestro_of_Ihub 06/04/19 7:07 AM
See you in 12 months. AHayesC 06/03/19 10:35 PM
lol it’s not like I paid $100,000,000 for maestro_of_Ihub 06/03/19 10:02 PM
I can't believe you bought 1m of this AHayesC 06/03/19 9:52 PM
It’s coming next two weeks! $3.9 Million maestro_of_Ihub 06/02/19 8:18 AM
https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard?symbol=v.zms&postid=29789385 maestro_of_Ihub 06/01/19 7:15 AM
I have no evidence all I can say maestro_of_Ihub 05/30/19 8:18 AM
What grounds or evidence do you have? And AHayesC 05/30/19 1:43 AM
About to go! Watch the ticker! maestro_of_Ihub 05/28/19 1:28 PM
No volume noooooo starkd748 04/15/19 4:20 PM
Patent update this week, wonder what’s brewing behind maestro_of_Ihub 04/13/19 7:50 AM
It’s time to load, and as much as maestro_of_Ihub 04/13/19 7:49 AM
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Zecotek Photonics Inc. (ZMSPF)

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Zecotek Photonics

Unit 1120 - 21331 Gordon Way
Richmond, BC, V6W 1J9
Tel: +1 604 233 0056
Fax: +1 604 676 2264
Email: info@zecotek.com
For more information visit www.zecotek.com
follow @zecotek on Twitter 
"like" us in Facebook at www.facebook.com/zecotek

Richmond, B.C.’s Zecotek Photonics Inc. boasts a number of cutting edge technologies it currently has on the market and in development.

Scintillation crystals, which are made to detect radiation, are one of the company’s specialties. 
Zecotek crystals are currently being used in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. 

Zecotek’s work in the area of screen technology is of the most innovative on the market today.  The companies primary breakthrough in this area facilitates the ability to view images and movies in 3-D, without requiring the viewer to wear glasses. Zecotek non-glasses 3-D screens were put on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.
Zecotek Photonics Inc. develops photonics technologies and products for commercial and research applications for various markets in Asia, Europe, and North America. It offers Lutetium Fine Silicate series of scintillation crystals for use in medical and industrial imaging devices, and gamma cameras; photo-detector for low light detection; and fiber lasers for use in medical and non-medical applications.

Its Display Systems segment provides auto stereoscopic 3D/2D display for applications in various fields, including medical, entertainment and gaming, advertising, graphics and design, flight imulators and navigation, geology and mapping, military and defense, real estate, and air-traffic control.
ZecoTek credits strategic alliances with Northrop Grumman for LFS scintillation material, Fujikura Ltd. for fiber and solid-state laser systems, Malaysian Institute of Microelectronics for the solid-state MAPD photo detectors, and Anteryon BV for component of the 3D display screens.
Zecotek Photonics Inc sells its products to industrial, scientific, and medical markets in Asia, Europe, and North America. The company was formerly known as Zecotek Medical Systems Inc. and changed its name to Zecotek Photonics Inc. in November 2007. Zecotek Photonics Inc. 

Informative Video  - Dr. Fauzi Zerrouk Ph.D 
 Chairman of the Board, PresidentChief Executive Officer of Zecotek Photonics

Dr. A. Faouzi Zerrouk   
Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Zecotek

Dr. Zerrouk is Chairman, President and CEO of Zecotek Photonics Inc. In 1989, he established the first foreign partnered, private, business oriented photonics research Lab in the Ex-Soviet Union (Novosibirsk, Siberia). He duplicated the same model in three prestigious research institutes in Moscow. Dr. Zerrouk acted as a technology transfer advisor, working closely with the Ministry of Science and Technology during the transition period to the Russian federation. He worked on Research and Development strategies for the new economy with prominent members of the Russian Academy of Science and coordinated many government projects in joint relations between Russia and countries like China, Germany, USA, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Zerrouk was Chairman and CEO of various companies in Europe and Asia.
Dr. Zerrouk is a Canadian citizen. He received his PhD in Theoretical Physics, in 1987 from the University of Sussex, England. Through 1987–1993, he held research and faculty positions at various centers. Amongst them, the Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford, England, (Atomic & Laser physics); Siberian Academy of Sciences (TOKAMAK and Laser fusion research); the Institute of Thermal Processes, Moscow (high-power gas dynamic lasers). At the Institute of General Physics, Moscow, Dr. Zerrouk worked with the group of the Nobel Laureate Academician Prokhorov where he co-developed RGB and UV micro-chipset lasers with large market applications. He also established commercially driven private R&D labs based in Russia, in the fields of crystals & lasers, holographic, 3D displays, new materials, nanostructures, optical networks and communication subsystems. Dr. Zerrouk is the principal founder of Zecotek Holdings technologies. He served as the Executive Chairman, President and CEO since inception.

Mr. Michael Minder  
Interim Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President of Finance, Investor Relations

Mr. Minder is a seasoned finance professional with over 15 years of international banking experience. He held senior leadership roles in Asset and Wealth Management for Credit Suisse Group in both Switzerland and North America, managing assets of high net worth accounts.
In 1998 he left the Credit Suisse Group to form his own firm providing international investment banking and investor relations advisory services to numerous U.S., Canadian, and European listed companies. Zecotek benefits from his experience as they broaden their focus in global marketplaces.

Azman Ariffin 
Executive Vice-President, Operations and General Manager Zecotek Imaging Systems Pte Ltd

Mr. Azman , a Singapore citizen, holds a Masters Degree in Engineering Business Management from Warwick University and has more than 25 years experience in the field of Manufacturing and Operations. Prior to joining Zecotek in 2006, he held a senior position in a Government Statutory Board. From 2001 to 2004, Mr. Azman was the General Manager for the South East Asian operations of Unified Technologies, a private Canadian company working in the field of photonics. Mr. Azman received his early training in the field of optical fabrication from a Singapore Government Training Centre and received further training in the United States of America. He held various positions in product development and manufacturing. From 1990 to 2000, Mr. Azman was Senior Commercial Advisor for an international middle-Eastern-based high tech company.

SCIENTIFIC BOARD ADVISORY along with Dr. A Faouzi Zerrouk

Dr. Stephen Rowe  
Member of the Advisory Board
Dr. Rowe holds a Ph.D. in Physics (Optical Imaging) from Imperial College, London University. He formerly served as Chief Technology Officer for Zecotek and, after retiring, has acted in an advisory role to the Company. Prior to Zecotek, Dr. Rowe was an innovation management consultant, based in Silicon Valley. In this capacity, Dr. Rowe assisted top management of high-tech companies and investors to develop solutions to complex problems in business planning and development, managing the product development process, patent strategy and due diligence. Previously, Dr. Rowe was Managing Director of the Innovation Management practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Before focusing on consulting, he worked in executive product and business development positions at Xerox, IBM, and ventures in Silicon Valley. He helped bring several products from concept to market including, scanners, copiers, imaging workstations, optical data links and the world's first laser printer.

Dr. Thomas Tiedje  
Member of the Advisory Board
Dr. Tiedje received his doctorate in Physics at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver , BC , Canada . At present, he is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy, and Electrical and Computer Engineering at UBC. In recognition of his important work, he was awarded a fellow of the American Physical Society and the Royal Society of Canada. Dr. Tiedje has conducted extensive research in the area of new semi-conductor materials. He presently heads the Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) lab at UBC where advanced research is currently focused on the growth of epitaxial films and the fabrication of optoelectronic devices from compound semiconductors. Under Dr. Tiedje’s leadership the MBE lab has pioneered the use of diffuse light scattering for monitoring surface morphology and substrate temperature in real time.

Dr. Thomas Lewellen  
Member of the Advisory Board
Dr. Lewellen obtained his doctorate in Experimental Nuclear Physics from the University of Washington in Seattle , Washington . He currently holds the position of Director, Physics and Instrumentation Development as well as Professor of Radiology at the University of Washington and is also an Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering. Dr. Lewellen is considered the leading researcher in the field of high resolution PET system development. He is conducting advanced research in the area of position-sensitive PET scanners. Moreover, Dr. Lewellen has been and is a principal investigator for many NIH grants in the areas of PET and SPECT development, simulations of imaging systems, and improvement of image quality. Dr. Lewellen's group at the University of Washington has also conducted contract research for several major corporations, including General Electric Medical Systems.
Additionally, Dr. Lewellen has undertaken consulting tasks for many commercial firms, including most of the major medical imaging companies. Dr. Lewellen has received various honours from the National Honors Physics Society, NASA, and the National Mathematical Honors Society among others. In 2005 he chaired the Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS) and Medical Imaging Conference (MIC) held in Puerto Rico .

Dr. K. A. Abraham  
Member of the Advisory Board
Dr. K.A. Abraham is a Consultant E.N.T. Surgeon who has been in private practice since 1984. He has held the position of Deputy Head at the E.N.T. Department of the Singapore General Hospital, and later was the first Head of the E.N.T. Department at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. He helped establish the E.N.T. Department at the National University Hospital and was a visiting Consultant at the University until 2002. Dr. K.A. Abraham received his MBBS from the University of Singapore (1969). He is a Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh (1973), a member of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore and is a past President of the Society of Otolaryngology in Singapore.

Dr. Tiong-Ann Teoh  
Member of the Advisory Board
Dr. Tiong-Ann Teoh is a recognized expert in Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery and is currently the Consultant Colorectal Surgeon and General Surgeon at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre in Singapore. He received his MBBS (1985) and Master of Medicine (Surgery)(1990) from the National University of Singapore under the auspices of a Singapore Government Public Services Commission Merit Scholarship. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh)(1990) and the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (1994). Dr. Teoh is a Founding Member of Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia and also a Founding member of the Society of Colorectal Surgeons of Singapore. He is also a Member of the American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons and was previously a member of the Technologies Committee of this American Society.


Stock Quote  

Listed on: Toronto Venture Exchange (TSX-V: ZMS) Frankfurt Exchange (W1I)

OS as at November 30, 2014............ 112,258,554


Mailing Address:

Unit 1120 - 21331 Gordon Way
Richmond, BC V6W 1J9 Canada
Tel: +1 604-233-0056


Operating Headquarters:

21 Kallang Avenue, #03-177
Singapore, 339412
Tel: +65 6292 2040


Governing Jurisdiction:

British Columbia

CUSIP Number:

98921P 10 4

Financial Year-End:

July 31


British Columbia, Alberta

Reporting Stock Exchange:

TSX Venture

Stock Symbol:




Transfer Agent:

ComputerShare Trust Company

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