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The WSGI TA board was created to provide existing and potential investors a forum to discuss current technical analysis and explanations and discussions of price movement, daily price swings, mm's, specialist, shorting, option trading and other topics that moderators deem as appropriate to understanding the stock market and it’s relation to WSGI. Learning and teaching happen daily on this board directly and indirectly no matter where your skill level so keep that in mind and keep conversation civil, respectful and on topic. Since chart analysis is an more an art form than an exact science everyone will always be learning and improving their skills no matter what level of their ability.

A few points we would like you to keep in mind while posting

• Keep your posts on topic and WSGI related, discussion of fundamentals belong on our other WSGI board, this would include most analysis of Press Releases if they are discussed here it should include how , what and why it will effect price movement or charts

• Keep posts civil without pumping or bashing if you feel a need to, there are many places you can do that but not here.

• Predictions are just that if you feel WSGI will reach a certain price it should include your reasoning based off technical analysis and when to expect it to be reached.

• There are negative opinions everyone should be respectful of them, if you are presenting a negative opinion it should be presented in a respectful, thoughtful and reasoned manner. Everyone has something at risk and to taunt only inflames emotions, whereas information even negative can be appreciated if presented properly. If you can’t take a posters negative view point the ignore feature works great and no response works even better.

• Every post is appreciated it should go without saying. If you feel the need to thank or agree with a poster for their contribution feel free to as long as you add to the discussion a simple “thanks” or “I agree” will do nothing to further ones understanding on any subject.

• If you feel the need to alert the board to a purchase you made or intend to make the size of the trade is not relevant since this is a message board and one could claim any amount, what is important is why and what did you see in the charts that indicated your purchase price was the right at that time.

• Please follow all IHUB Terms of Use review here if needed.

Posts not meeting guidelines will be deleted without explanation we don’t have the time or desire to justify every deletion. If you feel strongly enough PM or email me and if I have the time or desire I’ll try to provide a reason. From time to time we may post a public explanation if it serves a larger purpose but don’t expect it every time.

Just a final note this board is only as great as we make it. If you have any suggestions PM or email us. This board won’t be great because of the moderators it will be great because of the posters, which there are many outstanding ones on this board and hopefully we attract more that may only read right now or may be looking for refuge from less civil forums. So let’s all work toward the goal of having one of the finest boards on IHUB.

Please vist our other board for discussions not related to the share price or market for WSGI Stock

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#44374   came here for old times sake, the wind-down Vision2030 01/17/20 01:54:25 PM
#44372   Shit happens, revoked Logon26 05/30/18 02:29:30 AM
#44371   Is this trading anywhere? WilliamFL 05/22/18 01:38:04 PM
#44370   Scam sandwiches risk_it_us 05/02/18 09:53:57 PM
#44369   What are they serving at this year's shareholders meeting? Acumen 05/02/18 09:54:30 AM
#44368   Believe me, you are not by yourself. pongman721 10/17/17 05:49:15 PM
#44367   Oh got in and here i am by 1to100 10/16/17 10:07:22 AM
#44366   REVOKED Fire Lane 06/23/17 09:19:30 AM
#44364   +150%? Somebody must know something (kidding - rwehapi2003 02/10/17 03:41:55 PM
#44363   Anyone else notice that a few more MM's rwehapi2003 02/08/17 08:55:30 AM
#44362   on this one, what do y'all think of ESTATE GURU 05/16/16 11:15:22 AM
#44361   What's up with this WSGI? scarlet knight 02/24/16 01:52:25 PM
#44360   The pulse is getting stronger?? Over overadollar 01/07/15 12:28:13 PM
#44359   Ok. Hoping for more phone calls. ?? Over overadollar 01/06/15 11:27:21 AM
#44358   And no news...other than a purported phone call Pagan 01/06/15 11:12:09 AM
#44357   We are only talking tenths of a Pagan 01/06/15 11:10:38 AM
#44356   Are we detecting a pulse? Over overadollar 01/06/15 11:02:56 AM
#44355   maybe the phone call by WEST turbodog 01/06/15 10:34:49 AM
#44354   Up 44% @ the moment. Pagan 01/06/15 10:31:39 AM
#44353   Why the recent uptick on no news? Pagan 01/06/15 10:30:32 AM
#44352   Is that 161MM!! on the bid at $.0013? hogman_5 12/17/14 12:03:06 PM
#44351   Currently 3mm on the bid @.0015. Odd....something similar Pagan 12/16/14 10:21:43 AM
#44350   Yes, CDEL is still there with it, but trunkmonk 12/12/14 01:46:07 PM
#44349   Over 10MM sitting on the bid @.0015. Kinda odd. Pagan 12/12/14 11:31:47 AM
#44348   I would also like to hear his comment trunkmonk 12/11/14 05:51:45 PM
#44347   Nil: If you're out there what's your hogman_5 12/11/14 02:31:08 PM
#44346   Maybe someone holding or looking at DRNE figures Mt bigsky 10/02/14 12:05:27 PM
#44345   Wonder why the sudden increase in SP today. Pagan 10/02/14 11:36:32 AM
#44344   Oh yes, it makes so much sense that be_real 09/30/14 12:22:44 PM
#44343   What a record day. Trading was excellent. linebacker44 09/12/14 05:09:42 PM
#44342   lots of selling the past 3 days somebody turbodog 09/11/14 04:18:02 PM
#44340   Oh wow, yes, a trade at $.0042 for be_real 08/25/14 10:18:01 AM
#44339   And so far it looks like nobody wants hogman_5 08/05/14 11:29:49 AM
#44338   Over 1mm shares @ the bid @.0037 at Pagan 08/05/14 09:42:49 AM
#44337   There was just a 1 share trade @ Pagan 08/01/14 11:22:21 AM
#44336   This stock should be completely delisted! What a linebacker44 07/09/14 05:17:38 AM
#44335   1,641,290 buys vs 3,278,280 sells w/310,000 tweeners. BareBaxBo 07/07/14 08:55:26 PM
#44334   What a complete crock of SHITE this morning! be_real 07/01/14 10:43:56 PM
#44333   lots of selling today what is going on?? turbodog 06/17/14 05:14:07 PM
#44331 ma linebacker44 06/16/14 11:14:34 PM
#44330   Time and Sales is different than Level 2/Level BareBaxBo 06/10/14 03:01:44 PM
#44329   Could have something to do with the downgrade coastiretired 06/10/14 02:38:11 PM
#44328   Inquiring minds want to know, why back on BareBaxBo 06/10/14 01:11:34 PM
#44327   wow, you guys that bought in at the gtel1 06/05/14 10:29:43 AM
#44326   This is a good development... ColeThornton 06/03/14 12:55:00 PM
#44325   tsuguy, you are spot-on in that post also, be_real 06/02/14 08:30:33 PM
#44324   Is dat a widdle-biddy all time low, at Trashboy 06/02/14 04:49:01 PM
#44323   LOL...At this point they wouldn't. I am tsuguy 06/02/14 04:12:35 PM
#44322   This stock is done! Its over!! linebacker44 06/02/14 03:56:38 PM
#44321   tsuguy, "...there likely isn't any new investor be_real 06/02/14 03:54:10 PM
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