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WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc (WIMI)

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WIMI Hologram Cloud Inc. (WIMI)  
SEC CIK 0001770088     
Shares Outstanding  86.71 Million

WIMI Hologram to become the creator of the largest holographic AR ecosytem in China.
WiMi Hologram Cloud provides users with visual solutions for production management, assists enterprises
in digital transformation and upgrading, and improves production efficiency and economic benefits.

Company Presentation:

Address: 1st West Dawang Road, Room No.2002, Building A, Wentley Center, Chaoyang District Beijing, CN, 100020

Phone:         +86-10-53384913
Address 2:   Room#816, 8th Floor, Building 6, Yard 49 Badaodai Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, PRC
Phone 2:      158-99796891  Jianye Li - Manager
Contact:   Media:   Press:

SEC Reports:

Investor Relations:     Sharon Zhou  ICR,LLC

Auditor: Friedman LLP
FCC Wireless Applications:
User Manual:

WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences
Contact: Holographic Science Innovation Center   Email:
Funding Plan
Holographic Computing Science
Holographic Communication Science
Micro-integration Science
Holographic Cloud Science

Scientific results
School of information
Outstanding AR holographic technology personnel.
To be successful will be augmented reality and holographic technology from the transformation of
scientific and technological fields to mainstream application, need excellent technical personnel. In the
field of new holographic AR a great success, need is not only a technical personnel, and management
and marketing talent.


Explanations of technical terms
 AI Artificial Intelligence

 AIGC AI-Generated Content

 Cloud computing
 Digital Transformation

 Digital twins
 Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution
 Internet of Things

Patents & Developments
- 3D computer-generated hologram technology based on deep learning
- 3D Detection Algorithm By Multi-Channel Convolutional Neural Network
- 3D Digital Modeling Design System for Virtual Imaging
- 3D Gesture Tracking Algorithm to Build Intelligent HCI Model
- 3D Holographic LiDAR Diffuse Reflectance Target Detection Chip
- 3D-Imaging Reconstruction Algorithm System
- 3D Multiple Views Reconstruction Algorithm
- 3D Object Recognition Algorithm System Based On Deep Learning
- 3D Object Recognition System Based On Multi-View Feature Fusion
- 3D Point Cloud-Based Holographic Digital Twin Cloud Platform
- Accurate 3-D shape Detection By Digital Holographic Microscope
- 3D Visualization Holographic Interaction System
- 5G Remote Driving Integrated Control System For Driverless Vehicles
- 5G-based Real-time Interactive Holographic Remote Education Management System
- 5G Remote Holographic Real-Time Interactive Education Management System
- Acousto-Optically Driven Ultrafast Transient Holographic Optical Imaging System
- AI-Based Chip Automated Filling System to Boost Production
- AI chip system for holographic face recognition based on edge computing
- AI-Holo Robot To Generate 3D Holograms
- AI Management Platform By Data Algorithm Analysis
- AI RAN Side-Network Slice Management System
- AI Voice Interactive Vehicle Robot
- AIGC+ Digital Humans
- BCI-VR Gaming System
- CPS Security With AI Technology & Deep-Learning Function
- Convolutional Neural Network-based Image Enhancement Algorithm
- Convolutional Neural Network-Based Image Fusion Algorithm System
- Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm-Based Image Recognition System
- Cloud Computing-Based Graphics Rendering Engine Optimization System
- Cloud Optical Image Encryption
- Data Algorithm Software Based On Big Data Internet Technology
- Data Grading and Digital Fingerprint Encryption Technology
- Data interaction system to effectively solve the information silo problem
- Data mining clustering algorithm system based on artificial neural network
- Data Security Risk Awareness System
- Data Security Risk Perception System
- DCNN AI Technology Based on N-dimensional Manifold Holographic Technology
- Dedicated computer system chip SoC-FPGA (System on a Chip - Field-Programmable Gate Array)
- Digital Cloud Platform upgraded by its Virtual Imaging Model Design System
- Digital Content Compression and Processing System for Web 3.0
- Digital Holo Eye-Focus System
- Digital Holographic Security Authentication Technology
- Digital Image Processing Software To Improve Efficiency
- Digital Twin AR System
- Digital Twin Visualization and Interaction System to Boost Intelligent Industrial Transformation
- Distributed Image Storage Protocol (DISP)
- Diverse Data Fusion Technology To Assist Scientific Decision Making
- Edge Information System for a smart Internet of Vehicles
- Edge LMM-VFC (Virtual function chain) model
- Endoscopy System For CPLD Based on Hologram Acquisition Technology
- EEG electronic device for the brain-AI closed-loop system
- Enterprise Data Management System Through WBM-SME System
- EOG-Based Virtual Reality Interaction System
- Eye Movement Focus System for Next-Gen Holographic Head-Worn Displays
- Face detection and database comparison recognition system
- Fog architecture for IoT Sensing and Actuation as a Service (SAaaS)
- Gesture control system based on sensor-based Electro-Holography technology (EH)
- HCI System Realizes Barrier-Free Communication Between People and Objects
- High-Performance Software For the Holographic Distribution Algorithm
- Highly Concurrent IoT Platform Based on Realtime Visualization of Big Data
- Highly Reliable SSR System Based on Multi-feature Signal Perception
- Holographic 3D building model reconstruction algorithm
- HoloBrick Unit Display System
- Holographic AI Image Recognition-Based Obstacle Edge Detection Software
- Holographic Digital Cloud Platform Based on 3-D Cloud Technology
- Holographic Imaging Device And Method
- Holographic MES Intelligent Production Management System
- Holographic Optical Chips
- Holographic Quantum Frontier Technology
- Holographic Vision-Based HV-SLAM For Passive Navigation System
- Holographic Wise Information Technology of Med (WITMED)
- Humanoid control system based on mixed-signal BCI brain-computer interface technology
- Hybrid augmented intelligence system based on human-computer collaboration
- Industrial IoT data storage system based on LRC sharding blockchain
- Immersive System To Realize Cross-Space And Time Virtual Communication
- Intelligent algorithm video analysis security warning system
- Intelligent Driving System
- Intelligent face detection recognition system
- Intelligent Production Line With The Layout Of The Holographic Sensors
- Interactive holographic display system based on finger gestures
- Interactive Holographic Display System for Web 3.0
- Interactive VR Holographic Imaging System Based on AI
- Lidar Automatic Drive Tech
- Load Balancing Algorithm-Based 5G Remote Robotic IoT Control System
- Manufacturing-as-a-service MaaS system platform based on distributed ledgers
- MEC-Based Intelligent AR System Platform to Build Diversified Service System
- MR System to Explore AI Real-Time Holographic Display
- Multi-Dimensional Digital Holographic Remote Interaction by 6G Holographic Communication
- Multi-View Data Fusion Algorithm
- Multiple Applications of Digital Human
- Multiple Chips for 3D Holographic LiDAR
- Network slicing management system at the RAN (radio access network)
- Neural Network-Based Data Fusion Algorithm System
- Optical scanning holographic reconstruction algorithm
- Real-Time AI Holographic Display With CGH Technology
- Real-time network holographic microscope interaction technology
- Reinforcement learning simulator
- Remote Control System Based On Human-Computer Interaction.
- Silent Speech Recognition System
- Super Intelligent Network System Creating A Holographic Smart City
- Super-Surface Dynamic Holographic Technology
- Target tracking algorithm system based on multi-feature fusion
- Technology of realizing crosstalk control of dynamic holography
- Three Dimensional Holographic Brick Unit Display System
- Ultra-thin panel holographic display system
- Variety of Chips For 3D Holographic LiDAR
- Visual Interactive Digital Twins System To Boost Digital Intelligence
- Visual programming tool system based on AIoT
- Virtual digital human gesture generation algorithm based on application scenarios
- Virtual reality multi-channel interactive system
- Virtual wearable system based on Web3.0 technology
- XR-Based HCI System Offers A Multi-View Fusion Solution For XR Interaction
- XR-Based Human-Computer Interaction System

Holographic cloud application platform.
The platform layer.
- Holographic data management platform.
- Holographic media asset management platform.
- Holographic advertising service platform.
- Holographic audio-visual integration platform.

System layer.
- Holographic analysis system Holographic capture system.
- Holographic tracking system.
- Holographic label system.
- Holographic recognition system.
- Holographic mutual system.

The application layer
- Graphics embedded module Accurately capture module
- Accurate tracking module
- The data analysis module
- Data mining module
- Data management module
- Data acquisition module
- Matching arithmetic module
- Holographic effect add module
- Pixel level precision positioning module

Development Strategy
In recent years, WIMI has made outstanding achievements in the output of holographic AR advertising
and entertainment technology. It is promoting the wide application of holographic technology in more
industries and expanding its leading position in the industry. WIMI will also continue to expand its
reserves of high-quality holographic computer vision, and will pay special attention to the development
and acquisition of computer vision in the entertainment and education fields in the short and medium term.
WIMI will continue to focus on technology research and development, including general holographic
technology and client software, and improve big data and artificial intelligence capabilities. WIMI will
expand the base of customers and partners in various industries and deepen cooperation. WIMI seeks
strategic cooperation, acquisition and investment opportunities on a global scale, which has helped the
rapid development and rise of the industry and promoted the global holographic digitalization process.

Industry Advantage
Holographic 3D computer vision industry introduction
The holographic 3D computer vision industry is a highly simulated stereoscopic 3D computer vision formed by holographic computer
vision data collection through more than dozens of cameras for complex image information collection and computer synthesis technology.
Holographic computer vision presentation is a fixed-end or mobile-end projection device that allows people to see the image of 3D
computer vision holographic computer vision and the real world. It is a way to realize AR. Holographic computer vision and AR related
technologies have broad application prospects. Application scenarios include but are not limited to holographic theater, holographic
cinema, holographic education, holographic advertising, holographic entertainment, holographic exhibitions, holographic new retail,
holographic high-end home applications, holographic vehicles, holographic social, holographic communication, etc.

WIMI has been in a leading position in the holographic industry.
WIMI has recently become the world’s leading holographic integrated solution provider - the number of holographic computer vision
copyrights, holographic technology related patents and software copyrights are the number one in the industry. WIMI’s capabilities
cover multiple links from computer vision production, service platform construction, to cloud software development and technical
support. Compared with other companies in the same industry,
WIMI has a more comprehensive one-stop service capability.

WIMI’s strong and industry-leading technical strength.
WIMI computer vision AI synthesis: The image information acquisition precision is about 10 times higher than the industry level, and
the computer holographic vision AI synthesis processing capability is about 80% better than the industry average
WIMI holographic computer vision presentation: Setting multiple parameter dimensions to accurately control imaging,
the simulation
degree is as high as 98%, far exceeding the industry average
WIMI holographic cloud software development: Integrates multiple commercial and holographic technology functional modules

to provide customers with one-stop solutions.

Industrie Investment
As an industry leader, WIMI has always paid great attention to industry development and industry research, and is committed to
industrial investment in holographic AR to help the holographic AR industry and enterprises develop rapidly. It has invested in
more than 17 high-quality upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain. The areas involved include:
- Holographic AR interactive component design,
- Holographic AR optical component development,
- Holographic AR image development,
- Hholographic AR hardware/software development,
- Holographic AR application expansion, and
- Holographic AR platform construction and other related industry enterprises.
The company will continue to increase the scale of industrial investment and industry research, and will establish a professional
industrial investment fund to support companies and teams with great development potential and high growth in the industry, and
to help and guide the rapid development of the industry. 

WIMI has a stake in these companies.

Holographic cloud advertising applications
Holographic cloud advertising online augmented reality application field is divided into holographic
advertising and offline holographic advertising platform released two types. Online augmented reality
holographic advertising is holographic computer vision application in the field of advertising video
paper, holographic advertising platform offline advertising is through the light particles ads machine,
holographic glass machine, holographic display advertising special equipment such as holographic
visual presentation of advertising applications.

WiMi holographic cloud advertising advantage
WIMI holographic cloud have more distribution channels, the integrated advantage of application
platform scale covering domestic mainstream customers.

Accurate delivery
WIMI holographic cloud using data resource integration to provide more accurate delivery.
The cost is low
WIMI holographic cloud on the media solution using the node type on the strategy, and take advantage
in the platform The contents of advertisements on offer, decrease the cost of customer use.

The data analysis
Two-way WIMI holographic cloud for advertisers and media platform to provide data support, to help
customers with two-way media platform optimization, to ensure the sustainable growth of platform raw
state. WIMI holographic cloud can provide detailed data and custom on the depth report for holographic
cloud WIMI ads provide dimensional analysis.

Openness and security
WIMI holographic cloud open API interface, but also to the customer to provide protection for media
platform strategy, guarantee the interests of both sides, and to keep the benign development of WIMI
holographic cloud advertising platform.

What Is 5G ? A Beginners Guide

Product WIMI Hologram Cloud 5 G Application Solution
As 5G holographic communication network bandwidth conditions change, the 5G holographic application
market will usher in an explosion. High-end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment,
holographic conferences, and holographic conferences will gradually become popular in holographic
social, holographic communication, holographic navigation, and holographic home applications. We plan
to use holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face-changing technology as the
core technology, and use multiple technologically innovative systems to support holographic cloud
platform services and 5G communication holographic applications.

WiMi builds a real-time modeling system for multi-angle shooting.
Full-dimensional image scanning of the collected objects and real-time synthesis into a three-dimensional model.
Six-degree matrix light field system.
Comprehensive use of multiple light sources to construct the imaging field of holographic virtual images.
Binocular disparity intelligent enhancement system.
Dynamically track the object trajectory and adjust the light during the acquisition process to maintain the
balanced value of binocular disparity.

Multi-image dynamic fusion system.
Multi-dimensional image wide-angle acquisition technology in a narrow space, applied to the miniaturized
holographic warehouse of Cloud Vision.

High-speed processing algorithm for holographic image.
It processes image information at a high speed and guarantees the rendering effect.
The processing rate is 10GB/sec.

Stealth polyester optical imaging film.
The key component of holographic imaging, allowing holographic images to be displayed perfectly.
Holographic virtual character voice reconstruction technology.
Use human skeleton dynamic capture, real-time image rendering, voice recognition technology, sound
simulation technology to present virtual people.

Holographic Cloud Spectrum Platform.
A nationwide image collection and restoration, an interactive platform with data storage, image restoration,
and holographic social attributes. WiMi has built a complete 5G holographic communication application
platform through the combination of the above systems to support various online terminal and personal
device applications, while expanding holographic social communication, holographic family interaction,
holographic star interaction, holographic online education, holographic online meeting And other
mainstream 5G holographic applications. 
WiMi’s holographic service will be deeply integrated with 5G.
With the cooperation of 5G’s high speed and low latency, the average transmission delay of remote
communication and data transmission from the system terminal to the service server is about 6ms,
which is much lower than that of 4G network transmission.
The delay ensures the long-distance communication and data transmission of holographic AR without jams,
low delay, and multi-terminal remote collaboration, and the richness and diversity of time interaction. Makes
the collaboration of end + cloud collaboration more efficient. Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and
Internet of Things (IoT) applications will enable our holographic AR advertising business and holographic AR
entertainment business, as well as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic meetings, holographic
social, holographic communication, holographic home hologram, etc., will be based on The core technologies
of 5G+AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face-changing technology
have achieved effective growth.

Wimi 6G
In order to provide users with a fully immersive experience, 6G will inevitably replace 5G networks. Considering
that it will take 10 years to realize the next generation of wireless networks With more and more applications
requiring large amounts of data processing, the work to roll out the next generation of network technology
should start now. 6G is the key to more immersive extended reality (XR), holographic images and digital twins
beyond 5G hyper-connectivity.
To enable these services, 6G should support massive amounts of real-time data processing, super- Fast data rates
and extremely low latency. Now is the right time to prepare for 6G. The speed of 6G will be 50 times that of 5G,
and the delay will be one-tenth that of 5G. It is necessary to speed up the shaping to meet the arrival of 6G.

6G will complete the vision of the Internet of Everything.
It is understood that China has always attached great importance to the development of 6G. The "14th Five-Year
Plan for Digital Economy Development" proposes to make a forward-looking layout of the sixth-generation mobile
communication (6G) network technology reserves, increase support for 6G technology research and development,
and actively participate in the promotion of 6G international standardization.
WIMI focuses on increasing investment in research and development of 5G products and solutions, while actively
tracking the development of 6G technology and starting corresponding technical reserves. Carry out research,
tracking, research and development and personnel training of key technologies, seize the commanding heights of
technology and talents, enhance the reserve and research of next-generation communication technologies, and
accelerate the deployment of 6G-related industries.
HMD  Head mounted Display
What Is HMD ? A Beginners Guide
Product HOARL1 WiMi HoloAR Lens PGLASS0204
User Manual:

Product WIMI Hologram Head Mounted Display
WIMI had planned to bring the Soft Light Cinema to market by the end of 2020. Unfortunately, this goal was
not achieved. At present, this device is not yet on the market. In order to have a better product experience,
the technology is still being further polished, looking forward to the final version.

WiMi Holographic Soft Light Theater is a product that can bring users a comfortable wearing experience.
At the same time, it combines the advantages of similar products in design. The asana design can bring
users a long battery life and high-quality picture quality experience,
which is especially suitable for movie fans.

The system has built-in Kumiao Movie and Television, and integrated the video resources of the Youku platform.
You can install kiwifruit, Tencent Video, NetEase Open Class, Migu Academy, etc. through the app store.

The control box has a built-in music broadcast screen and supports DLNA and AirPlay protocols. Whether it is
an Apple device or an Android device, it can easily cast the screen.

The controller has a built-in optimization system based on Android 7.0, simple and generous, very easy to use,
and simpler than ordinary Android phones. Natural video resources will be integrated. The three major video
platforms are all gathered here. If the content to be played online is not enough for you to choose, more
devices can be expanded to play, such as TF card, Bluetooth connection, NAS and so on.

Patent of holographic AR head-mounted display, by using retina scanning display (RSD) and semi-permeable
membrane array planar waveguide technology.

HUD Head up Display
What Is HUD ? A Beginners Guide

Product WIMI HoloAR HUD
User Manual:

With the rapid development of the EV and autonomous driving industries, the demands from both consumers
and automakers for holographic AR technology applications have increased significantly. To better satisfy
this market demand, the Company launched the "WiMi HoloAR HUD."
The "WiMi HoloAR HUD" has several
features, including optical processing, image processing, voice interaction, night vision imaging, AR, ADAS,
and cloud services. The "WiMi HoloAR HUD" can use these functions to read a vehicle's onboard diagnostics
data, run apps in the background, such as WeChat and Gaode Map (or Mapbox in overseas markets), display
tire pressure, as well as enable Bluetooth connection, voice control, big data analysis, and more. In addition
to creating a safer driving environment, these capabilities will also generate more opportunities for WiMi to
provide additional value-added automotive services to vehicle owners.

With the technological advancement of modern automotive cockpit electronics and the growing number of
connected and self-driving cars, the market space for onboard HUD products is immense and expected to
continue growing in the future. In addition, the market demand for automotive holographic AR navigation,
holographic AR windshields, holographic AR rear-view mirrors, onboard holographic AR communications,
and other holographic AR features is increasing rapidly. To fulfill the surging demand for holographic EV
applications, the Company plans to develop multiple solutions, covering holographic vehicle devices,
holographic vehicle chips, and holographic vehicle software. Going forward, the Company will remain
committed to integrating holographic hardware and software solutions to develop more holographic
AR application products for the EV industry.


AR  Augmented Reality
What Is AR ? A Beginners Guide
AR markets around the world

More than 500 billion dollars. Holographic AR market will be global Is expected to hit 500 billion in 2025.
5% (45 billion dollars). Video, voice and timely communication will be In 2025 through the holographic
AR platform implementation.

48%. The smartphone market in 2035 Be in the future AR instead of hardware and software.
28%. E-commerce market will be in 2025 Through the future AR platform operation.

- MEC edge cloud intelligent AR system platform

- Multi-User Eye Tracking Data Visualization System

Product WIMI Holographic Digital Exhibition Hall



VR  Virtual Reality
What Is VR ? A Beginners Guide
Virtual Reality In 2021 explained in a video:

The VR/AR industry has gone through three different periods
Product WiMi HOVRL1 HoloVR Sonic 8 16
User Manual:
NOLO WiMi HoloVR Sonic All-in-One VR-Headset
XR  Extended Reality
What Is XR ? A Beginners Guide


MR  Mixed Reality
What Is MR ? A Beginners Guide

MR is actually a combination of VR and AR, superimposing the real world into the virtual world. Using MR technology,
users can see the real world, but also see virtual objects. MR places virtual objects in the real world and allows users to
interact with these virtual objects. By presenting virtual scene information in the real scene, this technology builds up
an interactive feedback information loop between the real world, the virtual world and the user to enhance the realism
of the user experience.



AI  Artificial Intelligence 
What Is AI? A Beginners Guide

Product WIMI Hologram 3D Holographic AI Vision Chip
National security, robot, education, social media, terminal equipment, business, transportation,
intelligence business, or other potential applications.

Development and Application of Holographic Facial Change Technology.
Holographic facial change technology is based on our holographic 3D layer replacement technology involving
image recognition and dynamic fusion processing technology based on AI, tracking images in real time and
replacing faces with other faces. This technology replaces faces in video frames, synthesizing the video and
adding the original audio. We have validated these technology modules in holographic AR plug-in
advertisement applications and continue to develop and upgrade these technology modules. We believe this
technology will bring new business growth to applications such as celebrity advertising, film distribution,
and live video streaming.

WiMi-AI AD Intelligent Advertising Copywriting System

What Is LidaR ? A Beginners Guide


Product WiMi HoloPulse LiDAR

With the holographic 3D pulse laser radar product "WiMi HoloPulse LiDAR", WiMi expands the company's holographic product
portfolio matrix. WiMi HoloPulse LiDAR is a multifunctional holographic pulse lidar sensor with a large detection field of view,
long detection distance, unique scanning mode, small size and light weight. With its own point cloud interface, no additional
connection adapter box is required during operation. The WiMi HoloPulse LiDAR LiDAR solution provides software development
kits that match the hardware products, including target detection, classification, and counting functions. 
Combined with software
recognition algorithms, it can provide solutions for many fields (autonomous driving, environment perception, 3D holographic
imaging, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), traffic management, 3D printing, etc.), and quickly expand the application
market of holographic technology

WiMi HoloPulse LiDAR is a multi-functional holographic pulse 3D solid-state lidar, the goal is to reach a long detection distance
of more than 200m, and can capture high-resolution 3D holographic images
. LiDAR uses MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System)
micro galvanometers to provide high resolution, long detection range and wide field of view. Through dynamic control, LiDAR can
flexibly adjust the vertical resolution and frame rate, such as allowing the dynamic definition of the focus area. LiDAR uses
solid-state silicon detectors, which can reliably detect weak reflections of distant objects and strongreflections of close objects.

Digital signal processing is to determine the precise position in three-dimensional space through filtering, correlation and
statistical analysis
. The point cloud generated by the LiDAR sensor can map the sensor environment in 3D. A single point cloud
can be composed of tens of thousands of distance points (single distance measurement), which contains holographic data of
3D original environment information.
The software stack extracts a lot of abstract information from the holographic data, transmits
commands to the actuator through deep neural network control, and presents 3D holographic data.

Holographic Meta-Universal Business Unit
What Is Meta Universe? A Beginners Guide

Web 3.0
What Is Web 3.0?
Explained in a Video:
WIMI HoloHand


Corporate History and Structure
The following diagram illustrates our corporate structure as of December 31, 2022,
including our significant subsidiaries and VIEs.

Principal Subsidiaries and Variable Interest Entity (VIE) of WIMI Hologram Cloud
Entity Jurisdiction Ownership
WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. Cayman Islands -
WiMi Hologram Cloud Limited Hong Kong 100%
Beijing Hologram WiMi Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“WFOE”) People’s Republic of China 100%
Beijing WiMi Cloud Software Co., Ltd. (Beijing WiMi) People’s Republic of China Variable Interest Entity
Shenzhen Yidian Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhen Yidian”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Beijing WiMi
Shenzhen Duodian Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhen Duodian”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Yidian
Korgas Duodian Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“Korgas Duodian”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Yidian
Kashi Duodian Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“Kashi Duodian”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Yidian
Shenzhen Zhiyun Image Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhen Zhiyun”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Yidian
Shenzhen Shiyunyanxi Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhen Shiyun”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Yidian
Shenzhen Yunzhan Image Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhen Yunzhan”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Yidian
Dongguan Xinhongcheng Technology Co., Ltd. (“Dongguan Xinhongcheng”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Duodian

Entity Jurisdiction Ownership
Micro Beauty Lightspeed Investment Management HK Limited (“Micro Beauty”) Hong Kong 100% owned by Beijing WiMi
Skystar Development Co., Ltd (“Skystar”) Republic of Seychelles 100% owned by Micro Beauty
Viru Technology Limited (“Viru”) Hong Kong 55% owned by Wimi HK
Shenzhen Weiruntong Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhen Weiruntong”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Viru
VIDA Semicon Co., Limited (“VIDA”) Hong Kong 53% owned by WiMi HK
Weeto Investment PTE. Ltd (“Weeto”) Singapore 100% owned by Wimi Cayman
Lixin Technology Co., Ltd. (“Lixin Technology”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by WiMi Cayman
Hainan Lixin Technology Co., Ltd. (“Hainan Lixin”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Lixin Technology
Tianjin Zhongzhengdaohe Investment Co., Ltd. (“TJ Zhongzheng”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by WiMi Cayman
Shenzhen Hedaozhongshu Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhen Hedao”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by TJ Zhongzheng
Kashi Daohezhongzheng Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (“Kashi Daohe”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Hedao
MicoAlgo Inc. Cayman Islands 65.92% owned by Wimi Cayman
VIYI Algorithm Inc. (“VIYI”), previously known as VIYI Technology Inc. Cayman Islands 86.5% owned by WiMi Cayman before March 26, 2021; 73% owned by WiMi Cayman after March 26, 2021; 100% owned by MicroAlgo after December 9, 2022

Entity Jurisdiction Ownership
Fe-da Electronics Company Private Limited (“Fe-da Electronics”) Singapore 100% owned by VIYI, Acquired in September 2020
Wisdom Lab Inc. (“Wisdom Lab”) Cayman Islands 100% owned by Fe-Da Electronics
Excel Crest Limited (“Excel Crest”) Hong Kong 100% owned by Fe-da Electronics
VIYI Technology Ltd. (“VIYI Ltd”) Hong Kong 100% owned by VIYI
Shenzhen Weiyixin Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhen Weiyixin”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by VIYI Ltd
Shanghai Weimu Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shanghai Weimu”) People’s Republic of China 58% owned by VIYI Ltd
Weidong Technology Co., Ltd. (“Weidong”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Yitian
Shanghai Guoyu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shanghai Guoyu”) People’s Republic of China 99% owned by Weidong, 1% owned by YY Online
Kashi Guoyu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (“Kashi Guoyu”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shanghai Guoyu
Korgas Weidong Technology Co., Ltd. (“Korgas Weidong”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Weidong
Korgas 233 Technology Co., Ltd. (“Korgas 233”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Yitian
Shenzhen Yiyou Online Technology Co., Ltd. (“YY Online”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Yitian

Entity Jurisdiction Ownership
Wuhan 233 Interactive Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. (“Wuhan 233”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Yitian
Shenzhen Yitian Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhen Yitian”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Beijing WiMi before December 24, 2020; VIE of Shenzhen Weiyixin starting on December 24, 2020; 100% owned by Shenzhen Weiyixin starting April 1, 2022
Shenzhen Qianhai Wangxin Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shenzhen Qianhai”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Shenzhen Yitian
Viwo Technology Limited. (“Viwo Tech”) Hong Kong 55% owned by VIYI Ltd.
Shenzhen Viwotong Technology Co., Ltd. (“Viwotong Tech”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Viwo Tech
Guangzhou Tapuyu Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (“Tapuyu”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Viwotong Tech
Guangzhou Bimai Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“Bimai”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by Viwotong Tech Acquired in September 2022
ViZe Technology Co., Ltd. (“ViZe”) Hong Kong 55% owned by VIYI Ltd.
Shenzhen ViZeTong Technology Co., Ltd. (“ViZeTong”) People’s Republic of China 100% owned by ViZe

List of Founder Holding Companies and Ordinary Share Investors of WIMI Hologram Cloud
               A person needs visions, my personal vision for WIMI Hologram Cloud is
                                   The 5G era has arrived, and has become a reality.
With the help of 5G, AR terminals, interactions, and content will usher in earth-shaking changes and innovations.
These new changes will benefit each of us. Just like 2G, 3G, and 4G that were changing our lives, AR+5G is a new
cycle. Autonomous driving, online education, telemedicine, AR cloud computing, and 5G are changing society,

                            and 5G + AR may usher in the best age of the internet.

                        WIMI is a young companie and it has lots of growth potential.
                                                   WIMI is a long term Investment
                  This long-term strategy will pay off for owners and shareholders.

Investing means:
- Invest yourself
Those who invest themselves must carefully consider what they are investing in and whether actively or passively. When you
invest actively, you decide what to invest in. You decide for yourself which company you want to buy shares from and where you
want to sell shares. Active investors believe they can get a better return than the average market return. You are trying to beat
’the market through tactical investments, but that is not always possible because no one can predict the future with absolute
reliability based on the past. Some investors are therefore firmly convinced that passive investing brings more returns in the
long term. Passive investments “follow” the market by investing in a large number of listed companies at the same time. In this
way, the risks and opportunities are optimally distributed. This usually happens through so-called mutual funds. These replicate
a stock market index, such as the Dow Jones or the DAX, and thus rely on the average market return.

- Speculation
Some shareholders try to make substantial returns over a short period of time. Here they buy and sell stocks over short periods
of time. However, the word ‘invest’ does not fit here - 
something is called speculation and it is more like gambling.
- Invest for the long term
Investing, on the other hand, is spreading your money over stocks and bonds over a long period of time. You don't invest your
money for a month or two, but for one to ten years, or even longer. The basic principle of investing is that the economy and the
market grow over the long term. Even if you don't get a great return in the short term, 
the longer you invest your money, the
greater your chance of a higher return.

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