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Western Graphite, Inc. (fka WSGP)

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Authorized Shares -  1.7B yes (Verified in 2017 by TA)

Small Float  - SMALL O/S yes

FACT #1 : Four to Six times More Graphite is required than Lithium in all batteries in the world
FACT #2 : Tesla's Elon Musk "Our lithium-ion batteries should be called Nickel Graphite Batteries".
FACT #3: 12 TESLA Giga factories on the horizon.(Huge Gigafactory#1 now open and functional in NEVADA cost $5B) 
                                      FACT #4 The World is completely reliant on lithium-ion batteries that power smartphones,Laptops, iPads & Electric cars           

Tesla built 90,000 electric vehicles in 2016.  
China’s government plans to have around 5 million battery-electric vehicles on their roads by 2020.
Graphite, in its natural spherical form is one of the main raw materials is needed to create
these batteries as each one requires 10 to 20 times more graphite than lithium.

The commencement of gigafactory of Tesla Motors in 2017 for their production of electric cars expected to
significantly increase for the  demand for graphite. In 2016, Global Graphite demand hit a record high. 

Key factors driving the growth of graphite market are rapid growth in mining industry, advancements in EV's
(Electric vehicles) as well as growth in demand for batteries which power Laptops,Cellphones, iPads etc. 

TESLA's entry into the lithuim-ionbattery will drive up the demand of graphite  .
Graphite is the major component in the batteries that will power the future !!
Many Analysts have concluded that
 2017 is in fact the year of Graphite.yes

Image result for graphite DEMANDS 2017 Image result for tesla  GIGAFACTORY GRAPHITE
Image result for tesla gigafactory LARGEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD

In many ways, however, Elon Musk was correct.
Graphite’s importance to the cost of a lithium ion battery cannot be underestimated. 

If you consider that there is more graphite in a lithium ion battery than lithium.
The cost of graphite to a battery could be as, if not more, significant than lithium

 Graphite and lithium is the new Gold yes$
Mining sector generally expected to be RED HOT under new Trump Administration in 2017

Tesla Motors, Tesla Gigafactory, Gigafactory
Image result for tesla DRIVE DEMAND LITHIUM Image result for tesla mineral demand

    yes$$$     /PRNewswire/ -- Western Graphite Inc. (OTCBB: WSGP) is pleased to announce that it has acquired 100% of the "Pure Flake" graphite property in BC. The flagship project "Pure Flake property" is located in British Columbia, Canada and is comprised of five contiguous mineral claims covering approximately 6,088 acres. Western Graphite now has its flagship property nearby one of the very few producing natural flake graphite mines in North America.
Western Graphite is excited to be an early mover in an emerging graphite camp with current production in close proximity to our project area.
The company is fortunate to add this asset to its property portfolio.


         Western Graphite Inc. (“Western Graphite” or the “Company”) (OTCPK: WSGP) is focused on acquiring and advancing high quality, large flake graphite properties in North America, with a current focus on two projects in southern British Columbia: the Pure Flake Graphite Property
(“Pure Flake Property”); and, the Kokanee Graphite Property (“Kokanee Property”).

With the growing demand for high quality, high value, large flake graphite, driven in part by the expanding uses of and markets for lithium-ion batteries, Western Graphite plans to expedite exploration on its projects while adding the acquisition of Graphene technology patents.yes

This business strategy is a hybrid business model that allows the company to take advantage of both market opportunities.
The blending of this strategy will position Western Graphite Inc. as a pioneer in the marketplace by uniquely
forming a multiple stream of revenues in both the mining and technology fields.

Rumor on Pending merger still exist,  
Atmospehere Global Acquisition
  February 02, 2016 
WSGP Has Completed Negotiations Resulting in a One Year $250K Chilean Sales Contract

   Jennifer Anderson  CEO
Jennifer Andersen has been Chief Executive Officer at Western Graphite Inc. since April 2015. Since April 2014,
Ms. Andersen has served as Vice President of Operations of CorProminence, a New York-based investor relations firm.
From April 2012 to April 2014, she was an Operations Executive at Satori Laser, the largest laser center in NYC and Long Island.
She has been a Director at Western Graphite Inc. since April 2015. Ms. Andersen earned a B.A. in Economics from
   The University of Massachusetts, Lowell campus in 2009.


Bygdnes, Harry, Director

Mr. Harry Bygdnes has been appointed as Director of Western Graphite Inc., effective July 1, 2013.
Mr. Bygdnes graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1967 with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and mathematics.
Upon completion of his formal education Mr. Bygdnes joined Texaco Canada in Calgary Alberta where he held the position of Assistant to the Chief Geophysicist for Canada.
In his role as Geophysicist his responsibilities included acquisition ,mapping and joint recommendations for well site locations in conjunction with company geological personnel, and field supervision of seismic crew operations as company representative. 

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                                                                                                                                                   Image result for Pure Flake Graphite Property     
 Knock Knock Pennyland. 2 short years ago WSGP got to a high of .02 cents ( week of 02/20/2015).


With the Mining sector poised to explode under the Current Pro-Mining Trump Adminisitration, Sudden material updates here on Western Graphites from mamagement detailing their sucesses and/or ambitions is a possibility. Management has been very discreet and quiet here which has seen PPS suffer down to these undervalued levels. Recently, The lithuiom stocks had a huge rally. Could the Graphite Rally be next ??? Especially given the fact that more graphite is required to manufacture the batteries that power all of our cell phones, laptops ,EV's Electric Vehicles, I-pads  etc .

Currently, lithium is getting all the attention, but when I crunched all the facts and numbers, it is clear the graphite investor should reap higher rewards-  Ron Struthers of Struthers Resource Stock Report 4Q/2016

Currently, Tesla sources their cells or batteries from Panasonic that uses synthetic and spherical graphite.
Two important factors here, the trend towards spherical graphite and the fact that graphite contributes more of the cost of a battery than lithium.

Graphite has not experienced the price spikes that lithium is going through.
As a result, graphite's supply situation has fallen under the radar.


There are a couple of other factors that could be very bullish for graphite. Unlike Lithium thats spread all over the world, 
Over 70% of graphite production is from China so any policy change there could dramatically move prices up.
(This has already happened in China!)

Right now, the majority of investors are buying the lithium stocks high and not buying the graphite stocks low.

 Image result for tesla GRAPHITE GIGAFACTORIES    U.S.-Auto-Sales

Image result for tesla GRAPHITE GIGAFACTORIES  Image result for tesla  GIGAFACTORY GRAPHITE DigMedia_PoweringFuture_3_72-01


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#8092   You now have stock in a private company. TenKay 05/18/18 05:05:21 PM
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#8090   WSGP SEC revoked TenKay 05/18/18 10:53:33 AM
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#8083   REVOKED! elkonig 02/05/18 02:05:56 PM
#8081   Western Graphite Inc (WSGP) mick 01/21/18 09:58:50 AM
#8079   Yep...E*T shows it being on Grey Market now... slb5150 01/16/18 07:14:43 PM
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#8075   Does anyone know if this comoany is closed? Ryan13 01/14/18 01:03:32 AM
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#8069   Thank you for the info, Renee. visionquest2 12/29/17 10:02:54 AM
#8068   WSGP SEC Suspension for delinquent Financials/Filings: Renee 12/29/17 09:35:44 AM
#8067   This ticker is a little slow going but JediWar 12/27/17 01:45:08 PM
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