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Western Canada - Colonial North America -

The First Church in America -

  • The first church in continental America is in Antigua.
  • Antigua is Km. 0 of the original Camino Real which eventually reached San Francisco, California and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Church of St. John the Divine - 1863

First Church in Western Canada, Yale Town, B.C., -

31187 Douglas Street, Yale, BC.

Description of Historic Place:

The Church of St. John the Divine is an unadorned, simple wood-framed Gothic Revival style Anglican church located on the corner of Douglas and Albert Streets in the town of Yale, BC. The historic place is comprised of the church and its grounds, including the foundations of the former rectory and a large specimen copper beech tree.

Heritage Value:

Constructed around 1863 as a Church of England, the Church of St. John the Divine is a significant reflection of the establishment of British social and religious institutions in colonial British Columbia. The church also has a significant historical value as an early centre for Anglican missionary work in the Fraser Canyon. The Church of St. John the Divine provided religious, social, and medical services, as well as formal education, to members of the local First Nation.

The Church of St. John the Divine is also valued as one of the oldest surviving churches in British Columbia. The location of the church on its original lot and its surrounding landscape features - such as the stone foundation of the former rectory and the specimen copper beech tree - provide valuable context of the town of Yale as it was during its heyday in the 1860s.

Architecturally, the Church of St. John the Divine is an excellent example of colonial wooden church architecture. Reputedly designed by Victoria architect John Wright and constructed by the Royal Engineers, the design of the church is significant as a vernacular adaptation of the Gothic Revival style, popular for churches of the nineteenth century. Interior elements such as rafters and woodwork remain intact and are valuable indicators of typical construction methods of the time. The evolution and growth of the church over time can be seen in the 1880s choir addition, and the vestry and furnace room which were refurbished in 1954.

Source: BC Heritage Branch properties files

Character-Defining Elements:

The character-defining elements of the Church of St. John the Divine include:
- the Gothic Revival profile and massing of the exterior, as reflected in the steeply-pitched gabled roof and the pointed-arch main entrance porch and door.
- the preserved additions to the church.
- the location of the church on its original site.
- the remains of the foundation of the former rectory.
- original landscape elements, such as pathways and the specimen copper beech tree.
- the original interior woodwork and structural elements.
- the exterior elements related to its original design, such as the shape of the windows.

Canada's Historic Places

American Old West and Wild West -
To life beyond the settled frontier? -
The civilization of North America -
is the civilization of Europe.

Western Canada, commonly referred to as the West,
is a region of Canada -
normally including all parts of Canada -
west of the province of Ontario.

From west to east, this comprises four provinces:

* British Columbia (20 July 1871)
* Alberta (1 September 1905)
* Saskatchewan (1 September 1905)
* Manitoba (15 July 1870)

The latter three are collectively the Prairie provinces,
or simply the Prairies, though the term is increasingly -
used for Manitoba and Saskatchewan only -
the American prairie states had already achieved statehood -
Pioneers then headed north to the "Last Best West."


The combined population of Western Canada as of 2005
is nearly 10 million,
including approximately 4.1 million in British Columbia,
3.3 million in Alberta,
just under 1.0 million in Saskatchewan -
and 1.1 million in Manitoba.

This represents about 30 per cent of the entire Canadian -
population (source:
Statistics Canada, April 1, 2005 estimates).

Major population centres

Census Metropolitan Areas,
2005 population estimates -

* Vancouver: 2,208,300
* Calgary: 1,079,310
* Edmonton: 1,034,900
* Winnipeg: 706,900
* Victoria: 334,700
* Saskatoon: 235,800
* Regina: 199,000
* Kelowna: 165,221
* Abbotsford: 162,800


Western British Columbia -
adjoins the Pacific Ocean but both
Alberta and Saskatchewan -
are landlocked.
Manitoba is almost landlocked but for a small coastal area
of Hudson Bay on the north east border,
where the port of Churchill is located.

The coast of British Columbia enjoys a moderate oceanic climate
due to the influence of the Pacific Ocean, with temperatures
similar to those of the British Isles.
Winters are typically wet and summers relatively dry.
These areas enjoy the mildest winter weather in all of Canada,
as temperatures rarely fall much below the freezing mark.
The Interior of the province is drier and has colder winters
and substantially hotter summers.

Alberta borders the Canadian Rocky Mountains -
and the southern portion benefits from frequent moderate
climatic conditions known as "chinooks" where warm winds
raise the winter temperature sufficiently to allow a full
range of winter sports and the occasional game of golf.
Alberta's weather is exceptionally changeable,
and short-sleeve weather can occur in January and February,
or conversely it can (albeit rarely) snow in July and August.

Saskatchewan and Manitoba experience extremes in weather;
although, Manitoba suffers the brunt of both extremes
more so than Saskatchewan.
Winters in both provinces can be classified as harsh
with Arctic winds and −40 °C temperatures possible.
Winter maximums in both provinces average between −10 °C
and −15 °C.
The extreme nature of the Manitoba climate has resulted
in the capital city Winnipeg being nicknamed -
"Winterpeg, Manisnowba".
In contrast summers can be hot with temperatures sometimes
exceeding 35 °C, although it rarely occurs.
The hottest temperature ever recorded in Canada was 45 *C,
observed in 1943 at the weather stations of Yellow Grass,
Saskatchewan and neighbouring Cedoux.


In Canadian politics, the term "the West" is often used
as shorthand for the supposedly Conservative leanings of
Western Canadians -
as contrasted with the supposed liberalism of Central Canada.
Exceptions exist, however, in British Columbia,
the cities of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Regina, Saskatchewan
where the Liberal Party hold seats.
The social democratic New Democratic Party -
had its origins on the Canadian Prairies -
and enjoys considerable support in Manitoba -
and Saskatchewan, as well as British Columbia -
although in recent years this party -
has made somewhat of a shift towards the centre.

As of April 2007, the British Columbia Liberal Party
(much to the right of the federal Liberal Party,
more akin to the Conservatives) formed the provincial
government in British Columbia,
the Conservatives in Alberta,
and the New Democratic Party -
in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The Western provinces -
are represented in the Parliament of Canada
by 92 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the House of Commons
(B.C. 36, Alberta 28, Saskatchewan and Manitoba 14 each)
and 24 senators (6 from each province).
Of the 92 MPs in the Commons, 66 are Conservatives,
13 are Liberals, and 13 are New Democrats.
David Emerson, the current Minister of International Trade
in the federal cabinet, was elected as a Liberal -
but crossed over to the Conservative Party -
shortly after the election.

The West -
has been the most vocal in calls for reform of the Senate,
in which Ontario, Quebec, and particularly Atlantic Canada
are seen as being over-represented.
The population of Ontario -
alone (12.5 million) exceeds that of all -
the Western provinces -
combined, and the population of
Quebec (7.6 million) now has significantly less population
than the combined population of the west.
However, the total population of
Atlantic Canada -
is 2.3 million, and this region is represented
by 30 senators.
Instead, some Westerners have advocated the so-called
Triple-E Senate, which stands for "equal, elected, effective."
They feel that if all 10 provinces were allotted an equal
number of senators, those senators were elected instead
of appointed, and the Senate was a body that had actual
political power (an arrangement identical to the structure
of the Australian Senate and the United States Senate),
then their region would have more of its concerns addressed
at the federal level.
The combination of all of these issues has led to
the phenomenon of Western alienation,
as well as calls for Western Canada independence.

Climatic and economic conditions have contributed to a net
out-migration from Manitoba and Saskatchewan to Alberta
and British Columbia, which have stronger economies.
In fact, the current population of Saskatchewan is only
slightly larger than it was in 1931.
This trend of net out-migration in Saskatchewan has
recently reversed due to a lower cost of living
than its western neighbours, strong job growth
and a vibrant economy.
British Columbia is often referred to as -
"Beautiful British Columbia",
and "Lotus Land";
Alberta as "Wild Rose Country" -
or "The Land of Opportunity";
Saskatchewan as -
"The Land of Living Skies";
and Manitoba as "Friendly Manitoba" -
or "Land of 100,000 Lakes".

WC - To life beyond the settled frontier? -

please, find more info links....

Canada natives in day of protests -
Unresolved land claims -
There have been violent confrontations with police in the past -
An additional source of frustration are the 800 unresolved land
claims by First Nations across the country -
29 Jun 2007

The last time leaders of Canadian and US Indians met -
to forge common policy was in 1939,
at a much smaller meeting held in Toronto -
history repeat itself...
please, find more info in the below link...

WC - What Is That Number ? -

Lamer practically gives control of 95 percent of the BC land mass -

to 4.9 percent of the population, then strips away the benefits
to economic efficiency and wealth creation ? -
(Can. bolshevikz 666 ?) -
please, find more info links...



Sign The Petition
For Western Independence

Our Facebook Page

Hear Doug Christie
Interviewed by John Gormley of NewsTalk650 Saskatoon July 8

Western Block Party
Email Doug Christie

Fax 250-479-3294

Western Canada Concept
Box 101
255 Menzies Street
Victoria, BC
Western Canada
V8V 2G6





Secessionist movements of Canada


Movements seeking independence from Canada


Western Canada Independence Party

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The Western Canada Party (WCP) is a Canadian political party that advocates the separation from Canada of the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba as well as the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut to form a new country.


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