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Wabbits Red flags and stocks

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Red flags are usually a signal that something is not right with a stock. It could be a Gagged T/A or float bloat. Sometimes it's a poster who hints of insider information. We all have our own thoughts of what signals a red flag , but many of them are the same.
This forum is here to discuss red flags and the companies that raise them.
If you have been in a stock or are in one now and think a red flag is flying, post it here. We will list and discuss all signals that are considered by some to be a red flag.
Good jokes are allowed too.

Please refrain from personal attacks and foul language and remember.........

It is always better to wish you had invested in a company than to wish you hadn't.


Top ten RED FLAGS. (A work in progress)

1. A gagged transfer Agent

2. A forward split to reward shareholders.

3. Large volume increase after news and no up tick.

4. Any Astrom company or shell.

5. Pumpers. A poster who floods the board with positive posts about the company when there is nothing positive to be found or verified. Usually posts on that one board.

6. Insider information? Continued hints of upcoming news and unannounced contracts.

7. A pinkie CEO who talks to specific shareholders but doesn't PR the information to the public

8. Lack of follow through. Pr's or LOI's that never happen. The promise of an audit or financials that never materialize

9. Unusually large float or AS

10. The promise of moving to a larger exchange.


Stocks I've red flagged and my position if any.

VCSY, almost 1B float, heavy pumping, (I own a pile.)

XDMC, XTend Medical Corp. Was PRRM, then SMMW and now this. First move of new management was a 8334 to 1 reverse split. Stock should have been in the low .80's after the RS and opened near .50
It has drooped since and has touched the mid .03's
Board was moderated by pump minded people (IMHO) and has little value.
This stock just has a 10% divi to reward shareholders. looking for float bloat.

SMMW, 80b A/S almost maxed, Astrom shell, heavy pumping, lack of follow through, audit promised twice and never delivered.
(Lost trading fee's on 10m)

PODM,now PDVP Astrom shell, split to reward shareholders, Ceo talked to shareholders.....they all got screwed. Companies on their 4 CEO in 2 years.
(Flipped once for nothing).

NRMG, Astrom shell under many symbols, more than 1 RS,
(Owned about 1m of this as NRES, with all the RS's, I think I own about 100 shares now.)

TSXT, Astrom and Hayder shell under many symbols, more than 1 RS,
(Made a 3 bagger when it was ICAN)

IAHL, was .......ICAN, IBCX, TSXT. What the new owners are offering looks too good to be true. It's a pinkie so I'm betting it is. Company take over was paid with prefered restricted shares from what I can see. Will play this one for the momo.
3 flips and counting. 


Capital Oil &  Gas Inc.    Was PODM/PDVP....Repeat after me...........pump, dilute, reverse split.......pump, dilute , reverse split.
Symbol CPOG.PK


I guess I should have said Pump, dilute, reverse split and name change.   10,000 - 1 reverse split and CPOG will now be Southcorp Capitol Inc.  Symbol STHC.PK


Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc.    SPNG   Talk of massive naked shorting, a forward split, NOBO lists and lots of hints of insider info.  My guess is massive dilution with front end loading.

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