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Post your cannabis (weed/mj) sector stocks and

look for our weekly/monthly alerts.

 Penny MJ Stocks Set to ROCKET in Early 2017
Investors are buying shares in penny pot stocks at a record setting pace as legalization sweeps the country…

Why Penny Pot Stocks? 

There are thousands of penny stocks across all sectors of the markets… 
Technology, commodities, health, agriculture, energy… you name it. 
And what makes penny stocks different from other “brand-name” stocks is that they’re little-known and cheap. Extremely cheap! 

And right now, in the marijuana industry, there are literally dozens and dozens of cheap, penny stocks. But here’s what you need to know right now…
 *These pot stocks won’t stay cheap for long. You see, because these penny pot stocks can go for as little as a fraction of a penny to a few dollars... 

That means even first time investors can afford to do this. The best part? 

Penny pot stocks have a proven history of handing out truly explosive gains. 
In fact, more often than not, they’re the most profitable stocks on Wall Street. 

It’s easy to understand why, when you think about it. 
With a big “blue chip” stock, it can take years… even decades for a $50 share to double… and turn into $100. But with a penny stock, 1 cent share can become a 5 cent share… or even a .25 share overnight or sub penny stock could turn into pennies in a short period of time.  
In fact, it happens all the time. 

The biggest gains for the larger, “blue chip” companies was 50-100%...which is a nice profit. 
The biggest percentage gain from penny stocks was an incredible 19,900%. 

It’s not even close. 
And that was just from today’s data. 
It’s the same scenario day after day. 
Here’s the bottom line:
*** Penny stocks are the last legal way for the little guy to grow rich… starting with just a few dollars in your pocket. Now, as good as that is… 

There IS one problem… 
It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact moment to invest in penny stocks. 
But that’s what makes today’s situation with the marijuana markets so exciting! 
It’s all happening right now! 
A record-breaking eight States just passed new marijuana legalization. 
States like Arkansas, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada and of course California – the most populated state in the country – just changed the future of legalized marijuana. 
Already, these penny pot stocks have started an incredible run. 
If history is any guide, this is just the beginning. 

How can I be so sure? 
Well, just look at what happened back in 2014… 
When an almost identical situation took place. 

Opinions expressed on this board are just that. Opinions. I am not a licensed broker. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone. If you are losing money in the market, you may wish to seek the advice of a licensed securities professional. No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk.  Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are no guarantees.

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#2861   I sold out and am back at .0003 artmaniac 07/26/17 09:14:02 PM
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#2859   GUYS.. have not sold a single share..i said StockRocket 07/26/17 05:47:57 PM
#2858   Hi Pistol, Any chance of doing those YouTube videos GrooveMaster 07/26/17 09:38:54 AM
#2857   It's good to get away from this madness.SOMETIMES!.. 66 07/26/17 07:45:26 AM
#2856   Have a great Vacation SR! greenwillow 07/25/17 09:10:30 PM
#2855   On vacation starting today guys...see ya in a bit. StockRocket 07/25/17 08:12:47 PM
#2854   Hey Bro it is that time again....PAOG has GrooveMaster 07/25/17 01:44:54 PM
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#2850   $$ AMFE $$ Goodbuddy4863 07/24/17 12:11:55 PM
#2849   AZFL great news and bids upto 60mil, .0005s threewheeler 07/24/17 12:06:24 PM
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#2847   SIZZLE PFWI has low float and is Poor Trader 07/24/17 10:19:37 AM
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#2845   WSHE Ready to Launch. HeavenandHell 07/24/17 09:23:58 AM
#2844   $PAOG gaining more traction - they just opened WAR_CTR4Hire 07/24/17 03:39:36 AM
#2843   LVGI .0003 HEMPCORE products sold on Amazon. MLM zakattack 07/24/17 12:07:17 AM
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#2834   JAMN-If the CEO speaks up and delivers good StockRocket 07/23/17 10:03:24 AM
#2833   PIHN huge volume friday 0002/3 yankees_27 07/23/17 09:54:43 AM
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#2822   Very nice love it and INMG...Can you please StockRocket 07/22/17 10:16:10 AM
#2821   And the charts back that up.... GrooveMaster 07/22/17 09:54:43 AM
#2820   $JAMN #DUMPING #T-trade ANOTHER 25 MILLION SHARES. WarMachine 07/22/17 07:28:31 AM
#2819   New here...I'm in the process of completing some Shell Hunter 07/21/17 11:34:52 PM
#2818   In summary, I’m extremely bullish on (INMG) more StockRocket 07/21/17 08:42:14 PM
#2817   I think that is a good move...INMG to StockRocket 07/21/17 08:33:33 PM
#2816   DUMPPED All my Mami B"JAMN pig at Skynyrd 07/21/17 04:50:30 PM
#2815 and looking for feed back. Good? ofthegreenes 07/21/17 04:50:16 PM
#2814   It's still early. With the ss, catalysts, Dirty Rat 07/21/17 04:29:27 PM
#2813   I just missed my order on EFFI, had greenwillow 07/21/17 04:26:05 PM